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When does your spirituality become more than a beautiful view of the world? When does knowing the truth mature into accepting the responsibility? And when does it take on some urgency? Are we there yet?

When does your spirituality become more than a beautiful view of the world? When does knowing the truth mature into accepting the responsibility? And when does it take on some urgency? Are we there yet?

           For the first time I realize that when my spirit guide, See Do, has said “Time does not exist. There is no Time.” that it has two meanings. Time does not exist. It is an illusion. But also I now am coming to understand that there may be some urgency to See Do’s simple instruction.

           I realize more than ever that he is telling me what to do. The instruction is clear and precise. He is telling me what I need to know how to affect the events of Life. Of humanity. He is saying that it is not a game, it is a responsibility.

           I have been given to witness many small events unfold. We have “called in” many things. But he says that essentially, these have been parlor tricks. Done to make the point. And now we can all move on to begin to move the world. To affecting the soul of Life. We are all one. Everything is connected.

           And so it is beginning. I know that there is so much ahead. Great sadness but even greater joys. It is all here within. Every beginning and every ending. The course to unfold is open to all of us. It is there in our glow within, the light that we must give out in order to come to see the best in each other.

           We must see. We must do.

           But truly seeing requires a true understanding. And an openness to the mystery. We are all connected. And we will help each other. We are nearby.

           There is no Time.

           And there is much work to do.

           — continued (Next Chapter: How to Move Reality)



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A tiny Jasamine flower. Can you look into yourself and see something as pure and perfect? It's there. You'll need to find it and bring it out to move the world.

A tiny Jasamine flower. Can you look into yourself and see something so pure and perfect? It's there. Now you'll need to find it and bring it out to move the world.

           My three part interpretation of the lyric of “All the King’s Horses” concludes:

           The next line, “throw down my arms and give my all…”, speaks to the dropping of all resistance to this knowledge and to the power it carries. Knowing the truth, we can no longer in good conscience resist the message. Nor the great responsibility it carries. We can no longer turn away from our power. We can create our happiness. We can create our world in its most perfect form.

           And by dropping your resistance, throwing down your arms, you must put aside and give up those things inside yourself that you carry as weapons against your higher self. By that I mean those things that allow you to feel you are somehow undeserving of everything you want in this world. The self-doubts, the buried pains and hurts, both inflicted on you and perhaps inflicted by you on others. The losses and loneliness and shames. Whether slight or large. Whether clearly visible or deeply hidden. You must call upon yourself and whatever help around you that you might need to pull these out and forgive them. You must utterly forgive all of these doubts and transgressions. You must realize your power to heal yourself in this way. You can look square inside yourself and forgive. And forgive completely.

           And you must forgive yourself your misshapen and false personal identities. Any feelings that you are somehow incapable of these things or have negative tendencies or destructive, or handicapping qualities that keep you from rising to a greater place in yourself… they all must be seen and forgiven. You must look inside and see. Then you must do; you must act to openly, honestly and sincerely forgive everything. This is the start of your power. And you will feel it immediately.

           And having found and created this purer self the only thing to do is just this: give your all. You must see into yourself and create the one being you want to love. Find your passions and see the route to expressing them. You will find all of your happiness in that. And all around you, others will see it in you and respond to you. You will find the true affinities with the souls around you. Once you find this Love inside yourself and set it ablaze everything else will flow from you and to you.

            You will be able to look into your own light and see what it is that you most want in your life. What you want to do with your life. It is this in you that your light must illuminate. It is in seeing this, that you will gain the power to create your world.

           In short, you must know what it is you want. Because it is to this vision that you will give your all.

           And with the glowing torch you hold within you will be able to see your world very clearly. You will be able to look out at the landscape in front of you and you will be able to see exactly what is there. There will no longer be any need for the judgments and fears of the past. The empty hoping will seem almost funny now. You will be free. And you will be free to act on what you see.

