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The spider obviously creates its world. Are our webs so different?

The spider obviously creates its world. Are our webs so different?

            Now See Do revealed something simple, yet so ultimate as to be unbelievable. Going back to the first ideas and building up, he spoke to the true power within. The power that creates our world.

            He referenced a concept mentioned by my reflexologist some time ago that she called “calling it in.” That when the time is right, you can essentially call in the things you want to happen and they will come to you. I had felt this for years and actually went through a powerful period when I felt I could “wish” for certain things and they would in fact happen. This was a time when I was deeply in love and feeling very good about myself. I felt the glow and put it to some use. I can think of many events and circumstances that I “called in” and they soon came into being.

            See Do took this whole idea a bit farther. His revelation was that the truth, that he will ultimately help me see, is that we call everything in. Everything. That the world is truly what we make.

            Tie it all up. There is only one. Only one soul. Really only one anything, One particle. And smaller. And it generates this illusion of space by mediating interactions with what we perceive as Time. So Time is an illusion, but Time is all we really detect.

            Against this, or within this, we reach out and drive the world. Or it drives from our being. This one being, undifferentiated. When we can achieve this true understanding and hold and drive this Love from inside, we can feel our power to move the world. And many have felt this in small, fleeting ways. But he is saying that it is all. The world is ours. Not that we can move it, but that we are moving it. That there is no other way of the world. Our choice becomes to move it randomly and fitfully or to take control of ourselves and follow the simplest instruction.

            Please remember that when See Do speaks, he speaks in very simple language. He uses the word “you,” which can be interpreted as meaning the individual, as in me; or the collective, as in all human beings. This can sometimes be confusing, especially if one loses sight of the idea that there is only one.

            Then that Saturday, I sat with my friend, Susan, and told her of this entire experience. She is very interested in this kind of spiritual adventure and open to all of it.

            After she got off work, we sat over wine at the bar where she bartends on Saturday afternoons and talked. And talked. We got into everything and covered every topic with enthusiasm. The bar was crowded and noisy, but we barely aware of what was happening outside our conversation. We talked there for four hours.

            It was good for me to express these ideas and new truths and to hear someone react to them. We talked of the light around us. Consciousness. Our power. And the truth about Love.

            At one point she said I should ask See Do about alcohol, as we clinked our wine glasses together. She wondered if we have all this control and this power, why can’t we control the effects of something like alcohol. I said that’s a good question, and I’ll ask.

            Susan also wondered about See Do’s past. Where had he come from? What had he done? I thought that was good too and said I’d try and find out.

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