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Be the one who you can most truly admire and honor. And let it shine all around.

Be the one who you can most truly admire and honor. And let it shine all around.

            Shortly after entering into these dialogues with See Do, one evening I had a long phone conversation with a friend, L, who, at the time, lived in New York. The call centered around L’s recent decision to end a relationship she had been in. It had been on-again-off-again and now she decided to end it for good.

            In our talk, L got to wondering about Love, its meaning and purpose. She wondered how it was supposed to work, what good it was, and how unreliable it seemed.

            I was trying to help, but admitted not to have many answers, my own love life having lately been less than stellar.

            That night, a Saturday night, See Do let me in on the truth about Love. This session, I did not need to ask any questions. It was clear that See Do had been listening to our conversation and decided I needed this information.

            He explained, in true form to many of his answers, that Love is not at all the way we think it is. I say we, but the word “I” would probably be more appropriate.

            He explained that Love is not to be given out, like some special currency. Love is to be felt within, for ourselves, first. We must open ourselves to loving ourselves, just as we might currently think we are supposed to feel love for another. Or might want to feel love for another. This is our first responsibility to ourselves: to love ourselves and to be that person whom we can love so completely.

            We must see, that word again, ourselves as that being who we can most truly admire. And honor. And we can only be completely honest here, with ourselves, in our deepest evaluation. There are no denials, deceptions or tricks of light. This is the real deal, and there is only truth.

            Then we must act, to be that being we admire, honor, Love. We must act in every situation at the highest level to earn our own highest respect and admiration. This is our number one responsibility to our selves. This is very important. This is where Love takes its power.

            Doing this, feeling this, we move through the world in a halo of this feeling. It glows and shines out and others will feel it. We must continually attend to this and shine it out from inside ourselves. It must be a priority.

            When we can achieve this pure, open, true and valued sense of self, the world will react and move before our eyes. People will be open to you. You will invite honesty, trust, kindness, esteem. There is a feeling of breathing life, of being larger than your physical form. That is because it will be true. As you expand your Love within, it will expand without. It will expand out into the world and you will begin to break down dualities all around. You will see the oneness as though it were actually visible to you. You will feel the world as an extension of the good within you. Because it will be true.

            When two people feel the power of each others glow, and that their own sense of self is in fact enhanced in each other’s presence, they may be “in” Love. This enhanced sense of self, the growing radiance they feel from within; this is romantic Love. It is to be honored. But will only prevail to the extent that each party tends to their own inner Love, the true source of all Love.

            Tending to your self, and being able to feel a true and honest love within is not always as simple as it may seem in these simple words. And See Do went on to explain the heart of the matter.

            — continued