           And you will see that your responsibility is to act, to do, to bring the truth of your inner passion to life. The energy you will create and glow into the world will in turn set others ablaze. This is how we change the world.

           “I’ll be your soldier of Love.”

           This speaks to the responsibility to the universe. This is the responsibility and honor of a soldier to carry forth the order. In this case it is the order from within ourselves. We will be true to ourselves and project the Love we have within. And it is not something you pick up and put down when you feel like it. It is not a practice or a ritual that can briefly connect you to some higher spirit. This is entirely within you to create moment by moment. And to shine out into the world around you.

           The singer then corrects it with “I am your soldier of Love” as the conversion is complete. This is not a promise we make for some future application. Knowing and applying these things we can now move forward with full grace into the very next moment. And the next. And see and feel the effect. There is the effect on our inner self and the effect on those around us.

           “Glad to be falling… for the beauty within… beauty within… beauty within.”

            This sums it up nicely. Falling for the beauty within. And it is the endless falling more and more deeply in Love that makes it all stronger, that makes our fire glow ever brighter.

            So I hear this song and feel it all. I hear these words and am re-armed. I am a soldier of Love.

            — continued (Next Chapter: There is no Time)



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Just as you can see inside this cracked shell, the Universe can see inside of you. And if you are patient enough and sensitive enough, you can come to see out into it as well.

Just as you can see inside this cracked shell, the Universe can see inside of you. And if you are patient enough and sensitive enough, you can come to see out into it as well.

           My interpretation of the lyric of “All the King’s Horses” continues:

          “All the King’s horses… All the King’s men…”

           I love the thought that comes with this line. You see, this references the nursery rhyme “Humpty Dumpty”, where the egg character Humpty Dumpty falls off the wall and “all the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again.”

           Here, I see this line as an expression of the power of the truth. Once you know the truth about the world, your Love, your power and what you can do, there is no turning back. Once the truth has broken through your shell, there is no putting that shell back together again. Once you know your power and see your place in the world as a responsibility, to yourself and to the world, there is no climbing back inside the shell you were in before.

           I’m free now. I know that the Love within has the power to make things happen beyond anything I had ever before imagined. And just seeing it take hold in one other person; just seeing Susan transform her view of her art, her craft, her view of life, has doubled my view of the power in me.

           And I’m not going back. The world is too beautiful now.

           “I’m on the outside lookin’ in… over and over… ‘n over again.”

            In these words I came to gain a better understanding of the resonance between each of us in the world. This line reminds me to remember that I am not just myself, trapped here inside this one body, inside this one apparent being. That rather, in between the tiniest clicks of what we see as time’s passage, we are spending an equally tiny click as every other being in the world. In fact, our energies pass through, and express, every particle in apparent existence. We have put everything in motion. And as each being, from each of our perspectives, reality seems like a seamless existence moving along a forward flow of Time.

           And along the way, we encounter each other. We see and interact with many other beings in this temporal reality. So in reference to understanding my own particular being, I must also understand that I am outside myself, seeing myself from every other possible perspective. In the case of other people, you are also them encountering you.

           So, you’re on the outside looking in, over and over and over again. So behave.

           Your responsibility to your being extends infinitely. You are interacting with everything.

           “There’s no telling where I’ve been… How I’ve returned here… How much I have seen…”

            These thoughts expand on the previous line. You have, in fact, been everywhere. And everyone has been you. In this truth there is great responsibility.

           As you move through the universe you carry with you some of who you are. The energy of what you feel goes with you out into the lives of others. Just as their innermost energy passes through you. This residual self leaves its trace wherever it goes. And it leaves its strongest effect in those whose inner self is in tune with ours. And visa versa. We feel this all the time as an inexplicable affinity for another person, even though we may have just met. We can feel it for a place, or for that matter, a piece of music, a work of art, even an idea.

