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Every living thing is mortal. What happens when our own flesh-and-blood biological entity that supports our here-and-now consciousness ceases to function? See Do's answer may amaze you. And I'm coming to see that it all makes perfect sense.

          I saved this for near the end. It is a question that has haunted mankind since that first sentient being reached the realization that as we exist in the here and now we are all mortal. So what about death? What happens to us? Is there an afterlife? Where do we go?

               My Spirit Guide, See Do, explained to me that when our flesh and blood existence ends, when the biological entity that supports our conscious-self-perceptual-engine ceases to function and we can no longer perceive nor integrate perceptions into a temporal reality construct, our resonant self dissipates throughout the soul-fabric of the one thing.

               The resonance of ideas, beliefs, understanding, emotion, morality, character, memory, desire and dreams that make up our inner identity and self – combined with all that resonates from deep inside our soul-spirit being dissolves and disperses across the myriad soul-points out across the soul-fabric of the one thing.

               These resonant energies will find sympathetic harmonies with spirits that share similar resonance. You may be able to “feel” the presence around you of one who has passed away. And your feeling may be correct. Their energies may, in fact, find harmony with your energies, and in a sense, they will be there.

               Many of the ideas of reincarnation can be reconciled in this way. You may feel strongly that you have lived a past life. You may even do a past-life regression(as I have) and be able to see details of another existence. This is possible, if you can align your energies with the resonance of energies of a “departed,” or dispersed, soul. The information of their entire existence is there, spread throughout the one thing. And remember, it isn’t far. The one thing and the soul-fabric have no size, as they exist outside Space and Time.

               So with work, all soul energies are there and to a lesser or greater extent available. And that includes all past, future and present energies.

               Ghosts may appear to some. If your energies are particularly confused or stressed and you come into resonance with other such soul resonance, you may be able to feel these spirits. It can be troubling. An image may even manifest in your conscious perception if you are so aligned. Or they may contact you.

               So what of the limits of the spirit across lives, even across Time? All spirit energies are one. There is only one thing. From a reincarnation perspective, there is resonance of all of us in all of us. You can align with some of every spirit, living and dead. I guess it would even be a fair interpretation to say you have “been” all souls, as the resonance is as available to your spirit as if you had. From a functional perspective, there would be no difference.

               Can your spirit’s essence return to temporal reality, as in a new soul? Again, if the alignment is complete, there would be no discernible difference. Resonance is resonance. And it is all occurring and ringing through the one spirit-fabric. Right now.

               But to truly experience the presence of these energies to the point of actually remembering a whole past life would require reaching an alignment of such fidelity that one’s own here and now identity could be compromised. The biological framework of your perceiving conscious-self is not really equipped for doing this with any success.  

               What about life after death? And what about Heaven and Hell?

               As a dispersed spirit, our energies can move through the whole of imagined or painted existence. Our spirit will be free to inhabit all of temporal reality, across all perceived Time and Space. And all at once. Will this be Heaven or Hell? Will our ultimate uniting oneness be joyous or painful? Where will our resonant energies take us? Where will we find ourselves?

               We’ll just have to see.

               –continued  (Next: The last chapter. It all becomes clear.)