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This is a true story.

The content of this site is a chronicle of the experiences of my contact with my spirit guide, See Do. It is told exactly as it happened several years ago.

The chronicle goes 72 chapters, with the last chapter presenting an outline of the sections of content for easy reference.

It has been almost eight years since See Do first spoke to me, and until these postings I shared the information with only a few close friends. Here I am compelled to share it with a wider audience.

This is not a pitch nor am I proselytizing. I am recounting events. Importantly, I have no desire to offend anyone nor to attack any religion or belief. If the reader finds anything here offensive or threatening in any way, please know that nothing of the sort has ever been my intention.

My hope is that you find something here that will help you. And that this might make a positive difference in even one person’s spiritual quest. As it has for me.

Important disclaimer:

The views expressed on this site are those of the author alone, and do not represent the views of any other person, organization or company. I am speaking for myself and not on behalf of any other organization or entity.

How to read the chronicle:

It’s my recommendation that starting with the beginning and reading through in chronological order is the best way to understand the chronicle’s content. That way you’ll best understand the background and context.

About the people in the chronicle:

With the exception of Susan’s first name, I have indicated all the people in the chronicle with a single letter. Susan has given me permission to use her name, but as of yet, I haven’t asked the others.

No apologies:

You may find that some things here seem “out there,” odd or even silly. Some may seem profound. I make no apologies for myself. I am not a saint nor am I a scholar. I am just a man who has had an extraordinary experience and who wants to share it.

The photos:

Unless otherwise credited, all photography is the work of the author.