           Everything that exists has moved through you. And is moving through you. And you through everything. It is happening right now. And you can’t shut yourself off from it. You will feel it. And it feels you.

           As you return to be yourself across this next tick of our perceived Time, you carry back much of the world, and seamlessly integrate it into your greater being. With a highly developed sensitivity, you can feel these great movements outside yourself. Sometimes when we are most still within, we are aware of a greater “vibration” around us. And there are places in the world where we can feel these energies more clearly.

           We all know this and have felt it many times.

           The last part of the line “How much I have seen…”, conjures an overriding respect for the entire experience. You have seen everything, lived everything, experienced it all. Now you need to give back into that eternal cycle the very best in you that you can express. It will be felt. And appreciated. When you let your Love flow out you will notice that others around you are sensing it and feeling an affinity for you and will respond in kind. You will see the cycle working.

           “I’ll weave a circle out of sun… Throw down my arms and give my all…”

           In this I see the responsibility we face in our temporal reality. The first statement, to me, is a reference to our living in this world where all we perceive is Time. Weaving a circle out of sun conjures a time-lapse image of the sun circling over our world through the days of our existence. Instead of a barely moving bright dot, we see the trace of the sun’s movements through the days and through the coming and going tilting of our view through the seasons. The result is a spirograph weave of bright threads overhead, tracing a thick golden tapestry around our world, over our life.

           And each of us will live this life, here in this temporal reality. This, to me, represents the acceptance of this reality as our home. And it should be a proud acceptance. And it carries with it the acceptance of our responsibility here to our inner selves and to the outer world. A proud acceptance and an honor to fulfill.

           — continued (Part III of “A Song Seats the Message”



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 Much of my photography focuses on looking close or seeinginto the heart of things, to see "the beauty within."

Much of my photography focuses on looking close or seeing into the heart of things, to see "the beauty within."

           Due to its length, I’ve divided this chapter into three parts. Here is Part I:

            Songs can carry resonance that captures or helps to seat some personal message. One such case for me has been some of the tunes on a 2005 album from Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation, “The Mighty Rearranger.”

            One song in particular, “All the King’s Horses,” seems to capture much of the essence of this entire spiritual experience for me. Once, while I was listening to it, See Do said simply to me, “Be a soldier of Love.”

            Here is the lyric, followed with the message I feel when I hear it.

           Swift ‘n true straight to my heart

           Love has come callin’… and I’m back there again.

           I pour myself a brand new start,

           Glad to be falling for the beauty within.

                     All the King’s horses… All the King’s men…

           I’m on the outside lookin’ in…over and over… ‘n over again.

           There’s no tellin’ where I’ve been,

           How I’ve returned here… how much I have seen.

                     All the King’s horses… All the King’s men…

           I’ll weave a circle out of sun,

           Throw down my arms and give my all.

           I’ll be your soldier of Love.

           I’ll weave a circle out of sun,

           Throw down my arms and give my all.

           I’ll be your soldier of Love.

           I am your soldier of Love.

                     Glad to be fallin’… for the beauty within.

                                ©Sons of Einion Limited

            And here is what these words say to me:

           “Swift ‘n true straight to my heart, Love has come callin’”

           This evokes the dead-aim of cupid’s arrow, which has always been an allegory for the strike out of the blue that Love often appears as. In my case the bolt came with the revelations of See Do as to the true nature and power of Love.

           And this time it is Love itself which has come calling. Not a love, or someone who’ll give their love to me, or someone that I’ll give my love to, but Love itself. It has come for me. And this time, it has come to guide me.

             “and I’m back there again.”

             This line strikes a chord. I’ve fallen in Love many times and know the sentiment all too well. I know the beginning and the ending. In re-feeling thoughts of past Love, I know I’ve circled all around it, but have never found its center. I’ve always thought of it as some form of currency, something I could give to someone special. Or I looked for them to give it to me. Like winning it from someone would somehow save me. Now I know it doesn’t work that way at all. And now I know that being “back there again”, though it may conjures memories, happy and sad, I also know I have found a deeper and more satisfying truth.

