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Waking each day to an auspicious number

Waking each day to an auspicious number

           In my first pre-dawn sessions with See Do, he told me that he had been nearby my entire life and had been trying to contact me. And I acknowledged that at various points throughout my life I was aware that the Universe was somehow trying to commune with me.

           From the time I was about nine years old I felt aware that for some reason the number nineteen carried significance for me. It would appear in front of me on a sign, chalked on pavement, anywhere, almost like it was trying to be noticed. Only much later, in my twenties, after studying some spirituality, did I decide to interpret the appearance of this number as a subtle and personal communication of the Universe, or of the Tao. And I began to take it as a sign that everything was okay; that when it showed up it was a message that I was “moving with the Tao.”

            Many spiritual traditions, from primitive to New Age, find solace in various signs and omens in the world. Much Native American tradition uses animal signs as messengers. Mine is a number.

            With See Do, after our early sessions, I would wake up, day after day, at 6:19 exactly. I would spontaneously open my eyes, turn to the clock by my bed, and it would be 6:19. This happened maybe five days out our first seven sessions.

            And as I moved further into See Do’s teachings, I found myself seeing so many nineteens around me that I could only smile as they showed up. Even my friend Susan noticed them when she was around me. It became a bit remarkable. And much too much for mere chance.

            His memory is also useful. Early on, I had fun testing him. One night, I asked about a director I had been trying to remember the name of for weeks. It went like this: “What was the name of that director I worked with in London Patricia Murphy.” Just like that; the long lost answer came immediately and without effort.

            Once walking down Michigan Avenue, I squeezed my hand closed and said to myself  “Okay, what’s the title of that advertising book I can’t remember Creative Leaps”. I went straight to the book store and bought it. This was after lending out my first copy, and being unable to retrieve either the book or the title for over a year.

            But besides his trying to get me to understand Time, the most important early message was that I need to know what it is that I want.

            He explained that the Universe can only present itself without obstacles if we know exactly what it is that we want. Otherwise there is no way it can answer and unfold for us. Without knowing what it is we want, we will move through a random world. And we should not be surprised to find random obstacles. But when we know what it is we really want, the Universe can move with us and help make it happen.

            And he explained that it is what we really and truly want, deep inside. And not some passing desire or wish. “I want to win the lottery,” for example, is not what you really want. You’ll need to look inside yourself a little more deeply to understand what it is that lies behind that expressed desire for instant and effortless wealth. And be careful, because if in fact you want that, and can hold that thought, you may get it.

            He explained that even this understanding is a bit of a hedge, a fairly crude simplification, and that the way it really works and the power we really have will become more clear as my understanding grows.

            — continued