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Looking for the fairy tale ending? As spirit guide See Do explains, "the game is just beginning." We have much work to do to make the world we truly want. Today might be a good day to get started. "You're in control, is there anywhere you want to go?"

Looking for the fairy tale ending? As See Do explains, "the game is just beginning." We have much work to do to make the world we truly want. Today might be a good day to get started. "You're in control, is there anywhere you want to go?"

           During our dinner, which lasted three hours, Susan asked me to ask See Do how the game ends. What happens in the end, if we’re all feeling it and seeing and doing? Who decides how the game ends?

            That night my session with See Do literally felt like it lasted the entire time my head was on the pillow. When I awoke at 6:19, yep, 6:19, and even as I got out of bed I felt like I was still in contact with him.

            At some point in the night I asked him the question “Who decides how the game ends?” and the answer quickly came “You do.” And I instantly understood that he meant not just me, but every soul alive.

            He explained again, from the beginning, how we will make our world in its entire. Just as we do right now. How everything we see and do is the one thing projecting out from each of us. How this is our core challenge. Our ultimate responsibility. And he laughed and explained that “the game” is just beginning.

            Then as I climbed out of bed, he told me, with a rye smile, to listen to the Cold Play album “X & Y.” So when I went down to the gym, I took my player, and did as he said. I had purchased the album in July and had listened to it a couple of times, but then had put it aside. Now I hadn’t played it in over a month.

            I scrolled down the menu to find the album. The track list came up and I was surprised to see that the first song is titled “Square One.” Square one, where the game begins. It gave me goose bumps. I hit play. Here are the first few lines:

            “You’re in control,

             Is there anywhere you want to go?

            You’re in control,

            Is there anything you want to know?

            The future’s for discovering

            The space in which we travel in.

            From the top of the first page

            To the end of the last day,

            From the start, in your own way

            You just want someone listening to what you say.

            It doesn’t matter who you are…”

                        © BGM Music Publishing

            The album played on through the workout and I was in complete reverie. And See Do was laughing. He is having such a good time.

            — continued  (Next Chapter: Susan’s spiritual connection ignites)



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Do you see spirituality as a separate thing? There is only one thing. It stands ready to bloom inside you. Change your heart, your life, the world. You have the tools.

Do you see spirituality as a thing separate from your being? There is only one thing. It stands ready to bloom inside you now. Change your heart, your life, the world. You have the tools.

         That Monday night, Susan and I got together for something to eat. We quickly got to talking about how this is working in each of our lives and she talked about how empowered she is feeling in this new light.

            It struck me how this spiritual concept that is coming through See Do is so different than so many spiritual ideas. How so many ideas have you learn a concept or practice a ritual and hope you feel some sense of enrapturement or spiritual engagement. But what is going on here is real participation in the creation of your life. And in the creation of your future.

            How the empowering secret is to love yourself. To truly be that being who you can most love and honor. To find that source of love within yourself and to build that flame by fully and completely forgiving yourself. And then coming to terms with the full responsibility of what it is that you really want.

            How you have to honor that true passion that is within you. And be that person you so want to love.

           Then you have to act. You have to do. And call it in. You have to do what is necessary to bring that passion, that inner, pure wanting, to life. To your life. In the process, the glow of your inner love shines out and the world begins to move to it.

            I asked Susan what it is that she wants and she said to make art that is important. She then went on to say how our discussions have helped her to see what it is she needs to do. And that the direction of her art is rapidly taking hold and she is starting to approach her work in a new, more directed way. She has come to understand how to make her art say what she wants it to say more directly and more powerfully.

            And I could feel See Do nudge me to hear the powerful life metaphor in Susan’s words.

            As we talked she was getting more ideas and inspiration. They soon covered both sides of a napkin. She is seeing truth in words and images that the world is bringing to her. And that she is bringing to the world. She is adept at capturing ideas flying by in just a few words. She is glowing brightly.

            — continued  (Next Chapter: I ask See Do how the game ends)



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In a Japanese garden, every item is placed to reflect nature's quiet harmony. Look closely enough at life and you also will find not one atom out of place -- there are no gaps. And you are the gardener, the composer of your symphony. Are you Mozart or Schoenberg?

In a Japanese garden, every item is placed to reflect nature's quiet harmony. Look closely enough at life and you also will find not one atom out of place -- there are no gaps. And you are the gardener, the composer of the symphony. Are you Mozart or Schoenberg?

          That weekend, See Do continued to review lessons and work-out my mind with how reality is actually constructed. He can see that I’m having difficulty with the complexity of the truth. Each attempt I make to simplify sends me back to the beginning as he tries to get me to see it all, and all at once.