           “I pour myself a brand new start…”

           Here is where I am in my life, laid out in one line. Everything in my life is at a new starting point. And most especially this condition applies to my spiritual development in the aftermath of meeting See Do. Everything is new. Bright and new.

            “Glad to be falling… for the beauty within.”

            Here is the heart of it. I now know that Love is that flame inside each of us. And that the path to Love is to feel that Love within for ourselves and to build that flame. We each need to be that one being that we can most truly love. And we need to honor that being by being that person who we can most truly honor. Then as we feel this Love within, we must grow our light and let it shine out into the world. This is the opportunity, or rather the responsibility, we have in every moment of life. To be and to express that beauty within. In every act, in every expression, we must be aware and carry our inner beauty and joy in ourselves out into the world.

            This is an incredibly powerful truth. The responsibility of radiating our inner Love into the world. The power in being the being that you would most honor with your Love. And shining it out. This is the beginning point of the ideas that See Do has brought to me. With this powerful glow from within we can move the world.

            — continued (Next: Part II of “A Song Seats the Message”)



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Let your mind and spirit soar to true attainment, but be sure to also find a special place to plant your feet. The heavens call to us, but the best temples are anchored in the earth.

Let your mind and spirit soar to attainment, but be sure to also find a special place to plant your feet. The heavens call to us, but the best temples are anchored in the earth.

            Wednesday morning, I went to see S for a reflexology session. I brought her up to speed on my adventures with my spirit guide, See Do, and gave her a copy of the chronicle up to that point.

            During the session, she offered me some advice regarding dealing with a spirit guide. She said that it is possible to get too deeply entangled with the guide and that I should find ways to take a break and that I need to ground myself, everyday if possible. I reminded her of all the other activities in my life at the moment and told her about Susan and how helpful she’s been.

            I explained how Susan is a real grounding force in my life right now, especially with helping me to make better sense of the See Do information. We talked about how difficult it would be to handle some of this stuff without someone to share it with and talk to who is open to it and supportive. I explained how Susan is that person.

            I also told S that she should meet Susan and while there I bought Susan a reflexology session. I explained how I am beginning to see Susan as a woman who is actually made out of the Earth. Out of the Planet. That to touch her is to feel the spirit of the Earth in your hands. And that being with her is very grounding.

            I also asked S if while working with other people and taking them through guided visualizations, if others had met their spirit guides. She said that most people who she takes through the visualization do have a relatively profound emotional release, but that no, no one else she has worked with has met their spirit guide there.

            At the end of the session she walked me through a short grounding meditation. We both placed our feet flat and firm on the ground and she said to feel the earth beneath me. That I should feel my energy reaching down into the ground like the roots of a tree. I should feel these roots reaching out into the Earth and all the way down to the core.

            Then, starting at the top of our heads, we opened every chakra and felt it release some of its energy into the universe. Then closed each chakra and went down to the next. The Lotus, the Third Eye, the Throat, the Solar Plexus, the Orange and the Root Chakra. Then we breathed deeply and came back. She said I should do this once a day. It would help me to stay grounded as I deal with all these enormous energies now.

            I thanked her and returned home feeling at peace.

            — continued (Next Chapter: A Song Seats the Message)



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Do you feel the resonant power around you? Look around. Every moment it washes over you from everywhere you've been. And it takes some of your resonance back out into the sea of reality.

Do you feel the resonant power around you? Look around. Every moment it washes over you from every point out there. And it takes some of your resonant energy back out into the sea of reality.

            That night, Tuesday, I asked See Do what it is I need to do with this information. How could I get the word out?

            And once again, he took me back to the beginning. He reminded me of our meeting and our very initial conversation when I had asked him “What do I need to do?” And he had said “Write.”

