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The See Do Instruction Manual

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Open and enter. Peel back the petals and learn. It is so simple to touch the truths the world presents. But even the greatest scholar will accept this lesson: there is a proper order to things.

I see many are reading the story of See Do. Thank you and I hope you find something here to help you on your journey.

Since the manuscript is currently in blog form, it may be tempting to read what appears and then scroll down to the previous entry. Unfortunately, that would mean reading it in reverse order. It would be something like teaching a beginning math pupil, but starting with calculus. I hope you’ll agree that’s not really the best way to go.

So please, for the best experience, I hope you will start at Chapter One and read the chapters in numbered order.

To make your experience more productive and helpful, here is how the story is arranged:

How I met and came to know See Do: Chapters 1 – 7:

These first chapters tell the story of how it all started and how I came to slowly understand and deal with this new spirit presence in my life.

The early See Do sessions or dialogs: Chapters 8 – 41:

This is where the real teaching began and grew. An important and favorite sub-section here is Understanding Big Tragedies: Chapter: 34 – 39. It is followed by two chapters on True Being.

The Meditation on Mundane Reality: Chapters 42 – 53:

These chapters outline the learning that See Do sent me off to discover on my own. If you think that See Do’s ideas present a reality that is too complex and interconnected, you should read these chapters on how complex our modern science considers reality to be. I think See Do Reality may be simpler.

The explanation of See Do Reality: Chapters 54 – 72:

These chapters are the advanced teachings. It took me years to sort these chapters out and they present reality as See Do taught it to me. They may seem “a bit much” and quite implausible if not taken in order and without the context and understanding from the earlier chapters. Be patient. And please try and be open to these ideas. Like I said, it took me years to digest it.

The closing message: Chapter 73:

My final thoughts on the journey.

The SeeDoSpeaks Instruction Manual: Chapter 74:

I apologize for not outlining the work sooner.

Please enjoy the teachings of my Spirit Guide, See Do. And as always, I would love to hear from you.

Thank You.



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We are all much more closely connected than our conscious-being-ego would like us to believe. We have all felt small examples of knowing this. We’ve known someone would call and they do. We feel a person’s presence before they appear. We know when we are being viewed from behind. These are parlor tricks compared to what is really happening.

I’ve talked about how the world we perceive is one with the resonance of our inner conscious-spirit being. And I apologize for not having developed a standard nomenclature for all of these concepts. My Spirit Guide, See Do, used only the simplest of language. And he used very few formal terms.

It is my understanding that See Do’s teachings do not represent some kind of new formal belief system, but on the contrary, can accommodate almost any existing belief constructs. He was not trying to upset any apple carts. He was answering questions and clearing a path to a sense of True Being.

We are all part of one co-existing, interacting fabric of soul-spirits. Our singular point of creation-perception is not disconnected from this fabric. That is not a possibility. There is only one thing. Through each of us this one thing interacts with our soul-spirit and conscious self to paint or create the temporal reality that we perceive as our right now.

As we move through our perception, we interact with other souls projecting their own resonant views of the present. This apparently seamless intermingling can occur because the souls share the resonances that co-create this integrated view of reality.

We are all much more closely connected than our conscious-being-ego would like us to believe. We have all felt small examples of knowing this. We’ve known someone would call and they do. We feel a person’s presence before they appear. We sometimes know when we are being viewed from behind. These are parlor tricks compared to what is really happening.

Our spirits are deeply connected. Some of us are more closely and intimately “connected” than others. We share a wealth of resonance that puts us “here” in the same apparent Space and Time. The instantaneous spiritual attractions or affinities we may feel for each other are some of the more attuned spiritual resonance being picked up by our conscious being.

It is important to see how these projected-perceived realities intermingle in order to better see how our “glow” of True Being can begin to transform the world around us. The strength of a person in True Being draws the sympathetic attention of the soul-spirits they encounter. This positive energy moves through all the spirits encountered. The result is a sense of instant communication and openness.

The spirit in us will respond to the energy of a person in true internal, spirit-conscious harmony. The resonance of one in True Being moves through all who are sharing the perception of the moment. The more sensitive we become to our spirit’s energies, the more we will be able to feel these resonant energies moving around us.

As you move through a world of many beings, try to perceive more than what you see through your keyhole perceptions; try to be sensitive to the energies that your soul-spirit is seeing. And try to project your own positive energies, and your own positive vision. The world will respond.

This is where we start to actively create or “call in” the world in front of us. Clear away the obstacles. Find your inner connection to your spirit’s truths.

