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The See Do Instruction Manual

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Open and enter. Peel back the petals and learn. It is so simple to touch the truths the world presents. But even the greatest scholar will accept this lesson: there is a proper order to things.

I see many are reading the story of See Do. Thank you and I hope you find something here to help you on your journey.

Since the manuscript is currently in blog form, it may be tempting to read what appears and then scroll down to the previous entry. Unfortunately, that would mean reading it in reverse order. It would be something like teaching a beginning math pupil, but starting with calculus. I hope you’ll agree that’s not really the best way to go.

So please, for the best experience, I hope you will start at Chapter One and read the chapters in numbered order.

To make your experience more productive and helpful, here is how the story is arranged:

How I met and came to know See Do: Chapters 1 – 7:

These first chapters tell the story of how it all started and how I came to slowly understand and deal with this new spirit presence in my life.

The early See Do sessions or dialogs: Chapters 8 – 41:

This is where the real teaching began and grew. An important and favorite sub-section here is Understanding Big Tragedies: Chapter: 34 – 39. It is followed by two chapters on True Being.

The Meditation on Mundane Reality: Chapters 42 – 53:

These chapters outline the learning that See Do sent me off to discover on my own. If you think that See Do’s ideas present a reality that is too complex and interconnected, you should read these chapters on how complex our modern science considers reality to be. I think See Do Reality may be simpler.

The explanation of See Do Reality: Chapters 54 – 72:

These chapters are the advanced teachings. It took me years to sort these chapters out and they present reality as See Do taught it to me. They may seem “a bit much” and quite implausible if not taken in order and without the context and understanding from the earlier chapters. Be patient. And please try and be open to these ideas. Like I said, it took me years to digest it.

The closing message: Chapter 73:

My final thoughts on the journey.

The SeeDoSpeaks Instruction Manual: Chapter 74:

I apologize for not outlining the work sooner.

Please enjoy the teachings of my Spirit Guide, See Do. And as always, I would love to hear from you.

Thank You.



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In a flash of perception you will see that your world flows from within. You will be riding the wave of creative energy that paints the fantastic tapestry we call temporal reality.

           According to the lessons I received from my Spirit Guide, See Do, the world around us resonates from within us. According to See Do, the world we perceive is an expression of the “one thing” painting out through the brush of our spirit. “Our” spirit being the collective spirit of every soul in this world.

            The individual spirit or soul within us may be in contact with, or in tune with, our conscious sense of self to a greater or lesser degree. When we come to embrace a sense of our inner spirit, and to develop the line of contact, we can begin to understand our place in the existence of this world that we perceive.

            With work, we can clear away the internal obstacles that hold us apart from our creative spirit. With work we can truly become one with this spirit and begin to manifest our True Being in the world. We can forgive ourselves all past transgressions great and small and come to truly love our own being. We can come to be that being that we can most love and honor. We can see our love flowing out into the world and we can see like and loving spirits attracted to our glow.

            It may be easy. Or it may take time. But along the way you will start to see the walls begin to break down between what is inside you and what you may currently perceive as outside you. As your deeper conscious self comes into synchrony with your inner spirit, you will begin to see the resonances within you appearing in the outer world that you perceive.

            You may feel a harmony with the world, with life and with other spirits. At first, it may be fleeting, seen only in short glimpses. You will come to see that you and every soul around you are all part of the same expression. This should give rise to a great sense of compassion. And initially all of this may be difficult to hold on to. But try and build around the state of True Being within you.

            In a flash of perception, you will see that your world flows from within. From within the “one thing” that is inside of you – that is inside all of us. In this state you will be riding atop the wave of creative energy that gives you this fantastic tapestry of perception and memory that we call temporal reality. In this moment, you will perceive the fresh, new resonance of each perfect, jewel moment of time like you are experiencing it all for the very first time. And you will feel the most intimate of connections between those external perceptions and the resonance of your inner spirit.

            Everything seems new, like you’ve never walked outside before, never smelled the air, never heard the city’s sounds. This is perfect perception of the now. And it is as close as you can get to oneness with the world. It is as close as you can get to the true resonance of all things.

            Here is the true beauty of your instruments of perception and conscious awareness. You are able to perceive and construct a world of incredible detail and interlocking beauty. There are patterns and echoes of patterns that allow your consciousness to construct and hold a whole and complete world-view, a reality that is dazzling. Opening your perceptions and aligning your spirit with the resonances around you can be overwhelming.

