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Do you feel the resonant power around you? Look around. Every moment it washes over you from everywhere you've been. And it takes some of your resonance back out into the sea of reality.

Do you feel the resonant power around you? Look around. Every moment it washes over you from every point out there. And it takes some of your resonant energy back out into the sea of reality.

            That night, Tuesday, I asked See Do what it is I need to do with this information. How could I get the word out?

            And once again, he took me back to the beginning. He reminded me of our meeting and our very initial conversation when I had asked him “What do I need to do?” And he had said “Write.”

            Now he filled out the thought with “Write. Your words will have resonance.” And he patiently reviewed the entire lesson to explain how this works.

            He explained how in between every moment of time, we are everyone. How we will not be nor have not been every soul, but are every soul everywhere right now. This is difficult to grasp as one must jump between our perceived temporal reality and the true reality of ultimate oneness.

            He said that if you take the perceived temporal state down to the finest grain of Time, the smallest consistent click of the clock; then realize that between being here, being you, from that one click of your perceived clock to the next, your being has been everywhere. You have expressed every particle. And come back.

            It is only inside of your present biological construct that you perceive this one state as a consistent and coherent stream of reality moving forward along the arrow of Time. But in the true reality, nothing like that has happened nor is happening. Time does not exist. Yet all you can perceive is Time.

            So as you move between these infinite states of the one, each infinite new construct in each state carries a bit of the others it has just been. The amount that might express itself depends on how much resonance there is. In other words, if everyone is close to the same thought or feeling, that will resonate and come through more easily into your particular perceived state.

            And certain thoughts or feelings or ideas have more power due to this resonate echo. This echo, or these infinite echoes, are all around us and in everything. In fact, they are the central driver that informs the biological system how to create this temporal construct so that what we all are perceiving against this perceived idea of now has some consistency. We can both look at an orange on the table and we can both agree that we see an orange.

            If the power in the echo of an idea is strong, it will resonate through the entire infinite system to a greater extent. This is the truth behind the power of some words and ideas. Sometimes a person will say or write something and it will immediately resonate. People will feel it when they read it. It carries more weight. They will believe.

            This is also true of images, paintings and music. Once you begin to see that Time does not exist as we perceive it, you can start to understand how things might resonate with you. Everything comes from this resonance coming through you into this temporal reality. Without the resonance behind a thought or idea, it has no weight. Its existence would violate what your brain is blowing circuits trying to maintain. And it would likely be rejected from entering into a perceivable state here in the temporal reality. Poof.

            Remember there is only one thing. And Time does not exist. But Time is all you can perceive. In between everything you are everything. You take some of this moment out. And you bring some of everything else back.

            And this resonance works in both directions. The writer could not write what was not resonant. The painter can not paint what is not resonant. It is the ultimate muse. How do you have ideas? Where do ideas come from? Now you know.

            See Do says I have to write these truths. That they will resonate.

            Later in the week, Thursday afternoon, actually, I went to see my friend L. I had been talking to her about See Do and she encouraged me to keep writing about it and said that she would like to read the chronicle. Last week I sent her the chronicle as it stood to that point.

            She said “While I was reading it, I felt like it took me to another place.” And added “When I finished, I almost felt light-headed. It was really interesting, the effect it had.”

            Frankly, it threw me a little. This is very unusual power to wield. But See Do says it’s okay. He’s here. Not to worry.

            — continued  (Next Chapter: On Getting Grounded)