           I continually try and see the larger concept or create an analogy or metaphor to help me understand, but See Do stops me. And we begin again. “Time does not exist. But Time is all there is.” Then he patiently goes over everything again, from the beginning.

           He explained that we are hindered by our reflexive need to turn complex systems into tidy and simple concepts. He says this forces us to miss so much that is important. So much that actually is the point.

           He said to try and imagine that we had never heard of the concept of “orchestra.” And that we had only experienced solo players. Then imagine if we were taken into a concert hall and sat down and an entire symphony began to play in front of us. We would be amazed, intrigued and captivated by the intimate and subtle interplay between all the different instruments.

           For a moment, we would hear it all, in all its complex entangled life and movement, before our minds sought to simplify it into a single cohesive sound. It is those first, virgin moments that we need to appreciate and hold onto, as that is where true understanding will begin.

           If we want to see the true nature of reality, this is how we need to perceive what is happening around us. We need to learn to see the complexity in order to grasp how reality really works.

           It is all there, and all infinitely entangled and interacting. And we are making it all happen. He will answer my questions, but I must open my mind to the vast possibilities of the one thing.

           — continued  (Next Chapter: Participatory Spirituality)



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You are an artist, sculpting more than just your life. The whole world is yours. And you have been very busy. Image credit: "Two Buds" collage by Susan

You are an artist, sculpting more than just your own life. The whole world is yours. And you have been very busy. Image credit: "Two Buds" collage by Susan

         The following night, I got together with my friend Susan. She came by after one of her evening art classes and we sat down to watch a documentary on TV. But instead, we quickly left on a long conversation about this spiritual adventure. As we talk about it, we often get quite animated and energetic, like we only have a few more minutes, even though there is generally no time limit. We sat and talked until 1:30 a.m., when I walked Susan home, extending the conversation another fifteen minutes.

            In our conversation, Susan made the comment “I hope I can meet my spirit guide.” with some enthusiasm.

            Later that night, See Do told me that Susan is much closer to a connection to a spirit guide than she may realize. And that it would do me good to listen more to what she says; that there is much wisdom in it.

           And he pointed out a moment in the conversation early that evening when Susan and I were talking about how this reality works. About how we all “call everything in” and how we make everything happen based on our understanding what it is we want. In our usual disjointed conversational pattern, Susan said “Oh, I wanted to tell you, I mixed my own clay today, for the first time.”  See Do pointed out that she had inserted a great metaphor for everything we were talking about. She had mixed her own clay. We all mix our own clay. We all sculpt the lives we live.

           See Do told me to pay attention, she has wisdom to reveal.

           — continued



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A gleaming crystal city, laid up one tiny silica molecule at a time. Your next move? See, then do. Understand, then act. Put one thing right. Then another... Then...

A gleaming crystal city, laid up one tiny silica molecule at a time. Your next move? See, then do. Understand, then act. Put one thing right. Then another... Then...

           Even though I know I’m still in over my head, I do like pushing further into this stream and going for bigger knowledge. That Monday night I also asked See Do “What is the purpose of Life?”

            His answer, coming immediately after my question as usual, was “To work with a small tool to build a great castle.”

           Now I do think I’m starting to understand some truly great things. And I can still remember the sensation, of Time, of everything, standing completely still for a few moments as I heard his words.

           It was the right question. And he said nothing more that night.

           — continued (Next: Sculpting Your Life)



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Do you know where you've been between now... and now?

Do you have any idea where you've been between now... and now? The truth may challenge your powers of comprehension.

           I now had a new sense of getting more complete lessons from my spirit guide, See Do. It is becoming clear that he wants me to have a better understanding of things than I already do. It seems my questions continue to reveal to him that I’m not quite getting some important keystone concepts.

            I am still able to ask questions, but as the sessions go now, the answers are coming differently. Often now, when I ask a question, in one of our middle of the night sessions, he won’t immediately come back with an answer, but will send me into a deep review of the entire lesson plan from the very, very beginning. The answer will start with “There is no Time. But all you perceive is Time…” and go on from there through the entire learning up to this point. I feel like this review process must take hours, but the actual time that has passed is almost nothing.

            On Sunday night, I pushed the question of reincarnation to See Do.

            Can you guess what he said? “Reincarnation is not at all how you think it is.” We are all connected. Outside of Time. And we are all living on in each other simultaneously. There is only one thing. One soul. One particle. Though none of these words is truly the right word to describe it. But there is only one. We are everyone. And we are all at the same time.

