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 Much of my photography focuses on looking close or seeinginto the heart of things, to see "the beauty within."

Much of my photography focuses on looking close or seeing into the heart of things, to see "the beauty within."

           Due to its length, I’ve divided this chapter into three parts. Here is Part I:

            Songs can carry resonance that captures or helps to seat some personal message. One such case for me has been some of the tunes on a 2005 album from Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation, “The Mighty Rearranger.”

            One song in particular, “All the King’s Horses,” seems to capture much of the essence of this entire spiritual experience for me. Once, while I was listening to it, See Do said simply to me, “Be a soldier of Love.”

            Here is the lyric, followed with the message I feel when I hear it.

           Swift ‘n true straight to my heart

           Love has come callin’… and I’m back there again.

           I pour myself a brand new start,

           Glad to be falling for the beauty within.

                     All the King’s horses… All the King’s men…

           I’m on the outside lookin’ in…over and over… ‘n over again.

           There’s no tellin’ where I’ve been,

           How I’ve returned here… how much I have seen.

                     All the King’s horses… All the King’s men…

           I’ll weave a circle out of sun,

           Throw down my arms and give my all.

           I’ll be your soldier of Love.

           I’ll weave a circle out of sun,

           Throw down my arms and give my all.

           I’ll be your soldier of Love.

           I am your soldier of Love.

                     Glad to be fallin’… for the beauty within.

                                ©Sons of Einion Limited

            And here is what these words say to me:

           “Swift ‘n true straight to my heart, Love has come callin’”

           This evokes the dead-aim of cupid’s arrow, which has always been an allegory for the strike out of the blue that Love often appears as. In my case the bolt came with the revelations of See Do as to the true nature and power of Love.

           And this time it is Love itself which has come calling. Not a love, or someone who’ll give their love to me, or someone that I’ll give my love to, but Love itself. It has come for me. And this time, it has come to guide me.

             “and I’m back there again.”

             This line strikes a chord. I’ve fallen in Love many times and know the sentiment all too well. I know the beginning and the ending. In re-feeling thoughts of past Love, I know I’ve circled all around it, but have never found its center. I’ve always thought of it as some form of currency, something I could give to someone special. Or I looked for them to give it to me. Like winning it from someone would somehow save me. Now I know it doesn’t work that way at all. And now I know that being “back there again”, though it may conjures memories, happy and sad, I also know I have found a deeper and more satisfying truth.

           “I pour myself a brand new start…”

           Here is where I am in my life, laid out in one line. Everything in my life is at a new starting point. And most especially this condition applies to my spiritual development in the aftermath of meeting See Do. Everything is new. Bright and new.

            “Glad to be falling… for the beauty within.”

            Here is the heart of it. I now know that Love is that flame inside each of us. And that the path to Love is to feel that Love within for ourselves and to build that flame. We each need to be that one being that we can most truly love. And we need to honor that being by being that person who we can most truly honor. Then as we feel this Love within, we must grow our light and let it shine out into the world. This is the opportunity, or rather the responsibility, we have in every moment of life. To be and to express that beauty within. In every act, in every expression, we must be aware and carry our inner beauty and joy in ourselves out into the world.

            This is an incredibly powerful truth. The responsibility of radiating our inner Love into the world. The power in being the being that you would most honor with your Love. And shining it out. This is the beginning point of the ideas that See Do has brought to me. With this powerful glow from within we can move the world.

            — continued (Next: Part II of “A Song Seats the Message”)