            Now he filled out the thought with “Write. Your words will have resonance.” And he patiently reviewed the entire lesson to explain how this works.

            He explained how in between every moment of time, we are everyone. How we will not be nor have not been every soul, but are every soul everywhere right now. This is difficult to grasp as one must jump between our perceived temporal reality and the true reality of ultimate oneness.

            He said that if you take the perceived temporal state down to the finest grain of Time, the smallest consistent click of the clock; then realize that between being here, being you, from that one click of your perceived clock to the next, your being has been everywhere. You have expressed every particle. And come back.

            It is only inside of your present biological construct that you perceive this one state as a consistent and coherent stream of reality moving forward along the arrow of Time. But in the true reality, nothing like that has happened nor is happening. Time does not exist. Yet all you can perceive is Time.

            So as you move between these infinite states of the one, each infinite new construct in each state carries a bit of the others it has just been. The amount that might express itself depends on how much resonance there is. In other words, if everyone is close to the same thought or feeling, that will resonate and come through more easily into your particular perceived state.

            And certain thoughts or feelings or ideas have more power due to this resonate echo. This echo, or these infinite echoes, are all around us and in everything. In fact, they are the central driver that informs the biological system how to create this temporal construct so that what we all are perceiving against this perceived idea of now has some consistency. We can both look at an orange on the table and we can both agree that we see an orange.

            If the power in the echo of an idea is strong, it will resonate through the entire infinite system to a greater extent. This is the truth behind the power of some words and ideas. Sometimes a person will say or write something and it will immediately resonate. People will feel it when they read it. It carries more weight. They will believe.

            This is also true of images, paintings and music. Once you begin to see that Time does not exist as we perceive it, you can start to understand how things might resonate with you. Everything comes from this resonance coming through you into this temporal reality. Without the resonance behind a thought or idea, it has no weight. Its existence would violate what your brain is blowing circuits trying to maintain. And it would likely be rejected from entering into a perceivable state here in the temporal reality. Poof.

            Remember there is only one thing. And Time does not exist. But Time is all you can perceive. In between everything you are everything. You take some of this moment out. And you bring some of everything else back.

            And this resonance works in both directions. The writer could not write what was not resonant. The painter can not paint what is not resonant. It is the ultimate muse. How do you have ideas? Where do ideas come from? Now you know.

            See Do says I have to write these truths. That they will resonate.

            Later in the week, Thursday afternoon, actually, I went to see my friend L. I had been talking to her about See Do and she encouraged me to keep writing about it and said that she would like to read the chronicle. Last week I sent her the chronicle as it stood to that point.

            She said “While I was reading it, I felt like it took me to another place.” And added “When I finished, I almost felt light-headed. It was really interesting, the effect it had.”

            Frankly, it threw me a little. This is very unusual power to wield. But See Do says it’s okay. He’s here. Not to worry.

            — continued  (Next Chapter: On Getting Grounded)



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We perceive time as unwinding in a smooth linear fashion. Understanding that this is an illusion opens many doors.

We perceive Time as continuously unwinding in a smooth linear fashion. Understanding that this is an illusion opens many doors.

As I looked back to collect my thoughts of the previous few days and prepared to write, I was amazed at how I was now perceiving the passage of time.

There are events that I feel like happened a week and a half ago, that I see in my notes happened two days ago. I am utterly astonished at the amount of information that is moving through me and how it is becoming integrated. This last week carried events and information that felt like a month. Yet other events that did occur last week feel like they just happened.

I feel that time is streaming around me in a new way. And that it is folding and interconnecting before me. The concepts of time not being linear and of it being controllable are slowing coming into me. It is oddly comforting to see the construct of reality as having this interactive malleability.

Along the way See Do has reminded me that through overcoming the illusion of Time, we can also see what stands behind the Buddhist idea that you should see the endings in all beginnings. He wants me to appreciate that concept more fully. That when we face a beginning, the ending comes with it.

