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One soul living countless, varied lives.

We are all one spirit, one soul, living countless, varied lives.

            I went a day or so when it was hard to contact my spirit guide, See Do. A couple of nights went by without our usual question and answer sessions. Then a new pattern began to emerge.

            It began to feel that instead of question-answer, we were starting to have discussions. And See Do was now leading the subject. It now feels more tutorial, with bigger topics crossing days of discussion and contemplation. New ideas and old lessons brought up within ideas to help me see the truth more clearly. And all at a new pace that See Do sets.

            So we began to revisit some early concepts and to fill out the thinking. We talked about the one soul idea. That everyone exists as an expression of one entity. In fact, every thing is an expression of that one point.

            We move through the world, or through this apparent world, and we are all one. One way I have tried to conceive of it is that we will live the lives, or have lived the lives of every person. And that we will make every decision they make.

            See Do explained, and then I believe as a mild demonstration, had Susan explain, that we will not eventually live every life, but are living every life right now. You see, we had been having this discussion, and I went to where Susan works to have some dinner and she turned to me and said, completely unprompted, “We aren’t going to be everybody. We are everybody right now. We’re all one soul.” I was completely taken aback. The world was coming to me. I could see it. My jaw must have literally dropped.

            See Do explained that each of our apparent individual existences exists in a great web of interaction. It is like the web of interaction of light described earlier. We are all moving through a world of our making. This world perfectly intertwines with the world of every apparent person alive. Actually, every apparent person that has ever lived. They are all available and interacting.

            It is true that you create everything. And you are in a universe of souls creating everything. These souls are in fact one “being” living this vast web of lives. And each life interacts perfectly with the rest of the equation.

            What you move through is a vast web of punishment and reward that you mette out according to your view of the world. According to your developed ability to “see” or not to “see.” According to your ability to accept your responsibility or not to accept it. This web is intertwined perfectly and we all support our intentions. And we create the world we face. Individually. Collectively. Perfectly.

            Everything comes to you. You call it all in. And the “it” comes from within, driven by your ability to see and create yourself as the most truly honorable being you can be. Driven by your ability to bring that sense of self forth and to project your Love into the world.

            The apparent souls around you move to you and from you according to your inner strength and power. Everyone is you. Everything is you.

            — continued