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We see a smooth flow of Time, but it is an illusion. It is part of the construct between our perception of right now and our memory in the right now. As we look closer its flow is always perceived of as even and continuous. We never perceive the individual grains the flow is riding on.

            My Spirit Guide, See Do, taught me that Time does not exist, but that Time is all we perceive. He also taught that there is only one thing. And that this temporal reality and everything in it are an expression of the one thing. Being outside of our illusions of Time and Space, it has no beginning or end, no size.

            I have talked about the resonant energies within us that create our world. But within the construct of our perceptions of this temporal reality we see this thing we call “Time” passing. What was “now,” is now a memory and a new “now” flows from the previous. Sometimes big changes can occur between the two perceived moments. Sometimes just thousands of tiny changes.

            I tried many analogies to try and understand what See Do was saying, but he would invariable reject these as unhelpful. According to See Do it is better to “see” the full complexity. So here it is:

            There is only one thing. And it moves through each of us. In fact, it is each of us, as there is obviously no alternative identity. There is only one thing.

            The one thing creates the stimuli that we each perceive as our temporal reality. Our conscious mind processes and integrates these stimuli into a cohesive world view. As Time passes in our perception, we see the world changing. Our mind integrates all input and “sees” a fluid flow of Time and events.

           We think we “see” or perceive many things. But there is only one thing. We think we see a flow of Time, but that is an illusion. It is part of the construct between our perception of right now and our perception of memory in the right now. As we look closer at Time, it stays the same. Its flow is always perceived of as even and continuous.

           At the risk of drawing an analogy, it is not unlike watching a movie. Your mind sees a smooth flow of action, but in fact, no such smooth flow exists. The movie is just the rapid projection of individual still images that are not moving at all. Something called “persistence of vision” makes your mind create the movement in the construct of reality it gives to your consciousness. Well, the finest grains of Time are sort of like that.

           Between each tiny grain of perceived Time, the one thing, or in other words, you, or your spirit, have moved through every point of existence in your perception. It all ties to, reflects and resonates reality from within itself. As your inner spirit, or your state of True Being, glows out, so the one thing creates the next moment of your perceived “now.” It weaves a world of perceptual stimuli that appears to flow smoothly through your senses to come together as a smooth and continually flowing Time-anchored reality.

           The complexity of the “painting” is linked to the perceptual resolution of the perceiver. And you may notice that, of course, the resolution, or graininess, of reality is always consistent. Look closer and you see more.

           As your construct of Time ticks forward, the world appears. And since you can not visit the future or the past, you can not verify or prove whether the whole thing continues to exist across the flow of Time. And likewise, you can not prove that it only exists in the moment. Or that it only exists in your perceptions and memory of the moment.

           Being anchored within our perceptions of a Time-based reality, all we have is that which we perceive in front of us, and that which is in our memories.

           This is at the heart of See Do Reality. Time does not exist. There is only one thing. The implications are staggering. As Time-based beings it is almost disturbing to even attempt to give up the idea that Time is absolute and flowing forward without interruption. And that everything in our reality is solid and exists continually across the flow of Time. But stop and think about that a moment (no pun intended).

           Does the chair you’re sitting in exist somewhere else, or some-when else, besides the right here right now, where you can solidly verify its existence? Do you have multiple existences? How can you verify that something physically existed in the past without using material from the present?

           We believe in Time. We believe in the past. We believe in the future. But is it anything more than belief? Yet it is the basis of the reality we live in. Without this unquestionable faith in Time, our agreed upon reality, indeed our sanity, would not hold up for very long.

           If these thoughts are bothersome, I apologize. I do not mean to disturb. In my case, it took me many sessions, many questions, and many repetitions of lessons for my mind to even be able to assemble these ideas.

           But this is as it was told to me. Time does not exist. There is only one thing. We create our world, then perceive it. Each moment of our “now” is created between each perceived tick of Time. And it all happens outside of Time, and all at once.

           Of course it all happens outside of Time. According to See Do, the only place that Time “exists” is in the temporal reality construct inside of our heads.

           Please take time with this one (another unintended pun). We’re more than halfway there. This was the big hump. Once over it, we begin to see how we can use our positive spirit energies to change the world.

           Stay with me. We’re past the hardest part.

           –continued  (Next: You may be much, much bigger than you think!)