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Magnetic fields are all around us. It is believed that birds can migrate so far and wide because they can detect magnetic fields. In fact, it there is evidence that birds may be able to actually see magnetic fields visually.

Magnetic fields are all around us. It is believed that birds can navigate so far and wide because they can detect magnetic fields. In fact, there is scientific evidence that birds may actually be able to see magnetic fields visually.

          [This chapter continues the “assignment” from my Spirit Guide, See Do, to examine the complexities of our mundane reality. The specific construct given me to examine is a hypothetical cube ¼ inch on a side, floating in the air about a foot in front of my face. These meditations on our temporal reality will be followed by an examination of “See Do reality.”]

            Then, at the very lowest end of the electromagnetic spectrum are the static fields. They’re called static, I think, because the frequency of the field is actually zero. There is this flux or flow of electromagnetic energy with zero frequency. Yeah, you may not want to think too hard about that. They’re what we think of as magnetic fields.

           These are hard to explain. And apparently not entirely understood. With zero frequency, all that’s left is a flow of what’s called “vector energy”. What that means is that there is a very directional energy that, like all the rest on the spectrum, is mediated by photons. This flow of photons can change the vector or likely direction of movement of electrons that move through it. If the material in this field has a lot of susceptible electrons, like some metals, and the magnetic field is strong enough, then the whole material can be made to move.

           This happens around us all the time. And our cube is criss-crossed with plenty of magnetic field energy. The most notable is the Earth’s magnetic field. If you were to put a compass in or near our cube, the needle would spin to point north.

           The Earth’s magnetic field is very strong. It is driven from within the core of the Earth, where the outer core of molten metal spins or churns in a manner to create gigantic electric dynamos. This electrical energy has the side effect, as all electrical energy sources do, of also creating a huge magnetic field that reaches out from one pole, loops around and dives back in at the other pole. This looping energy passes through our cube and through our compass needle.

           On its way through the needle it has enough energy to pull a large enough number of the needle’s electrons into alignment with the field’s direction of travel. Technically, these electrons are actually made to change direction in such a way that they loop around the magnetic flow line or flux perpendicular to the flux. This causes the needle, which is magnetic, in other words, it is metal that in a magnetic field will automatically align it’s molecules to its own internal north pole and south pole, to move to physically align with the greater outside flow of magnetic energy. The needle points North.

           Oddly, the North Magnetic Pole of the Earth, which is not at the North Pole, but well to the Canadian side of the North Pole, is technically the Earth’s south pole, magnetically speaking. You see, magnetic fields loop around from their north pole to their south pole. A compass will point in the direction of the flow.

           And, at the moment, the Earth’s magnetic poles are about eleven degrees off from the Earth’s actual axis of spin. I say at the moment, because over period of thousands of years, the pole moves around, and occasionally flips completely.

           The Earth’s magnetic field also reaches out into space for hundreds of thousands of miles. It is this energy flow that protects us from a lot of bad cosmic energy. Without a magnetic field, the ionizing radiation that would pour in would make life on Earth all but impossible. There would just be too much radiation.

           The energy of the Sun’s magnetic field, or the Solar Wind, would be a show stopper all its own. And the cosmic rays from the rest of the universe would add the knock-out punch. But the Earth’s magnetic field shields us from most of those energies.

           And there are other magnetic fields moving through our little cube. All around us are electric wires, electric motors, appliances and various magnets. If you take a small compass and walk around the space you live in, you’ll see the needle spin and turn all around as you move it through the various fields. Some of the bigger ones are around the microwave and its magnetron, the refrigerator and its electric motor, your stereo speakers have nice strong magnets, the TV, the laptop. There are many.

           These things aren’t dangerous, that’s not he point. But they do generate magnetic fields that are passing through our quarter inch cube.

           It’s all right there in that tiny space. Right now. Think about it. Meditate on it. Just be sure to come back for more.

           — continued  (Next: We briefly consider the higher energies. And the stunning truth about nuetrinos.)