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Our reality can be very good at making perfection happen.

Our reality can be very good at making perfection happen.

            Now, as you have no doubt already guessed, the world that See Do describes is not quite so simple as all that. All around us other’s lives play out in the same “Time” in the same “Space.” We are affected by the movement of every particle, as every particle is tied. These lives play out in close proximity and create a coherent universe for us to sense and interact with. But its true coherent nature is also a bit blurred.

            All of it is mended, if that is the right word, by an infinite web of superimpositions. By superimposition, I mean that a varied reality can occupy the same apparent space at the apparent same time. It is analogous to certain ideas in quantum mechanics. These divergent states only need to reconcile when sensed together by different apparent souls sensing the same thing at the same time. Until then, diverging states of reality can overlap without disrupting any of our illusions. In short, what you see may not be exactly what I see.

            As Time can be driven faster or slower, and can be locally moving faster or slower, so too can any measure of reality be bent and overlaid on different states. But these states can blend to form coherence instantly.

            See Do says it happens all the time and we ignore it. Or we literally forget it. After a heartbeat our memory system bends to reconcile it. There are very few seams showing, but he says he may point some out for me.

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