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Heat moves the air around us. Some species depend on the air's movement for their very existance. We see the consequences of a beautiful planet's atmosphere regaining its balance.

The invisible air moves around us. Some species depend on the air's caprice for their continued existance. Carried on the wind, a grain of pollen finds its pistil. And the wonderfully complex fabric of life goes on.

           Still in the same session, my spirit guide See Do explained how the paradise we have created here is a beautiful and dynamic place. We are aware of our existence because we interact with our biological, temporal system that senses this world around us. And within us. This paradise is a deeply dynamic system that is unfolding and regenerating through great and complex processes right before our eyes every day.

            Understanding and appreciating and respecting this infinitely intertwined world is a big part of finding our way here. Seemingly random events are part of this great and complex world. Everything is connected. It all works precisely. Nothing misses a beat. Everything is this one thing unfolding itself, reflecting its inner energies, extending resonance. There are forces damping and forces amplifying. Everything reflects and exchanges energies as microcosm and macrocosm.

            But we must also remember that from within our individual biological perspectives we are small. Even collectively, the human race runs like a hoard of ants among the giant forces that wax and wane around us. As things resonate they can take on great power. Events can overwhelm our tiny temporal forms. These are not random acts. And all the movements are precise.

            We are born into it with little. We learn and grow and reach out to it. With questions and contact we try and understand. And we all will face death from an apparently unique perspective inside one, single individual human construct.

            As we live, this is happening and playing out all around us.

            And our Earth is an exquisitely beautiful thing. And even among earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes and disease it is an amazingly stable, comfortable and even, yes, a quite and utterly lovely place. Life can grow and prosper here. We can gain sustenance from the natural world with simple efforts. We can share our love. We can raise families and we can ponder the truth.

            But the system we live in is alive too and is constantly regenerating itself and rebalancing against the movements of the energies enveloping us. This is the most wonderful secret of the planet. It is alive at every level. Even deep within it generates an enormous scope of energy that we are all subject to.

            The air around us carries every kind of energy. We breathe in and get oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Simple elemental and deeply ancient chemistry with great transformative powers. Our internal life system makes use of many elements in ways worth appreciating. The oxygen cycle alone is a master stroke of turning an apparently  dangerous and corrosive substance into the very engine of life.

            But the air carries other things that make the planet work and unfold in infinite beauty. Massive quantities of water are moved over continents with no obvious effort. Over mountain ranges and oceans. Perfectly purified, fresh water comes right out of the air over our heads to nourish the land.

            Imagine if Mankind were challenged to lift his meager tools to accomplish the same task. Imagine the titanic effort it would take to duplicate the work done by a single thunder storm. Imagine the challenge. The comedy. But this system that we ignore all around us does it without apparent effort or complaint.

            And the trees and plants of every color and variety depend on the movement of air to carry their very seed. A generation can not pass without the pollen on the breeze. The process is perfect, complex and complete. What an amazing information hiway to see. A grain of pollen, quite invisible to our eyes, even when blown in masses of tens of thousand, we see just a faint mist. Each tiny grain carrying the distilled and collated information from a billion year struggle. And the air takes it to a new pistil. An act of procreation so perfectly exquisite as to demand tears.

            And birds in flight moving through this liquid of their infinite love. To move. To raise themselves into the atmosphere and be carried to the place they must find. To be with their mate. To carry out their responsibility to carry forward the perfectly dazzling and wonderful information of life from their subtle perspective. It is there on the air. They are there on the wing right now. And they will make their appointments across thousands of miles. Across thousands of generations.

            And of course insects and bugs and everything moving past us. The air is the spider’s waiter, bringing today’s special.

            See Do went through these things in great and varied detail, even reviewing and repeating areas through the night. He explained the infinitely complex fabric of our planet and our intimate relationship to every element. And he explained how it is all one creation. One interacting system. There is only one thing. One infinitely entangled point of energy expressing its message.

            — continued (Part III, big hurricanes and the responsibility of knowing, seeing.)