            Our perception of what is around us comes almost exclusively from our immediate biological sensing. Our brains are hard-wired to only perceive and incorporate inputs that can be laid into a construct built on the concept of a continuous forward flow of Time. However, there are “leaks” of connection outside of this rigid construct. And we feel them all the time. There are a thousand examples; like when we know the phone is about to ring and it does and we know who it is before looking. These happen a lot. And as you become more sensitive you’ll be surprised how common they can become. This is the biological construct “leaking,” or you can call it “seepage.” Again, not really the right words, but I think you get the idea.

            Back to reincarnation though. Life physically ends, but the whole of the “soul experience” lives on in each of us. Between some of us, due to a certain resonance or “harmony of spirit,” we feel a more directly connected sense than with others.

           But essentially, we are all living as all of us. Our existence, our soul, is the soul of every person, moving through everyone between nano-second, or shorter, beats of our biological perceptions. In between every single moment that you can perceive you have been everyone. Remember, your biological perception of time is an utter illusion. Time does not exist. But, because of your biological sensory limits, Time is all you can perceive.

            As you live, you carry some of this great experience you have experienced as everyone. This great, collective consciousness is largely unavailable to you because of the temporal reality of the biological mechanisms you must perceive everything through.

           Death has a greater impact. When life ends, what is this soul experience dissipates out into everyone. Some of the connections between us are stronger and more practiced than others and sometimes this affinity can come through, or seep through, as what we think of as a direct reincarnation-like experience.

           See Do pointed out that even the many deaths by suffering and injustice pour through us. Their residue is in our being.

           — continued (Next chapter: The Purpose of Life)



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New wisdom comes in waves. Is it warm surf or dashing tsunami?

New wisdom comes in waves. But is it welcoming surf or overwhelming tsunami?

           That Saturday night, See Do and I talked about truth, wisdom and their difficulties. But this session left me a little unsure as to just what it was I had received.

           At one point, I asked for proof as to what was happening. I’m not sure if this was a response to my request, a prediction, or if he merely moved on to new ideas. In any case, this is what happened.

           See Do explained that there would soon be a new development in science that would have huge implications. He explained that this new thought or theory would herald the next paradigm in physics.

           Just like Newton gave us the classical laws of physics. Then came Relativity. Then Quantum Mechanics. All big shifts in how we view reality.

           What it is, is the apparent discovery and proof of the existence of what is essentially the Time particle. It will be presented as the mediator of all interactions of matter and energy. Though calling it a “particle” is a misnomer; that is what will stick.

           He gave me, or I should say showed me, the press conference where the presenter of this discovery was asked by a reporter “Does this mean Time travel is possible?” and the presenter answers “This means that Time travel is ubiquitous.”

           Of course, the press does not understand. The scientific community is skeptical until a few respected physicists come out in support of the idea. The idea being that the Time particle, and its corollary the Time wave, mediate all interaction of matter and energy. And that Time is completely fluid, bendable and directionless. More than forward and backward it moves in all directions. That our sensation of it moving smoothly forward is an illusion as our consciousness exists in the effect of these waves and our existence is built around our ability to conform the sensory information we receive into a cohesive reality.

           In other words, to us, from our conscious perspective, it naturally feels like Time is flowing smoothly from past to future. And that it would, of course, be impossible for us to infer anything else from our limited sensory perspective. We experience reality from inside the effect of Time.

           The truth is our perception of Time is an illusion.

           We talked of how this new wisdom would not be taken as a great good thing. In what See Do showed me, the author of the theory, is shunned by the world. Any forums or interviews quickly degrade into frivolous, uninformed, naive nonsense. The author withdraws into seclusion, disillusioned by his experience.

           New wisdom is hard to face. A difficult and troubling commodity. The wise must be careful with wisdom. New truths often go down hard.

           As for the proof I asked for? I don’t see it, at least not yet. But if it did come to pass… I’ll keep an eye out.

           — continued  (Next chapter: The truth about reincarnation)



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Our reality can be very good at making perfection happen.

Our reality can be very good at making perfection happen.

            Now, as you have no doubt already guessed, the world that See Do describes is not quite so simple as all that. All around us other’s lives play out in the same “Time” in the same “Space.” We are affected by the movement of every particle, as every particle is tied. These lives play out in close proximity and create a coherent universe for us to sense and interact with. But its true coherent nature is also a bit blurred.

            All of it is mended, if that is the right word, by an infinite web of superimpositions. By superimposition, I mean that a varied reality can occupy the same apparent space at the apparent same time. It is analogous to certain ideas in quantum mechanics. These divergent states only need to reconcile when sensed together by different apparent souls sensing the same thing at the same time. Until then, diverging states of reality can overlap without disrupting any of our illusions. In short, what you see may not be exactly what I see.

