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We perceive time as unwinding in a smooth linear fashion. Understanding that this is an illusion opens many doors.

We perceive Time as continuously unwinding in a smooth linear fashion. Understanding that this is an illusion opens many doors.

As I looked back to collect my thoughts of the previous few days and prepared to write, I was amazed at how I was now perceiving the passage of time.

There are events that I feel like happened a week and a half ago, that I see in my notes happened two days ago. I am utterly astonished at the amount of information that is moving through me and how it is becoming integrated. This last week carried events and information that felt like a month. Yet other events that did occur last week feel like they just happened.

I feel that time is streaming around me in a new way. And that it is folding and interconnecting before me. The concepts of time not being linear and of it being controllable are slowing coming into me. It is oddly comforting to see the construct of reality as having this interactive malleability.

Along the way See Do has reminded me that through overcoming the illusion of Time, we can also see what stands behind the Buddhist idea that you should see the endings in all beginnings. He wants me to appreciate that concept more fully. That when we face a beginning, the ending comes with it.

There is no Time. Everything is one. Everything that happens is created out of singular and simultaneous interactions between different states of our oneness. And it is all there for us. All there for us to create.

I need to be remembering that everything is in everything. And that includes all states of what we perceive of as Time. All pasts and all futures; they are all available.

The apparent streaming of Time is the result of our biological system doing its best to assemble a coherent reality out of extremely limited sensory input. And it does a good job, maybe too good a job. As life goes on, it gets hard to not believe in the linear and rock hard reality it presents.

When Time jumps or changes speed or bends or comes unhinged a little, we blame ourselves instead of seizing the moment and trying to grasp that there are weak spots. The construct is not perfect. We look at the clock and it says something that seems hard to accept, but this construct must be right, right? No, there are bends in time. We feel them all the time.

Have you not remembered something that is happening right now? A déjà vu? Maybe it’s time to reboot your construct. Perceptions overlap and for a brief moment you perceive two apparently parallel realities. And they are the same reality. One in your immediate frame of assembled reference and one throwing in from your memory. And they match. You get a tingle and your mind says “forgetaboutit.” And you do. Take a closer look next time. You might get a glimpse of the gap between now and then that your brain needs to create in order for this reality to make sense at all.

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