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New wisdom comes in waves. Is it warm surf or dashing tsunami?

New wisdom comes in waves. But is it welcoming surf or overwhelming tsunami?

           That Saturday night, See Do and I talked about truth, wisdom and their difficulties. But this session left me a little unsure as to just what it was I had received.

           At one point, I asked for proof as to what was happening. I’m not sure if this was a response to my request, a prediction, or if he merely moved on to new ideas. In any case, this is what happened.

           See Do explained that there would soon be a new development in science that would have huge implications. He explained that this new thought or theory would herald the next paradigm in physics.

           Just like Newton gave us the classical laws of physics. Then came Relativity. Then Quantum Mechanics. All big shifts in how we view reality.

           What it is, is the apparent discovery and proof of the existence of what is essentially the Time particle. It will be presented as the mediator of all interactions of matter and energy. Though calling it a “particle” is a misnomer; that is what will stick.

           He gave me, or I should say showed me, the press conference where the presenter of this discovery was asked by a reporter “Does this mean Time travel is possible?” and the presenter answers “This means that Time travel is ubiquitous.”

           Of course, the press does not understand. The scientific community is skeptical until a few respected physicists come out in support of the idea. The idea being that the Time particle, and its corollary the Time wave, mediate all interaction of matter and energy. And that Time is completely fluid, bendable and directionless. More than forward and backward it moves in all directions. That our sensation of it moving smoothly forward is an illusion as our consciousness exists in the effect of these waves and our existence is built around our ability to conform the sensory information we receive into a cohesive reality.

           In other words, to us, from our conscious perspective, it naturally feels like Time is flowing smoothly from past to future. And that it would, of course, be impossible for us to infer anything else from our limited sensory perspective. We experience reality from inside the effect of Time.

           The truth is our perception of Time is an illusion.

           We talked of how this new wisdom would not be taken as a great good thing. In what See Do showed me, the author of the theory, is shunned by the world. Any forums or interviews quickly degrade into frivolous, uninformed, naive nonsense. The author withdraws into seclusion, disillusioned by his experience.

           New wisdom is hard to face. A difficult and troubling commodity. The wise must be careful with wisdom. New truths often go down hard.

           As for the proof I asked for? I don’t see it, at least not yet. But if it did come to pass… I’ll keep an eye out.

           — continued  (Next chapter: The truth about reincarnation)