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So what lies beyond, out over the horizon of this reality? Is there another reality? According to See Do, no. There is nothing -- nothing that we could perceive or comprehend. No Time. No Space. No nothing. And there is no void either. This reality is what we've got to work with. And there is work to do.

           We’ve heard my Spirit Guide, See Do’s, explanations of so many things. We’ve seen how we can contemplate reality in all of its myriad complexities. We’ve seen how we can expand our mind to try and conceptualize the non-dual nature of all of reality. We’ve seen how we can unfetter our conscious-self of so many self-imposed limitations to embrace a real and intimate contact with our inner spiritual existence. We’ve seen how we can unite with our soul-spirit to express deeper truths and passions. We’ve seen how we can move the reality we paint before us.

            But what lies behind this perceptual web we weave? What lies behind our now?

            I asked See Do and the answer was: nothing. There is nothing there that we could perceive or understand.

           He brought me far – up from being conceptually locked into the flow of Time – up to see the illusion of our temporal reality – to being able to conceptualize the one thing – up to the idea of True Being and the purpose of life. But at the idea of moving beyond, he stopped. He said that our existence within the reality he has described makes it impossible for us to even conceive of what may lie beyond.

           From our frame of understanding it is simply nothing. And it’s not blank empty space, not void. Remember, there is no Time, no Space. These ideas are illusions of our temporal perceptions.

           There is no “outside” or “beyond.” There is no “behind” either. There is no “bigger” or “smaller.”

           Left without the concepts of Space and Time, our minds can find no quarter. I don’t know if there is some still greater truth in the “nothing” answer that I can’t yet unravel, or if See Do could not yet find a way to explain it in a way that I could handle. Remember how hard I worked to try and understand even the barest terrestrial complexities of our temporal-reality-based science. And he always reminded me that this was the simple stuff.

           Nothing. I’ll definitely work on that some more.

           So where did See Do come from? Nothing? Does he have an “existence” in another realm? These are questions I haven’t yet been able to ask.

           Thanks for coming this far. There is one more topic. You may want to come back.

          –continued  (Next: I did ask about death and dying.)


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