Here are a few resources I find helpful. And a few I find essential. In no particular order:


“Love Poems From God: Twelve Sacred Voices from the East and West”

  • By (various), translated by Daniel Ladinsky, Penguin Compass, 2002
  • Beautiful, beautiful poetry. These new translations are wonderful. I have to agree with my friend Susan, that this is the one book that everyone should own

“The Enlightened Mind. An Anthology of Sacred Prose”

  • Edited by Stephen Mitchell, HarperPerennial, 1991
  • A wealth of wisdom. A fantastic collection of wisdom from the greatest spiritual teachers and religious resources. I recommend reading it through in chronological order

“The Enlightened Heart. An Anthology of Sacred Poetry”

  • Edited by Stephen Mitchell, HarperPerennial, 1989
  • A brilliant collection of poetry from the greatest spiritual writers. A great introduction to many great voices

“Risking Everything. 110 Peoms of Love and Revelation”

  • By (various), Edited by Roger Housden, Harmony Books, 2003
  • I believe this is the best of the series from Roger Housden. Very positive, uplifting and encouraging. Get two as you’ll want someone you love to have one too.

“365 Tao. Daily Meditations”

  • By Deng Ming-Dao, Harper San Francisco, 1992
  • I have been reading from this book almost daily for more than a decade. My copy may be falling apart, but these words never get old. Each time around, they never fail to bring me a new perspective

“Tao Te Ching”

  • Translated by Stephen Mitchell, Harper & Row Publishers, 1988
  • There are many version of this great work. I find Stephen Mitchell’s translation the easiest to hold in my hand and in my heart. It is such simple wisdom

“Poemandres, The Shepard of Men”

 “Czeslaw Milosz. The Collected Poems 1931-1987”

  • By Czeslaw Milosz, HarperCollinsPublishers, 1988
  • Amazing writing. I once said “If all that was left of our human existence was this book floating through space, you know, I think that’d be okay.” He definitely speaks to me. And he has an interesting sense of resonating past lives

 “The Religions of the World, Eleventh Edition”

  • By Lewis M. Hopfe and Mark R. Woodward, Vango Books, 2009
  • A very clear and in-depth walk through the great religions. Very well organized and easy to absorb

“QED. The Strange Theory of Light and Matter”

  • By Richard P. Feynman, Princeton University Press, 1985
  • Real science to expand you mind. If you find the reality See Do explains just too complex to be plausible; try this as a warm up. The world around you is in fact infinitely complex. It is eye-opening

“The User Illusion. Cutting Consciousness Down to Size”

  • By Tor Norretranders, English translation first published by Viking Penguin, 1998
  • A brilliant journey that starts with Maxwell’s equations and ends with human consciousness. Take the time, it’s worth it