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See how the patterns on this bird's feathers reflect the patterns he creates in her passing wake? And vis-a-versa? And how his energy projects out before his approach? You will be the same. In True Being you will be one with the world. And you will be running on a new energy.

See how the patterns on this bird's feathers reflect the patterns he creates in his passing wake? And vis-a-versa? And see how his energy projects out before his approach? You will be the same. In True Being you will be one with the world. And you will be running on a new energy.

           On Monday, I was able to contact my Spirit Guide, See Do, and he took me back to a concept that emerged in one of our earlier sessions.

            In talking about it I became aware that one of the ways I was communing with See Do was during the actual act of recording this chronicle. The subject we were re-visiting was the concept of “True Being.” While writing, the words “True Being” had spontaneously emerged onto the page, with no forethought whatever. I can remember the first time I typed the words, realizing instantly that they needed to be capitalized.

            But now See Do was taking me back to the concept of True Being in order to clarify the idea. He explained that this was a very important concept and that it needed more exploration.

            True Being is not True Self, True Soul or True Spirit. The word “Being” is not the same as in human being. It is not the noun, but the verb. It is more like True Existing, True Being-ness or True Be-ing.

            The “True” speaks to the responsibility we carry in being here and now. It is more than just honesty, though that certainly is part of it. It is “Your Highest Existence in the Present.” This is your most powerful state here in this temporal reality. It is in this state that you are feeling completely free and whole. It is in this state that you are most vibrant and glowing. In True Being, you are open and sending out your truest sense of what you truly want. In True Being, you are perfectly in tune with your inner Love and are letting it flow out into the universe around you. You are also free to feel and accept the resonance as the world instantly responds to you. As you walk in True Being you can feel the wake of your passing presence. You can see the world before you almost softening and listening as you approach.

           In True Being you are seeing things most clearly. And you are most open and accepting of what you see. This is where seeing what is before you takes on an active role in the movement of the world. As you see, you take in and comprehend. You blend in everything you sense in this construct before you.

           That wasn’t a mistake. It is right, so let’s take a closer look. In True Being you can see most clearly. And seeing is not just visually seeing. It is the word See Do uses as the composite of the real-temporal-time information that we accept into our biological consciousness to then be overlaid onto the temporal reality construct that our consciousness continually builds. So as you look out, what you “see”, to focus on the visual for a moment, isn’t entirely what your eyes sense.

           Or rather, it’s more than what your eyes sense. Your eyes take in a relatively narrow scope of the world at any moment. Your conscious mind uses this information to build a complete and cohesive three-dimensional space around you. For example, there are holes in your visual field and your mind automatically fills them. And you are mostly unaware. The blind spot in each eye is an easily demonstrated example.

           So in True Being, when you are seeing most clearly, you are really stepping one foot out ahead of where you were before. In other words, you are closer to the real data your mind is dealing with. The sense of this is that you can feel like you are seeing things anew. Like you are seeing them for the first time.

           We all experienced this at times in our lives. Often after a big event, a big change or something dramatic or traumatic that caused us to grasp a new perspective on our lives. We walk out in the same street we’ve walked out into a hundred times and suddenly everything looks new. It comes to us as a sense of new stimulus. We see it fresh. And we feel completely alive. In True Being this is the normal state. You see clearly, everything, as never before.

           And you hear everything and smell everything and taste everything and feel everything.

           For many people, when we feel this sense in life, we quickly tone it down and revert to the “auto-pilot” approach of before. On auto-pilot we let our mind filter out most of what comes in and just “see” the things it tells us we need to see. Our mind can do an amazingly good job of this. And it’s no wonder. The less you need to be given at the conscious level the less raw processing your mind has to do. At the other end of the scale, in a “blind” state you can walk down a city street an experience almost nothing. You can go entirely inside yourself and walk blocks without “seeing” anything.

           Your conscious mind is good at this because it is the easiest path. In True Being, your conscious mind is working at a much different level. However, if you are in fact True Being, you don’t think of it as work. Your entire inner self will be running on a new energy and the effort of sensing and seeing will be much more a joy than a labor. Though it may take practice and patience to get to True Being as more than a fleeting state.

           — continued (Next chapter: True Being, Part 2. We get to the heart of it all.)