There is no Time. Everything is one. Everything that happens is created out of singular and simultaneous interactions between different states of our oneness. And it is all there for us. All there for us to create.

I need to be remembering that everything is in everything. And that includes all states of what we perceive of as Time. All pasts and all futures; they are all available.

The apparent streaming of Time is the result of our biological system doing its best to assemble a coherent reality out of extremely limited sensory input. And it does a good job, maybe too good a job. As life goes on, it gets hard to not believe in the linear and rock hard reality it presents.

When Time jumps or changes speed or bends or comes unhinged a little, we blame ourselves instead of seizing the moment and trying to grasp that there are weak spots. The construct is not perfect. We look at the clock and it says something that seems hard to accept, but this construct must be right, right? No, there are bends in time. We feel them all the time.

Have you not remembered something that is happening right now? A déjà vu? Maybe it’s time to reboot your construct. Perceptions overlap and for a brief moment you perceive two apparently parallel realities. And they are the same reality. One in your immediate frame of assembled reference and one throwing in from your memory. And they match. You get a tingle and your mind says “forgetaboutit.” And you do. Take a closer look next time. You might get a glimpse of the gap between now and then that your brain needs to create in order for this reality to make sense at all.

— continued (Next Chapter: The Resonant Power Around Us)



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“It’s like water. It’s in the air. It’s in the clouds. It’s mist. It’s rain. It flows around us. It’s outside us. It’s inside us. It’s in our cells. It can refresh us, quench us, nourish us. It can poison us. But it’s all the same thing. It’s all one thing.”

“It’s like water. It’s in the air. It’s in the clouds. It’s mist. It’s rain. It flows around us. It’s outside us. It’s inside us. It can refresh us, quench us, nourish us. It can poison us. But it’s all the same thing. It’s all one thing.”

          After I came back from the gym I phoned Susan to tell her what had happened. She was amazed and said that something odd had happened to her that morning as well. She said that when she woke up all she could remember from her dreams was the number 179. That was it, just the number 179. She said she had no idea what that meant

            I remembered that See Do had told me that I should “listen to Susan.” That she is so close to being right there. Right there, in contact with this wisdom that is inside all of us. And that her spiritual connections are stronger and closer than she yet realizes.

            That afternoon we made plans to see a movie. But instead, we met at my place and watched “Winged Migration” on DVD.

            At one point, over a scene of geese flying through the clouds near a range of mountains I whispered, “What are they thinking?” and Susan answered, “They’re not thinking anything, they’re just there.”

            I realized what she was saying and said, “They’re mediating. They live their lives in mediation.”

            After the film, we sat and did what we do: we talked about everything for a couple more hours. At one point I asked Susan to talk about clay, about making clay and working it. She demonstrated how to turn clay on a wheel, saying how the first step is “to center it” and how you do that by actually doing nothing. Just hold it until it finds its center.

            Then she showed me how she works the clay in her hands. She said “If you are sensitive to it, it will do what you want.”

            I listened, taking in the metaphors See Do said I would hear there.

            Later I walked Susan back to her apartment and as we were passing a small park on Dearborn Street, talking about how everything is one thing, Susan said “It’s like water. It’s in the air. It’s in the clouds. It’s mist. It’s rain. It flows around us. It’s outside us. It’s inside us. It’s in our cells. It can refresh us, quench us, nourish us. It can poison us. But it’s all the same thing. It’s all one thing.”

            The power of this analogy floored me. We stopped and hugged.

           The next day, we spoke by phone and Susan excitedly explained that she had figured out the significance of the number she had woken up with, 179.

            She said it came to her that she was close, but needed to take one more step. That she needed to take that next step. She needed to do a 180 – to make that important and fundamental change in her life. And seeing that, she had exploded in a new flow of positive creative energy.

            — continued (Next Chapter: How Time streams around us)



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Looking for the fairy tale ending? As spirit guide See Do explains, "the game is just beginning." We have much work to do to make the world we truly want. Today might be a good day to get started. "You're in control, is there anywhere you want to go?"

