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Reality is art. Everywhere there is something beautiful. Begin to see the beauty all around. Slow down. Change your perspective. Your world is speaking to you. Please be an appreciative audience.

           What is art? I didn’t ask See Do this. Perhaps I should have.

            Wikipedia’s article begins with “Art is the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses or the emotions.” I might add “–and to the spirit.”

  begins with “1. the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.”

            I think you see where this is going. We are each painting or creating this right now, complete with a sense of uniform time passage and panoply of perfectly integrated memories. It is driven from within each of us by our spirit energy. This energy flows out of us through the resonant energies of the conscious-self to form reflected stimuli that flow back through our perceptual keyhole to be re-integrated into a cohesive view that becomes our immediate temporal reality.

            But it is impossible to deny, there is something inside us, inside every one of us – even the least spiritually connected – that wants it to be good. There is something that wants it to be in tune with a (perhaps a very personal) idea of what is appealing, attractive, even beautiful. We wish for it and respond positively when we find it.

            Inside each of us is our spirit-truth. This truth, this essence, is the force which strives to paint the world in a fuller glory. Between palette and canvas is your conscious-self. And it is a two-way street. As your inner energies flow out, they are refracted through the lens of your conscious-self’s resonant energy. There may be many internal obstacles, pre-conceived notions, wrong-headed ideas, self-limitations and unforgiven self-admonitions that bend the inner truth into a less than beautiful vision of now.

            And as you receive the reflected stimuli back into your conscious world view, there may be many miss-applied interpretations, prejudices and stereotyped and pre-packaged bad definitions that create an interpretation of reality that takes it even further from beautiful.

            The spirit of truth inside you wants to paint a world that is beautiful. It throws out its infinite energies for you to perceive. All around you is an infinite display of your own soul’s doing. No matter your outlook, the spirit will find a way to slip in some beauty for you.

           Look at the world. There is something beautiful to see, to smell, to taste, to touch, to hear. You may have to look for it. You may have to change your style of looking. You will need to dispense with all automatic negative judgement and prejudice.

           You will need to begin again, like a child, to see the world as an infinitely unfolding work of art. What did it say? “…a quality…of expression…that is of more than ordinary significance.”

           Look at the world you are in. Look at your right now. And know that this moment is of much more than ordinary significance. And this moment. And this.

           The reality you are in is an expression of truth and it is trying to speak to you. It is built on a framework of spiritual beauty. It carries a message from within your spirit. Try and see it. Try and hear it. This vast work of art is for you alone. This perspective you enjoy belongs to no one else. No one sees exactly what you see. This unique set of perceptual stimuli are for you. They form a special, significant message addressed to you alone.

           By any definition, it is art. You now must try and learn to appreciate its beauty, its message, its implication.

           Take a step closer to understanding your own truth, your own passion. Your canvas awaits.

           –continued  (Next: We look at our power to create our own reality artwork.)



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In True Being you will see the world in all its incredible and beautiful complexity. And you will freely act to bring your true passions out into the world. This is the beginning. The simplest instruction. See. Do. This is how you will unlock all of the secrets you thought were kept from you.

In True Being you will see the world in all its incredible and complex beauty. And you will freely act to bring your true passions out into the world. This is the beginning. The simplest instruction. See. Do. This is how you will unlock all of the secrets you thought were kept from you.

           As my Spirit Guide, See Do, continued he explained that the other pat of ‘True” in True Being is the responsibility to yourself and to the world. To yourself you will be being True. You will be feeling Love that you can only feel for your highest sense of being. You will know yourself as the person who you can most admire. You will see yourself as a complete and whole being. Everything in you will be understood and accepted. All pasts will be acknowledged, praised or forgiven. And you will see yourself as being fully forgiving of everything that has happened outside of you.

            You will be completely capable of extending this forgiving spirit out from just forgiving those past transgressions and bringing it fully into the present.

           Here you will be able to entangle True Being with your real-temporal-time view of the world to be a complete and forgiving spirit here in the present. You will be able to see out into the world and make a real-time connection with yourself as you instantly resonate through everything and everyone around you. You will live in the understanding that you are in everything and that everything shines into you. And out of you. You will feel the True affinity for the whole of the universe as you present it to you now. And now. And now.

           This effect can be astonishing. You can almost feel naked. And you can feel you are walking around with x-ray vision. You can reach a state of compassion that can be both overwhelming and disarming. You can see into people and have a sense of one-ness. You can feel a sense of understanding and appreciation of the complexity of another’s life. And of having compassion for another’s myriad decisions that have gotten them to where they are in this same instant.

           The sense of Truth in this True Being is also in the sense of knowing your True self. Of knowing and acknowledging and accepting those things inside you that you must bring out. Those passions and affinities that are locked inside that you can now open up. These are the energies that will now flow through you. These are the antennae to the soul of the universe that you can raise and receive through. You will present your passions to the universe and the universe will write its wisdom through you. This is your ultimate tool in True Being. This is the pathway, or pathways, that you can most easily open up.

           You will be the conduit to the amazing. Through your passion you will receive and transmit out into the world around you the resonance of the living soul of the world.

           You are connected. There is only one. Through True Being you can complete the circuit and receive the energy to glow as you may have never imagined. And the path is clearly marked.

           You must see yourself completely. You must feel the Love within yourself for that highest being that you are within. You must bring that being out to be the actual you in the here and now.

           Making that happen may be easy. It may be hard. You will have to uncover any hidden or buried places in your soul that have been put aside and carried around as smoldering dead weight. You will find them and forgive. You will see every event in your life as merely a truth. Not a punishment or reward, those ideas will have been set aside. You will be free now. You will know yourself. And you will now Love yourself fully. And you will openly express that Love in your glowing out into the world.

           You will be hard to miss.

           And you will see the world before you and you will take it in as the beautiful and incredible place that it is. You will see what is before you and you will act to bring your passions inside of you out into this world. This is the beginning. This is the simplest instruction. See. Do. This is how you will find the world to be what it is. This is how you will unlock all the secrets that you thought were kept from you.

           It will take time. Yes, here in this temporal reality, you will have to be a little patient. You will need to try and reach True Being moment by moment. It may come to you in a flash, it may come in layers that build more powerfully. But if you take care to keep yourself True, it will come. Then you will find an amazing world ready to open to you. All the questions you had will start to appear before you as answers. You won’t even have to ask. The expression of everything that will be flowing through you will play out through you and will answer every question you pose.

           This is True Being. True Knowing. True Loving. True Seeing. True Doing. It is all the same thing and impossible without all the others. Take one step down the path. And know that you are not alone.

           — continued (Next: See Do sends me on an exploration of the deep complexity of the reality around us.)