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Somewhere along Oak Creek near Sedona, AZ

Somewhere along Oak Creek near Sedona, AZ

           Over the coming days, and nights, I came to see how See Do and I would begin to communicate.

            The first thing that began to happen was I would wake up about 4:30 or 5:00 in the morning, and in this half awake state See Do was available to me. In these sessions I began to ask questions. Questions about life, how the Universe works, how reality works, things like that.

            It was remarkable how these dialogs went. I didn’t speak out loud, but would think the question, and the answer would come immediately, with not a second’s delay. It came as an extension of the last word of the question. The response was always clear and even. And he told me I could ask him anything.

            It soon became clear that he had a sense of humor, a remarkable memory, and a dislike for alcohol.

            I had a feeling that with my being able to contact him, he was now more able to see our human reality the way we see it. Our world often amused and entertained him. And some things he found frustrating.

          The first lessons were largely about the nature of reality. He took me along quickly, trying to use language that was very simple. He told me that “Time does not exist. But Time is all there is.” An apparent contradiction that he would walk me through. I’ll try and explain.

            It’s important to understand that the reality we perceive is not actually there. It is, as the great masters have long said, an illusion. See Do explained to me how this works.

            He explained that we must remember first of all that there is complete unity in the Universe. There is only one “thing”. Everything is one. All connected, even though to use the word “connected” can be a confusion in itself. Everything is one. We must start there and always come back to that.

            All we perceive, as human beings, is Time. Nothing else. Every interaction of matter, every interaction between every particle that we perceive is just the Time interaction between two states of the same unified “thing”. There is no space, no separation; there are no different things. There is only this Time separation between states of reality. This Time mediation is the full extent of what we perceive as reality.

            Our senses sense the contrast between things. These contrasting states create what we perceive as time and space as they change or as our point of perception moves in relation to them. Our minds work to take the input from our senses and construct what we think of as reality.

            In our early sessions, See Do seemed a bit obsessed with Time. With my trying to understand Time. He told me he has power over the passage of Time and that I could have that power as well.

            He let me know that he had hastened the day of our meeting in the session with S. And I can vouch that the week leading up to the Saturday session went faster than any week I could remember. And that during the week I was feeling like Time was off kilter. I remember telling a friend how the previous week seemed to have gone by in twenty-four hours, but that something I had done the day before seemed like it happened a week ago.

            See Do said he had been speeding me to our meeting. And that he is moving Time now to my future. That I need to relax and move to the future I want.

           — continued