Looking for the fairy tale ending? As See Do explains, "the game is just beginning." We have much work to do to make the world we truly want. Today might be a good day to get started. "You're in control, is there anywhere you want to go?"

           During our dinner, which lasted three hours, Susan asked me to ask See Do how the game ends. What happens in the end, if we’re all feeling it and seeing and doing? Who decides how the game ends?

            That night my session with See Do literally felt like it lasted the entire time my head was on the pillow. When I awoke at 6:19, yep, 6:19, and even as I got out of bed I felt like I was still in contact with him.

            At some point in the night I asked him the question “Who decides how the game ends?” and the answer quickly came “You do.” And I instantly understood that he meant not just me, but every soul alive.

            He explained again, from the beginning, how we will make our world in its entire. Just as we do right now. How everything we see and do is the one thing projecting out from each of us. How this is our core challenge. Our ultimate responsibility. And he laughed and explained that “the game” is just beginning.

            Then as I climbed out of bed, he told me, with a rye smile, to listen to the Cold Play album “X & Y.” So when I went down to the gym, I took my player, and did as he said. I had purchased the album in July and had listened to it a couple of times, but then had put it aside. Now I hadn’t played it in over a month.

            I scrolled down the menu to find the album. The track list came up and I was surprised to see that the first song is titled “Square One.” Square one, where the game begins. It gave me goose bumps. I hit play. Here are the first few lines:

            “You’re in control,

             Is there anywhere you want to go?

            You’re in control,

            Is there anything you want to know?

            The future’s for discovering

            The space in which we travel in.

            From the top of the first page

            To the end of the last day,

            From the start, in your own way

            You just want someone listening to what you say.

            It doesn’t matter who you are…”

                        © BGM Music Publishing

            The album played on through the workout and I was in complete reverie. And See Do was laughing. He is having such a good time.

            — continued  (Next Chapter: Susan’s spiritual connection ignites)



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Do you see spirituality as a separate thing? There is only one thing. It stands ready to bloom inside you. Change your heart, your life, the world. You have the tools.

Do you see spirituality as a thing separate from your being? There is only one thing. It stands ready to bloom inside you now. Change your heart, your life, the world. You have the tools.

         That Monday night, Susan and I got together for something to eat. We quickly got to talking about how this is working in each of our lives and she talked about how empowered she is feeling in this new light.

            It struck me how this spiritual concept that is coming through See Do is so different than so many spiritual ideas. How so many ideas have you learn a concept or practice a ritual and hope you feel some sense of enrapturement or spiritual engagement. But what is going on here is real participation in the creation of your life. And in the creation of your future.

            How the empowering secret is to love yourself. To truly be that being who you can most love and honor. To find that source of love within yourself and to build that flame by fully and completely forgiving yourself. And then coming to terms with the full responsibility of what it is that you really want.

            How you have to honor that true passion that is within you. And be that person you so want to love.

           Then you have to act. You have to do. And call it in. You have to do what is necessary to bring that passion, that inner, pure wanting, to life. To your life. In the process, the glow of your inner love shines out and the world begins to move to it.

            I asked Susan what it is that she wants and she said to make art that is important. She then went on to say how our discussions have helped her to see what it is she needs to do. And that the direction of her art is rapidly taking hold and she is starting to approach her work in a new, more directed way. She has come to understand how to make her art say what she wants it to say more directly and more powerfully.

            And I could feel See Do nudge me to hear the powerful life metaphor in Susan’s words.

            As we talked she was getting more ideas and inspiration. They soon covered both sides of a napkin. She is seeing truth in words and images that the world is bringing to her. And that she is bringing to the world. She is adept at capturing ideas flying by in just a few words. She is glowing brightly.

            — continued  (Next Chapter: I ask See Do how the game ends)


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