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A fairly typical USGS earthquake map of California-Nevada

A fairly typical USGS earthquake map of California-Nevada

           After a short time, I came to see another way that I could communicate with See Do. This was when I was doing my cardio exercise at the gym. Apparently, when I was fully engaged in the exercise on the orbital cardio machine I was reaching a semi-meditative state, and from this state I found that I could contact him. It was in one of these sessions that See Do made an unusual effort to explain the dimensions of his, or our, power.

            These sessions were much more casual, and our discourse was more conversational than anything like formal teaching. He was explaining that I could do anything, or make anything I want happen. I expressed some skepticism and he offered a demonstration.

            As background I need to explain that at this time I was interested in the science of geology and earthquakes. So over a couple of weeks I had been keeping tabs on an online earthquake map of California. As part of my usual morning online news and email ritual I’d click a button on a news site that showed a map of recent California-Nevada earthquakes. Out of habit, I was checking the map daily. The map shows quakes that have happened over the last week, the last day, and the last hour. And that morning, I had checked the map just minutes before going down to the gym.

            See Do knew this obviously, and calmly asked if I wanted to make an earthquake happen. He was in an oddly light, if not quite flip, tone. I was surprised and initially said with a chuckle “No, I don’t think so,” as this seemed just a little extreme. Then I reconsidered and thought, “Wait, okay, how about this, how about a small earthquake, maybe a two magnitude or even less.” That meant it would be enough to show up on the map but to do no damage. “And I’ll tell you where.” I remembered specifically that when I checked the map that morning there had been no recent quakes at the junction of the San Andreas and the Garlock faults near a place known as Tejon Pass at the southern end of the San Jacquin Valley.

            If you look at a fault map of California, this junction of faults stands out as unusual. Most of the fault lines snake along running roughly parallel to each other. Sometimes they cross or split, but even a casual observer will notice that the intersection at Tejon Pass is unusual. Here the faults cross at nearly 60 degrees. And I knew there hadn’t been any activity at all around there in at least a week.

            I said “Okay, let’s make a small earthquake right there.”

            And See Do simply said “Okay.”

            After a bit more conversation, which I’ll cover later, I ended my cardio session and went back up the elevator to my apartment on the forty-fifth floor. It had been an hour since I was there and I went right to the computer and pulled up the most recent USGS California earthquake map.

            There, at Tejon Pass, at the junction of the San Andreas and Garlock faults were indicated two small magnitude-one quakes. They were each marked by a small red square. The red meaning that they had occurred within the last hour. Each being one-magnitude, if you were there that morning, in those foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, you very well might not have even noticed them.

            Had we, I, he, done this? I can’t dare to answer that for you. To say that what I was looking at gave me chills is an understatement. What are the odds? That over the course of maybe a week that within a random hour one might pick right? I found it pretty remarkable.

            — continued