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Oak Creek at Indian Gardens, near Sedona, AZ

Oak Creek at Indian Gardens, near Sedona, AZ

           In the guided visualization session with S, as See Do began to communicate with me, I became overwhelmed by some emotional power now moving through me. And I began to cry. I continued to sob lightly through the rest of the session. The feeling of release seemed most powerful when I would attempt to describe out loud what I was seeing. The reality of what was opening to me would hit me and I sobbed, sometimes unable to complete a sentence.

          S continued to guide and help me, as I was turning to putty See Do, before this power. She asked me to ask him “What does he want?” And I said “He wants to help me.”

          Through a series of guided and spontaneous questions See Do told me that I need to write. And that the way to write is to flow. To let it flow.

          He said that he could control time and that I was heading somewhere, somewhere new, and that I need to let this new thing come. He reassured me that everything is going to be okay. All I need to do is to know what I want. I need to know what I want and it can happen. It will come to me.

          See Do let me know that he will be there and that I can contact him. He let me know that when I squeezed my hand closed it would be like I was squeezing his hand. He would be there. And that I have nothing to fear.

          He went on to tell me that I need to eliminate the distractions around me. That I spend too much time with things that are distracting me from the things I need to be doing. He seemed to indicate that what I need to be doing is writing. Just writing. And writing anything. That there was something in the writing that I would discover.

          One of the distractions he expressed disdain for was alcohol, telling me that it numbed the mind and that I should avoid it. He said I need my mind to be open and receptive and functioning at its highest level now.

          As he stood before me, he was as real as anything I’ve ever encountered, but he appeared to the eye as a shadowed, blurred form. He was human, tall and thin. And it seemed he was wearing a robe or hooded cloak, by the simple profile he cut. His head seemed slightly large, probably due to the hood, but I could not make out a face. He seemed more of a shadow. Real but not real. There but not there.

          I tried to gain some comfort in his presence. And I tried to control the tears. It felt like my whole body was trembling or shuddering deep inside. As he spoke there was a spontaneous and overwhelming sense of truth to his words. From the first instant, there was no question in me about him or the truth of his statements. They came into my consciousness, not as words from another, but as deep truths from within my own spirit. There was no judgment to be made. They were simply true. I knew it was true that he had been trying to reach me. And I knew it was true he had found me. I knew I was heading for something. And I knew he would help me.

          S gently ended the session, bringing me back into her office and back to the reality of the day.

          She gave me an herbal tonic to help me with any sense of trauma. And expressed concern and sensitivity for the apparent magnitude of what I had just experienced. As I got up and prepared to leave I felt a strange sense of having See Do exist in the here and now as some part of me. It was like he was inside me here in the world. He was right there, just below the surface of my consciousness. It was a somewhat unsettling feeling.

          She talked to me about his instructions about my writing and that words can have power. How sometimes people can access the power that words can have. And how those people need to write.

          As I paid for the session, I heard myself say out loud and calmly “Money is not at all what we think it is.” But as I said it, I felt like it was not me talking but See Do. And I told S “I didn’t just say that. That was him. Wow. This is strange.”

          She walked me to the door, telling me to take it easy and that if I feel I need some grounding to just stand with both feet on the ground or grass, in contact with the planet, and to let the Earth’s energy come through me and ground me. I said “I hope he knows how to drive a stick.” And we laughed.

          She gave me a hug and I left.

          The rest of the day I felt a new energy moving through me. I’m not sure how much of it was the effects of the reflexology therapy, but I was also aware of a new presence. I was very aware that I now had contact with a realm of wisdom and peace that I had not had before. That a new world was open to me. And that I had to continue the dialog.

          — continued