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So what do the feathers of an Angel's wings look like up close? I'm afraid I have to admit that I wouldn't know
So what eactly do the feathers of an Angel’s wings look like up close? I’m afraid I have to admit that I wouldn’t know.

           That Tuesday evening, I took Susan to have her reflexology session and to meet S. Remember, it was in one of S’s reflexology sessions that I first met See Do. I dropped Susan off and came back about an hour later.

            When Susan came out of the house, she was beaming. She looked like she was wearing the purity of a child. As we reached the street, she was laughing and saying how incredible it was. When she laughed it was the most pure expression of joy I’d heard in a long time. And at the same time it carried a sense that if she didn’t laugh she would have to cry instead. As we walked to the car we stopped as she gave me a big half tearful, half laughing hug. In the car she could barely speak, but instead just looked out into the world with this sense of amazed wonder and kept saying “Oh my God!” and laughing.

            She said she’d probably be laughing for some time.

            She explained that in the session she did in fact go off to “zoom-off-land” as we have come to call it. In her out-of-body state she was met not by a spirit guide like See Do, but with a large group of Angels. They were all around her. All women Angels and of all different sizes. She was even holding a small one in her arms like you would hold a puppy. She said they all had enormous wings.

            They were comforting here and talking to her. She said at one point one said, “We’re here.” And she said “Yeah, okay.” And the Angel said, “No, you don’t understand. We’re here now.” And she said “Yeah, I see, okay.” And the Angel said “No you don’t understand. It’s a big deal. We’re actually here now. We’re with you, all around. We’re here with you. To help you. We’re always here.”

            And as she explained it, Susan started crying. She said how “It was so beautiful.” I thought maybe if she wants to make contact, she could try hugging one, like she was hugging the little one.

            She said, for the first time she could see all the connections in much of her art. She is always drawn to sculpt full-size female figures, and to paint flowers. I said that some of the flower imagery she had created looked a lot like white wing forms.

            We had a relaxing dinner of comfort food and red wine and while talking I asked Susan what it is that she wants, and she answered “Freedom.”

Later I walked Susan home. I asked her to try and make contact with her Angels from her sleep. In the morning I called to see how her sleep went and to my surprise she told me that she thought she may have had some contact in the night with See Do. She said she remembered asking him some questions and that he had answered by saying “It’s in the chronicle.” (We refer to this blog’s chronicle of events as “The See Do Chronicle.”)

            I found this all to be pretty amazing. An amazing evening.

            — continued (Next: See Do gets into “the big stuff”)