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What creature dared spend its energies on this tiny and beautiful work of art? And on the bottom of the sea? (for scale, the background ripples are my fingerprint pressed in clay) We each grow more fingernail each day than all the substance of this creature's entire existance. Do you see the message? It is time to participate in life! See? Do!

What creature dared spend its energies on this tiny and beautiful work of art? And at the bottom of the sea? (for scale, the background is my fingerprint pressed in clay) You will grow more fingernail today than all the substance of this creature's entire existance. Do you see the message? It is time to participate in making a better world! See? Do!

          My Spirit Guide, See Do, also talked that night about life and the worlds within. How this energy of life is always in motion within us and within all the creatures of the planet. He talked about disease and health and the responsibility to be healthy. To eat and live in ways to prolong life and resist disease. To find peace and to live in a certain harmony with everything around you. And with everything within us.

           He said our energies should become full of life and love. They should be steady and clearly glowing. That nothing is better for the health of our life force within.

           He said that in the life of the planet, that disease can take hold and move. That many can die. He said we should be ready and able to resist. We should be aware of our health and be living in health.

           Everything we do can contribute to what effect these life-movements of the planet can have. Against this infinitely interconnected system we are small and we must be prepared for larger events driven by these forces.

           These events and their consequences are all part of living inside this dynamic system of this temporal reality. There are complex forces, large and small, unfolding and refolding. Forces that drive events, with great consequences.

           We create our world and it moves around us and through us. We narrowly focus our energies on the tumbling mists in front of us. We try and make out shapes and assemble a life for ourselves. But the greater world is also of our making. It moves on energies that we put in motion. And it moves with force and conviction, with power that interacts and sways everything in our reach. It all comes to us and through us.

           The mistake we make it to sit and watch. We can move our energies to create a new resonance of humanity to save each other from suffering.

           Here is the new message: Life is not just for our entertainment. It is for our participation. And it is the ordinary as much as the masses that we are responsible to.

           And it must start with our own individual ordinary life.

           We must take what we have and act according to what we see. Inside ourselves and outside. We operate from inside an illusory construct that paints our temporal reality on a mono-dimensional canvas of Time. Our senses are narrow and mostly limited to measuring environmental contrast, with the exception of color and temperature. But the purpose of life is clear: Using a small tool, we must build a great castle.

           You can reach out with a simple idea of what you want and it can come to you. But only if you are freely loving the being within you. If you are honoring your highest ideals and moving to honor your inner passions.  We can build with each other, but only with each other, a greater reality to our wishes. A greater reality to a greater good. We now have to create and build a resonance to rock the planet. A combined humanity can stop any suffering.

           On our own we can help a few. And mostly after the fact. And we must see farther. We must look as one into the maelstrom of energies and create a resonance to bouy us all. It will take time, but every new hope is a new joy. And when your inner source is true and loving, this new joy instantly fans out into the consciousness between us.

           But let us look at what is happening in the aftermath of a disaster like hurricane Katrina. The number of lives lost was more than eighteen hundred. With over seven hundred missing. People dislocated. Families separated. People lost. Lives utterly disrupted. But look inside and take note of what moves the emotional outpouring. Why do we see the number as significant? Why is suffering invisible until is reaches some imaginary critical mass? These events happen all around us.

           All around us the numbers of humanity intersect. What can we make of them? How can we not feel confused and helpless? Where can our energies go?

           After Katrina, fuel prices rose toward 4 dollars a gallon. People began driving less. If people drive just ten percent less, that could mean that ten percent fewer people may be killed in auto accidents. That would be over four thousand people in one year. Saved. How do we reconcile such knowledge?

           Cigarettes kill hundreds of thousands every year. How do we not see the suffering in front of us. Aren’t car crashes and smoking deaths a calamity to overwhelm Katrina? Even a large earthquake?

           We may say that one set is innocent victims and the other set is aware of the risks. But what about those left behind? Families separated. People lost. Children lost. Lives utterly disrupted. It is very much the same.

           See Do deftly built his case. The world we create is a living and dynamic place. Connected to all things, our place in it is more than mere spectator. Making a better world will take participation. And your most powerful tool is there inside you.

           — continued (Next: See Do’s summation answering my question about big disasters. Please help in sharing See Do’s message.)


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