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Do you know where you've been between now... and now?

Do you have any idea where you've been between now... and now? The truth may challenge your powers of comprehension.

           I now had a new sense of getting more complete lessons from my spirit guide, See Do. It is becoming clear that he wants me to have a better understanding of things than I already do. It seems my questions continue to reveal to him that I’m not quite getting some important keystone concepts.

            I am still able to ask questions, but as the sessions go now, the answers are coming differently. Often now, when I ask a question, in one of our middle of the night sessions, he won’t immediately come back with an answer, but will send me into a deep review of the entire lesson plan from the very, very beginning. The answer will start with “There is no Time. But all you perceive is Time…” and go on from there through the entire learning up to this point. I feel like this review process must take hours, but the actual time that has passed is almost nothing.

            On Sunday night, I pushed the question of reincarnation to See Do.

            Can you guess what he said? “Reincarnation is not at all how you think it is.” We are all connected. Outside of Time. And we are all living on in each other simultaneously. There is only one thing. One soul. One particle. Though none of these words is truly the right word to describe it. But there is only one. We are everyone. And we are all at the same time.

            Our perception of what is around us comes almost exclusively from our immediate biological sensing. Our brains are hard-wired to only perceive and incorporate inputs that can be laid into a construct built on the concept of a continuous forward flow of Time. However, there are “leaks” of connection outside of this rigid construct. And we feel them all the time. There are a thousand examples; like when we know the phone is about to ring and it does and we know who it is before looking. These happen a lot. And as you become more sensitive you’ll be surprised how common they can become. This is the biological construct “leaking,” or you can call it “seepage.” Again, not really the right words, but I think you get the idea.

            Back to reincarnation though. Life physically ends, but the whole of the “soul experience” lives on in each of us. Between some of us, due to a certain resonance or “harmony of spirit,” we feel a more directly connected sense than with others.

           But essentially, we are all living as all of us. Our existence, our soul, is the soul of every person, moving through everyone between nano-second, or shorter, beats of our biological perceptions. In between every single moment that you can perceive you have been everyone. Remember, your biological perception of time is an utter illusion. Time does not exist. But, because of your biological sensory limits, Time is all you can perceive.

            As you live, you carry some of this great experience you have experienced as everyone. This great, collective consciousness is largely unavailable to you because of the temporal reality of the biological mechanisms you must perceive everything through.

           Death has a greater impact. When life ends, what is this soul experience dissipates out into everyone. Some of the connections between us are stronger and more practiced than others and sometimes this affinity can come through, or seep through, as what we think of as a direct reincarnation-like experience.

           See Do pointed out that even the many deaths by suffering and injustice pour through us. Their residue is in our being.

           — continued (Next chapter: The Purpose of Life)