            As Time can be driven faster or slower, and can be locally moving faster or slower, so too can any measure of reality be bent and overlaid on different states. But these states can blend to form coherence instantly.

            See Do says it happens all the time and we ignore it. Or we literally forget it. After a heartbeat our memory system bends to reconcile it. There are very few seams showing, but he says he may point some out for me.

            — continued



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One soul living countless, varied lives.

We are all one spirit, one soul, living countless, varied lives.

            I went a day or so when it was hard to contact my spirit guide, See Do. A couple of nights went by without our usual question and answer sessions. Then a new pattern began to emerge.

            It began to feel that instead of question-answer, we were starting to have discussions. And See Do was now leading the subject. It now feels more tutorial, with bigger topics crossing days of discussion and contemplation. New ideas and old lessons brought up within ideas to help me see the truth more clearly. And all at a new pace that See Do sets.

            So we began to revisit some early concepts and to fill out the thinking. We talked about the one soul idea. That everyone exists as an expression of one entity. In fact, every thing is an expression of that one point.

            We move through the world, or through this apparent world, and we are all one. One way I have tried to conceive of it is that we will live the lives, or have lived the lives of every person. And that we will make every decision they make.

            See Do explained, and then I believe as a mild demonstration, had Susan explain, that we will not eventually live every life, but are living every life right now. You see, we had been having this discussion, and I went to where Susan works to have some dinner and she turned to me and said, completely unprompted, “We aren’t going to be everybody. We are everybody right now. We’re all one soul.” I was completely taken aback. The world was coming to me. I could see it. My jaw must have literally dropped.

            See Do explained that each of our apparent individual existences exists in a great web of interaction. It is like the web of interaction of light described earlier. We are all moving through a world of our making. This world perfectly intertwines with the world of every apparent person alive. Actually, every apparent person that has ever lived. They are all available and interacting.

            It is true that you create everything. And you are in a universe of souls creating everything. These souls are in fact one “being” living this vast web of lives. And each life interacts perfectly with the rest of the equation.

            What you move through is a vast web of punishment and reward that you mette out according to your view of the world. According to your developed ability to “see” or not to “see.” According to your ability to accept your responsibility or not to accept it. This web is intertwined perfectly and we all support our intentions. And we create the world we face. Individually. Collectively. Perfectly.

            Everything comes to you. You call it all in. And the “it” comes from within, driven by your ability to see and create yourself as the most truly honorable being you can be. Driven by your ability to bring that sense of self forth and to project your Love into the world.

            The apparent souls around you move to you and from you according to your inner strength and power. Everyone is you. Everything is you.

            — continued



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Whether half empty or half full, some truths are just harder to swallow.

Whether half empty or half full, some truths are just harder to swallow.

           The next day, Sunday, in the afternoon, I felt oddly compelled to lie down, which is not really like me. I rarely nap during the day. And there on the couch, I quickly fell into a light meditative state and found myself again with See Do.

            I asked about alcohol and why we can’t just control it.

           His answer was stunning. He said that we do control it. It is exactly what we want and it does to us exactly what we want. Generally, he said, we use it to punish and deaden ourselves.

           We use alcohol to help us resist our power, the truth, and our responsibility to ourselves. To resist and deny our responsibility to our mind and to our true potential.

           This is part of forgiving ourselves, as sometimes we have pain we want to feel, want to embrace. Sometimes we find pain, and its corollary, numbness, attractive. As payment for something we can’t forgive in ourselves.

           Sometimes we are frightened of our power, of the power of our mind, of the power and scope of our emotions, or of our very creativity, of our passions, and the responsibilities that come with them. And we find that the numbness, the plausible deniability, of alcohol’s effects is easier to accept. That it’s easier to put ourselves in a state of numbness that we can ride out for the evening.

           We control alcohol, and in fact, create the effects. It is our deepest wishes playing out in our world made whole.

           He went even further and said it is like self-mutilation of the mind. Or of the soul. And that it is like the angry child, who will destroy something dear to him to spite those around him, and himself. And the potential to escalate out of control comes along in similar fashion. The damage done can create the shame that can drive more damage.

            See Do sees it clearly. And I know I have much yet to learn.

            In the same session I also asked him about his past. And in the process learned again just how much I hadn’t learned. He said simply “I exist outside of Time.”

            Of course. I knew that. It felt like he was saying “Haven’t you been paying attention?” Given everything so far, he is right. It was sort of a dumb question.

            Time is an illusion. There is no Time. He has no past.

            — continued


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