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Just as you can see inside this cracked shell, the Universe can see inside of you. And if you are patient enough and sensitive enough, you can come to see out into it as well.

Just as you can see inside this cracked shell, the Universe can see inside of you. And if you are patient enough and sensitive enough, you can come to see out into it as well.

           My interpretation of the lyric of “All the King’s Horses” continues:

          “All the King’s horses… All the King’s men…”

           I love the thought that comes with this line. You see, this references the nursery rhyme “Humpty Dumpty”, where the egg character Humpty Dumpty falls off the wall and “all the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again.”

           Here, I see this line as an expression of the power of the truth. Once you know the truth about the world, your Love, your power and what you can do, there is no turning back. Once the truth has broken through your shell, there is no putting that shell back together again. Once you know your power and see your place in the world as a responsibility, to yourself and to the world, there is no climbing back inside the shell you were in before.

           I’m free now. I know that the Love within has the power to make things happen beyond anything I had ever before imagined. And just seeing it take hold in one other person; just seeing Susan transform her view of her art, her craft, her view of life, has doubled my view of the power in me.

           And I’m not going back. The world is too beautiful now.

           “I’m on the outside lookin’ in… over and over… ‘n over again.”

            In these words I came to gain a better understanding of the resonance between each of us in the world. This line reminds me to remember that I am not just myself, trapped here inside this one body, inside this one apparent being. That rather, in between the tiniest clicks of what we see as time’s passage, we are spending an equally tiny click as every other being in the world. In fact, our energies pass through, and express, every particle in apparent existence. We have put everything in motion. And as each being, from each of our perspectives, reality seems like a seamless existence moving along a forward flow of Time.

           And along the way, we encounter each other. We see and interact with many other beings in this temporal reality. So in reference to understanding my own particular being, I must also understand that I am outside myself, seeing myself from every other possible perspective. In the case of other people, you are also them encountering you.

           So, you’re on the outside looking in, over and over and over again. So behave.

           Your responsibility to your being extends infinitely. You are interacting with everything.

           “There’s no telling where I’ve been… How I’ve returned here… How much I have seen…”

            These thoughts expand on the previous line. You have, in fact, been everywhere. And everyone has been you. In this truth there is great responsibility.

           As you move through the universe you carry with you some of who you are. The energy of what you feel goes with you out into the lives of others. Just as their innermost energy passes through you. This residual self leaves its trace wherever it goes. And it leaves its strongest effect in those whose inner self is in tune with ours. And visa versa. We feel this all the time as an inexplicable affinity for another person, even though we may have just met. We can feel it for a place, or for that matter, a piece of music, a work of art, even an idea.

           Everything that exists has moved through you. And is moving through you. And you through everything. It is happening right now. And you can’t shut yourself off from it. You will feel it. And it feels you.

           As you return to be yourself across this next tick of our perceived Time, you carry back much of the world, and seamlessly integrate it into your greater being. With a highly developed sensitivity, you can feel these great movements outside yourself. Sometimes when we are most still within, we are aware of a greater “vibration” around us. And there are places in the world where we can feel these energies more clearly.

           We all know this and have felt it many times.

           The last part of the line “How much I have seen…”, conjures an overriding respect for the entire experience. You have seen everything, lived everything, experienced it all. Now you need to give back into that eternal cycle the very best in you that you can express. It will be felt. And appreciated. When you let your Love flow out you will notice that others around you are sensing it and feeling an affinity for you and will respond in kind. You will see the cycle working.

           “I’ll weave a circle out of sun… Throw down my arms and give my all…”

           In this I see the responsibility we face in our temporal reality. The first statement, to me, is a reference to our living in this world where all we perceive is Time. Weaving a circle out of sun conjures a time-lapse image of the sun circling over our world through the days of our existence. Instead of a barely moving bright dot, we see the trace of the sun’s movements through the days and through the coming and going tilting of our view through the seasons. The result is a spirograph weave of bright threads overhead, tracing a thick golden tapestry around our world, over our life.

           And each of us will live this life, here in this temporal reality. This, to me, represents the acceptance of this reality as our home. And it should be a proud acceptance. And it carries with it the acceptance of our responsibility here to our inner selves and to the outer world. A proud acceptance and an honor to fulfill.

           — continued (Part III of “A Song Seats the Message”