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This was the only shell we picked up that day. Tiny, white and featureless. But under closer examination a new universe emerged. Perfectly etched spirals and grooves. All reflecting the perfect proportions. The "divine proportion," it has been called. This image is about 1/8 inch across. The shell's perfection is staggering.

This was the only shell we picked up that day. No bigger than a small pea. Tiny, white and, to the naked eye, featureless. But under closer examination, a new universe emerged. Perfectly etched spirals, all reflecting the perfect proportions. The "divine proportion," it has been called. This image is about 1/8 inch across. The shell's perfection is staggering.

           [This chapter continues the “assignment” from my Spirit Guide, See Do, to examine the complexities of our mundane reality. The specific construct given me to examine is a hypothetical cube ¼ inch on a side, floating in the air about a foot in front of my face. These meditations on our temporal reality will be followed by an examination of “See Do reality.”]

            You see, this cube of ours is just a tiny little thing. But to jump straight off the edge, let’s start with visible light. You must come to understand and appreciate the raw amount of visual information that is passing through that space at every given point in time. You can walk around and look through the cube from every possible angle and you will see that all the visual information from across the room, or across the city, or if you are outside or near a window at night, across the universe; it’s all traveling through the cube. And it is all traveling through the cube all the time. Constantly and continually. And utterly uninterrupted.

            Now to demonstrate the sheer mass of data there, you can take a powerful telescope up to the cube and you will be able to see great detail coming back from great distances. If you imagine a beautiful photograph of another galaxy, you must accept that if the cube is within direct sight of that galaxy, then all that same information is passing through the cube. Right now.

            If you take a microscope up to the cube and can see the finest detail in a bit of cloth or a dust particle, or beautiful pollen particle floating by, you must accept that all of that data is flying through the cube constantly.

            If you arranged a thousand cameras around one side of the cube and they all took an exposure at the same exact instant, they would obviously all capture a complete photograph, through the cube, of the other side of the room. None would be starved for data, even though they all required that all of the information they recorded had to have transited the cube at exactly the same instant.

            Take one of those dentist mirrors, the little round mirror on a short wand, and put it into the cube and move it all around to see in every direction. It’s all there; nothing is missing. And it’s all there even when the mirror isn’t. It’s that visual light that, in fact, allows you to see the mirror, or I should say, to see the frame and back of the mirror.

            So it should be clear then that all the possible visual information in the reality all around this cube is constantly streaming through it in every direction. This information is in the form of visible light, which is made up of photons, tiny wave-particle packets of electromagnetic energy that are utterly massless(at rest) and move at the speed of light, which is 186,000 miles per second. Now, I know, all too well I’m afraid, that everything I’ve just told you about the actual photon is completely incomprehensible. The ideas are too foreign, the numbers are both too large and too small. The sheer amount of photons that are moving through that little cube at any moment is utterly unbelievable. But it is happening. Our temporal reality science knows it and guarantees it to be true.

            Now imagine all the one-quarter-inch cubes of air in the room and try and realize that they are all experiencing the same traffic in photons. There is an utterly impossible amount of visual information moving around you. It all flies by at the speed of light and does not interfere with any of the other information moving through the same space at the same time. But as they say, there it is.

            Next, we’ll look inside, at the contents of the cube.

            –continued (Next: Some of these photons show their color.)