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Once again, the actual act of creation is hdden from view. All we can see are the outward manifestations -- the final product. No microscope, no telescope can peer outside of Space and Time.

            Our perceptions and consciousness give us a world of myriad beauty. But they have their limits. As you move closer to feeling and expressing your state of True Being, you will often find yourself close to one of those limits of perception.

            After all, perception is what we have. We can not perceive beyond what our senses are equipped to perceive. And we need something to perceive in order for our consciousness to construct our reality. It becomes a chicken-and-egg conundrum. Without stimuli to one of our senses, would we even be aware that the sense existed? All we have of our senses is the brain’s interpretation of the stimulus’ signal.

            And to make matters more constraining, we only perceive consciously what our mind constructs and gives to us as the “right now.” Even though, as we learned earlier from our science, the mind’s construction of “now” is mostly about a half a second out of date.

            The point being, that “now” is as early as we can consciously perceive what is happening between the resonance of our spirit in a state of True Being and the outward expression of the one thing in the physical existence of this temporal reality. In other words, you can not perceive the act of creation. All you can perceive is the full picture – the full integration and merging of these energies.

            To our conscious mind, it appears whole and full and completely integrated with all memory and evidence. As we look closer it unfailing unfolds a 100% consistent reality down to the last laws of physics. Our minds build a wide world view for us from a glimpse through a peep-hole, even filling in gaps in our perception with its own best guesses. And doing a very good job.

            According to my Spirit Guide, See Do, the actual act of creation is beyond our mind’s powers to conceive of. First of all, and this is a pretty big non-starter, it all occurs outside of what we think of as Time. So it doesn’t “happen” quickly or slowly. It doesn’t “happen” one thing at a time or all at once. It “happens” in a state where there is no Time. Any idea of our conscious mind’s construction of temporal reality as existing along an ever-unwinding conveyor belt of Time is wholly an illusion of our perceptual construct.

            The creation of these stimuli for us to perceive is simply part of the one thing. It all “happens,” all of it, and is happening, simultaneously – all at once. All beginnings and all endings are one. For us to “see” ahead of, or even behind, our one singular moment of right now is utterly impossible. There is simply no there there. At least not from our conscious point-of-view.

            And the only proof I can offer of it “happening” will be the proof you provide as you get ever closer to your state of True Being and start to see the world of your creation begin to unfold in front of you.

            Start to move in a true sense of yourself and you will feel it. Find the love within you to move the world. It is in you. Quite literally.

            –continued  (Next: So what happens between the ticks of time?)