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Can we see beyond, past the boundaries of Space and Time? We have no way of going there. This temporal reality is what we've got and we will not leave it. Maybe we should get to work to make it a better place.

           We have talked about our temporal reality and about this thing I’ve called “See Do reality” (I still don’t have a better name), but are there two realities? The answer is yes and no. And the “no” part is the key to the lesson in this chapter.

            But first the “yes” part, because I know that’s what you’re probably most curious about. Okay, “yes” is a cheat. There does exist, according to my Spirit Guide, See Do, a greater reality outside of that which we can consciously perceive. But there are not really two separate realities. Strictly speaking, any “different” reality or existence, whether in different dimensions or whatever, still has to be defined as being part of one reality. But, and this is a big but, there is an existence outside of the reality that we can perceive. The easiest way to try and conceive of it is as another dimension (or set of dimensions) that does not interact with or share any of our perceived dimensions. And remember that those include our precious dimensions of Space and Time.

            So as our science digs deeper into the fabric of our temporal reality, they may uncover hidden dimensions of Space. Some theories postulate numerous other dimensions folded in on themselves at a sub-nuclear scale. If found, these would all be part of our temporal reality.

            The stuff that I’ve been calling See Do reality is in a totally different direction. And unfortunately, it is in a direction that we can not go.

            Now for the “no” part. This may seem obvious, but our perceptions are completely tied to what we can perceive. To us, it is a complete view, a wide and rich perspective. And with the added help of our science, much of the world of the “invisible” is also opened up to us. But it is all, and must all be, completely within the envelop of our perceptions.

            We can not see or perceive anything outside of this temporal reality. And if we were to encounter something from outside our perceptual envelop, we simple could not perceive it. To us, it would have no existence.

           Our reality is fully ours to perceive. You can look into any aspect of this temporal reality and you will always find more reality. And at the same density of perceptual stimuli. It will not run out. Look up into the night sky and you will see thousands of stars. Look out through a pair of binoculars and you will see thousands of stars. Look through a telescope – thousands of stars. Look as far as you like, you will not see the end. And this exercise will work with a microscope as well. Our temporal reality will always be there.

           But beyond, in another direction away from Time and the dimensions of Space? We have no way of going there. This temporal reality is what we’ve got. It is what we have to work with. And we will not leave it. Though “leave it” is a hedge as we come to understand See Do’s first message that Time is an illusion – going on to understand that both Time and Space are illusions. We are not “in” our reality, so much as our reality is “in” us. It comes from us, as out of the one thing that is the greater truth, the greater reality of See Do’s description.

           There is only one thing. Time does not exist. With work, we can come to understand these concepts and their implications. And we can come to achieve our state of True Being and we can begin to actively change the world – to build the great castle. But to see beyond this temporal reality? No. Our keyhole perception is our tool, our small tool.

           We can be visited by one from outside our temporal reality, as I was when See Do had contact with me. But it was not my consciousness that went beyond my perceptions; it was See Do who was able to manifest in a way that I could perceive him. He appeared as a being completely consistent with ideas that I could accept.

           I hope that some of what we told me helps you in some way.

           –continued (Next: Our perceptions ride a fantastic wave of creativity.)