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The world around us seems so compelled to fragment. At times is seems to even enjoy presenting itself as a myriad of separate and distinct things. But this is an illusion. It is all a singular expression. There is only one thing.

The world around us seems so compelled to fragmentation. At times it seems to even enjoy presenting itself as a myriad of separate and distinct things. But this is an illusion. It is all a singular expression. There is only one thing.

           Up to now, I have presented a chronicle of the experience of my contact with my Spirit Guide, See Do. Now I will present a more focused explanation of some of See Do’s teachings.

           I will attempt to explain what I’ll call “See Do reality,” which, as explained to me, is the greater or true reality behind what we perceive with our physical perceptions. I will present one key point per chapter, walking through 19 points.

           It is important that I explain that this is what I have been taught. In many of my sessions See Do went through all of the material multiple times. From the very beginning. And in detail.

           So I learned.

           Some of the information that See Do gave to me is conceptually very hard to hold on to. And even harder to live by. I often fail and fall back into the nuts and bolts of our day-to-day temporal reality.

           But let’s begin:

           There is only one thing.

           This is all that there is. It is everything and everyone. It has no past, present or future, as it exists outside of the illusion we call “time.” This one thing has no physical properties or presence, as the “physical” is an artifact of our perceived temporal reality. The one thing exists outside our reality but is our reality. Everything we see as real is an expression of the one thing. It is the canvas and the paint. The author and the word. The sculptor, the sculpture and the viewer. And it is all, and all at once.

           It encompasses all beginnings and all endings.

           There is no size to it. Through our lens it is simultaneously huge and small. You are zero distance from it. And in fact, the ideas of space and distance are also just artifacts of our temporal reality.

           Everything is one and completely connected. But be careful as the idea of “connected” is also an artifact. “Connected” implies two things. There is only one thing. It can not be disconnected.

           Attempting to separate from it would be the definition of folly. That is simply not a possibility. Seeking to consciously better join with it, to move with it and to see everything as one with it is one step on the path to understanding.

           The one thing is not conscious like we are, though it holds all sentience and consciousness within it. The one thing has a simple and singular need. Call it a motivation, a goal, a cause, a reason for being, though all these crude words are wrong. Our ideas of consciousness and thought are too rooted in our temporal or time-based reality to translate with any accuracy what is really going on. We see thought as a prelude to action. In our world we are motivated to act, then we act. The one thing exists outside of our ideas of time and space, so before and after don’t apply to the one thing. And I should remind you that “there” is here. There is only one thing. You express it. And it expresses you.

           The one thing does not have a name. It is that it is.

           But the one thing has, let’s call it, an “idea.” And this “idea” is the end-game. It is where we are supposed to be heading. It is perhaps the singular thing that See Do wanted me to “get.” It is the great castle. Remember? The purpose of life(Chapter 20)? See Do explained that the purpose of life is “to use a small tool to build a great castle.”

           It is “one-ness.”

           And that is where we and our perceived reality come in. You may have noticed that the reality around us, our temporal reality, has a little problem. Well, let’s not call it a problem. Let’s call it a property, as it appears to be rather ubiquitous. It is entropy. That is the inclination of all physical systems to progress toward ever greater disorder.

           The expression of entropy in life can lead us to see reality as a compilation of distinct and separate things. But there is only one thing.

           You will begin to build the castle as you begin to see and appreciate the one thing around you and expressing through you. You will begin to build as you see your reality as our own creation. And when, through your deeper understanding, you begin to actively create your reality, rather than trying to dodge and dance around what you might see as the world’s random acts of entropy.

           I know you’ve been told all this before. Many great faiths and spiritual leaders have brought forth the same message. For good reason. It is where you must begin. There is only one thing.

           We’ll come back to this keystone idea. That was lesson one. Get it?

           — continued  (Next: Time to talk about Time)