You may find you can unite with something much bigger than you expected.

–continued (Next: More on how you and I can see the same thing.)



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Looking at the photo, do you feel the resonance of your own being? Something from a memory? From someplace you've been? Or is it new and drawn from reflecting resonance around you right now? Or does it beckon from within? Perhaps calling you to enter this new spiritual space? Perhaps something inside you is open to beginning a journey.

My Sprit Guide, See Do, took a lot of time to explain how our internal concept of this temporal reality is built. He explained how our individual identities form out of our integrated perceptions. And how our internal conscious beings echo everything that our senses consume.

In short, we are resonance. Our conscious beings integrate a world view around a kernel of reflected truth. This truth is assembled from echoing or repeating resonance that we distill from our perceptions. This kernel anchors our self-image. We project an actualization of our self-image out into the world and it reflects back with a positive consequence – this is the start – our kernel has formed. It grows more unified and resilient by picking up resonance of events and encounters. It becomes further integrated as we continue to reflect our internal image and see ourselves as a whole and separate identity from others and from outside events and consequences.

This is your being moving through your temporal reality. You are an individual, discreet being perceiving reality from a specific perspective. Your world view puts you firmly inside you, behind the nexus of your keyhole perceptions, with everything else outside you.

But what lies at the beginning of this process of identity-forming self-integration? There is a point from which we project our world and back into which our pre-integrated perceptions funnel. It is over this point of being that we come to overlay the self. We form an identity out of the sense we make of our temporal reality and use it as the scaffolding or platform for our experience of reality. But what of the singular point we have paved over with our self-aware, eternally self-critical conscious being? What is that thing?

It is your soul.

Behind the conscious thing you think of as you, is a point, a singularity that still powers the whole show for you. The reality you perceive is brought to you, in full, through the graces of your soul’s continual efforts.

Everything you perceive is an echo of your inner alignment between your conscious being and your soul’s inner truths and passions. The world you see resonates through you constantly. At the level of the conscious you, your self-identity, you are continually receiving and integrating resonances from the world you perceive. And as a result, your self-identity grows more complete and robust. The truth is you carry some of the resonance of everything you perceive. Just think about it. It is how you came to perceive them. It is another chicken-and-egg conundrum, isn’t it?

And your soul waits in the background for you to integrate your deeper internal truths and passions into your self, into your world view, in fact into the world that you project, creating new and powerfully integrated resonances that will reflect your deepest truths and become part of you, resonating out into your perceived temporal reality.

Your soul waits for you to move into True Being – to see the power of your truest self. It is so far beyond the stumbling automaton we foist up and construct around our worldly perceptions alone.

Look inside yourself deeply. Free yourself from any long-carried self-limitations and guilt. Find your conscious-spiritual connection. Greet your soul-spirit and learn to work as one. Move into True Being.

This is where we begin to change the world. Please don’t turn away.

–continued (Next: We consider the sea of souls around us.)



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You are everything and everything is you. There simply is no inside nor outside. This photo is of an outcrop of rock that exudes great spiritual energy. There is only one energy. And it flows from within. You are your own vortex of energy. You can create a better world. Please begin.

          Non-duality. It is the way many spiritual traditions refer to the ultimate oneness of everything. In See Do reality, the idea of the ultimate oneness of everything in this existence couples with the one thing that is the ultimate truth in your spirit.

            This infinitesimal point of the one thing paints everything you perceive as the right now. This creation, this now, flows out of your spirit; in truth, is your spirit, reflecting its resonance back into your consciousness through your integrated perceptions.

            The world you perceive is a reflection of the one thing flowing out through the filter or lens of your inner resonances. Though “out” is not quite right, but may help in the conceptualization. It all happens as the one thing, in the one thing. There is no “out,” as the Space you perceive is part of the illusion of the integrated perception of temporal reality.

            Let’s take another look: The one thing appears to your consciousness as a set of perceptions projected entirely from the one thing’s energies as “translated” through the lens of your spirit/conscious being. Your perceived reality will match your inner truths in direct proportion to your conscious-spiritual alignment with your inner spirit’s higher passions and truths. As you reach True Being, you will feel and see the results of this alignment in the physical and temporal reality you perceive. As you avoid striving for True Being, you will see the randomness of a world out of alignment with your inner truths.

            The point is that everything you perceive of as outside of you is, in truth, you. There is only one thing. It all shines through you. Everything that you perceive is the reflection of that shining energy. And that energy does not fragment. It is a singular thing.

            The one thing has no limits in what it can give you to perceive. Your spirit-conscious being can create anything. Look out into the reality you perceive. There is great beauty and depth. There is a world of myriad complexity and perceived consequence. It may be harmonious and serene. It may be difficult and confusing.

            It may be hard to understand the complexity of the relationships between your reality, your spirit, your conscious being and the many other spirits you might be interacting with. You may be in a difficult place to begin your journey to True Being. Do not blame yourself for not beginning earlier. You are the energy and spirit reflecting back from everything you see. Be patient and begin.

           Move to the glow of your inner love, no matter how tiny the light. Build the flame and begin to see your spirit in alignment with your conscious self as you move to become that being who you can most completely love, admire and honor.

           It is an illusion of our temporal reality that we perceive a world outside of ourselves. There is no outside or inside. There is only one energy. It moves through us, through our spirit, through our conscious state-of-mind and into our perceptions. These perceptions create a world-view of Space and Time. We perceive a whole reality moving through a flow of Time. We remember a past that integrates with our perceptions(or is it vice-a-versa?). But it all has one source. And it all returns to one source.

           We are taught that our powers are small, that our energies are weak, our voice tiny. Look into yourself and see that this is not true. You are everything. You are the one thing. Begin to see your True Being. And begin to see the one thing in the eyes of souls around you. It is there.

           Behind this veil of tears that is our temporal reality, we are waiting for you. Come find us. There is work to do.

           –continued  (Next: We explore the resonances we are made of.)



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In a flash of perception you will see that your world flows from within. You will be riding the wave of creative energy that paints the fantastic tapestry we call temporal reality.

           According to the lessons I received from my Spirit Guide, See Do, the world around us resonates from within us. According to See Do, the world we perceive is an expression of the “one thing” painting out through the brush of our spirit. “Our” spirit being the collective spirit of every soul in this world.

            The individual spirit or soul within us may be in contact with, or in tune with, our conscious sense of self to a greater or lesser degree. When we come to embrace a sense of our inner spirit, and to develop the line of contact, we can begin to understand our place in the existence of this world that we perceive.

            With work, we can clear away the internal obstacles that hold us apart from our creative spirit. With work we can truly become one with this spirit and begin to manifest our True Being in the world. We can forgive ourselves all past transgressions great and small and come to truly love our own being. We can come to be that being that we can most love and honor. We can see our love flowing out into the world and we can see like and loving spirits attracted to our glow.

            It may be easy. Or it may take time. But along the way you will start to see the walls begin to break down between what is inside you and what you may currently perceive as outside you. As your deeper conscious self comes into synchrony with your inner spirit, you will begin to see the resonances within you appearing in the outer world that you perceive.

            You may feel a harmony with the world, with life and with other spirits. At first, it may be fleeting, seen only in short glimpses. You will come to see that you and every soul around you are all part of the same expression. This should give rise to a great sense of compassion. And initially all of this may be difficult to hold on to. But try and build around the state of True Being within you.

            In a flash of perception, you will see that your world flows from within. From within the “one thing” that is inside of you – that is inside all of us. In this state you will be riding atop the wave of creative energy that gives you this fantastic tapestry of perception and memory that we call temporal reality. In this moment, you will perceive the fresh, new resonance of each perfect, jewel moment of time like you are experiencing it all for the very first time. And you will feel the most intimate of connections between those external perceptions and the resonance of your inner spirit.

            Everything seems new, like you’ve never walked outside before, never smelled the air, never heard the city’s sounds. This is perfect perception of the now. And it is as close as you can get to oneness with the world. It is as close as you can get to the true resonance of all things.

            Here is the true beauty of your instruments of perception and conscious awareness. You are able to perceive and construct a world of incredible detail and interlocking beauty. There are patterns and echoes of patterns that allow your consciousness to construct and hold a whole and complete world-view, a reality that is dazzling. Opening your perceptions and aligning your spirit with the resonances around you can be overwhelming.

           The complexity of each moment and its perfection is hard to conceive of. There may be times when you’ll want to back away. But come back. Please rise to the occasion. You will be starting to master this small tool of ours – our spirit’s ability to glow out and be one with the resonances and energies of what we perceive.

           It is all coming out of you after all.

           There is only one thing. You will come to nod at the thought, as you now feel your presence out in the world right at the moment of perception. You will feel that you are there, just in front of your physical self, almost but not quite, predicting what you are seeing, hearing, feeling. You will be riding the wave of creativity that pours out of the one thing through you – straight into your perceptions of what we call this temporal reality.

           Try and stay on that wave. I promise you will love the ride.

           –continued  (Next: How can we see it all being created?)