           The complexity of each moment and its perfection is hard to conceive of. There may be times when you’ll want to back away. But come back. Please rise to the occasion. You will be starting to master this small tool of ours – our spirit’s ability to glow out and be one with the resonances and energies of what we perceive.

           It is all coming out of you after all.

           There is only one thing. You will come to nod at the thought, as you now feel your presence out in the world right at the moment of perception. You will feel that you are there, just in front of your physical self, almost but not quite, predicting what you are seeing, hearing, feeling. You will be riding the wave of creativity that pours out of the one thing through you – straight into your perceptions of what we call this temporal reality.

           Try and stay on that wave. I promise you will love the ride.

           –continued  (Next: How can we see it all being created?)



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What creature dared spend its energies on this tiny and beautiful work of art? And on the bottom of the sea? (for scale, the background ripples are my fingerprint pressed in clay) We each grow more fingernail each day than all the substance of this creature's entire existance. Do you see the message? It is time to participate in life! See? Do!

What creature dared spend its energies on this tiny and beautiful work of art? And at the bottom of the sea? (for scale, the background is my fingerprint pressed in clay) You will grow more fingernail today than all the substance of this creature's entire existance. Do you see the message? It is time to participate in making a better world! See? Do!

          My Spirit Guide, See Do, also talked that night about life and the worlds within. How this energy of life is always in motion within us and within all the creatures of the planet. He talked about disease and health and the responsibility to be healthy. To eat and live in ways to prolong life and resist disease. To find peace and to live in a certain harmony with everything around you. And with everything within us.

           He said our energies should become full of life and love. They should be steady and clearly glowing. That nothing is better for the health of our life force within.

           He said that in the life of the planet, that disease can take hold and move. That many can die. He said we should be ready and able to resist. We should be aware of our health and be living in health.

           Everything we do can contribute to what effect these life-movements of the planet can have. Against this infinitely interconnected system we are small and we must be prepared for larger events driven by these forces.

           These events and their consequences are all part of living inside this dynamic system of this temporal reality. There are complex forces, large and small, unfolding and refolding. Forces that drive events, with great consequences.

           We create our world and it moves around us and through us. We narrowly focus our energies on the tumbling mists in front of us. We try and make out shapes and assemble a life for ourselves. But the greater world is also of our making. It moves on energies that we put in motion. And it moves with force and conviction, with power that interacts and sways everything in our reach. It all comes to us and through us.

           The mistake we make it to sit and watch. We can move our energies to create a new resonance of humanity to save each other from suffering.

           Here is the new message: Life is not just for our entertainment. It is for our participation. And it is the ordinary as much as the masses that we are responsible to.

           And it must start with our own individual ordinary life.

           We must take what we have and act according to what we see. Inside ourselves and outside. We operate from inside an illusory construct that paints our temporal reality on a mono-dimensional canvas of Time. Our senses are narrow and mostly limited to measuring environmental contrast, with the exception of color and temperature. But the purpose of life is clear: Using a small tool, we must build a great castle.

           You can reach out with a simple idea of what you want and it can come to you. But only if you are freely loving the being within you. If you are honoring your highest ideals and moving to honor your inner passions.  We can build with each other, but only with each other, a greater reality to our wishes. A greater reality to a greater good. We now have to create and build a resonance to rock the planet. A combined humanity can stop any suffering.

           On our own we can help a few. And mostly after the fact. And we must see farther. We must look as one into the maelstrom of energies and create a resonance to bouy us all. It will take time, but every new hope is a new joy. And when your inner source is true and loving, this new joy instantly fans out into the consciousness between us.

           But let us look at what is happening in the aftermath of a disaster like hurricane Katrina. The number of lives lost was more than eighteen hundred. With over seven hundred missing. People dislocated. Families separated. People lost. Lives utterly disrupted. But look inside and take note of what moves the emotional outpouring. Why do we see the number as significant? Why is suffering invisible until is reaches some imaginary critical mass? These events happen all around us.

           All around us the numbers of humanity intersect. What can we make of them? How can we not feel confused and helpless? Where can our energies go?

           After Katrina, fuel prices rose toward 4 dollars a gallon. People began driving less. If people drive just ten percent less, that could mean that ten percent fewer people may be killed in auto accidents. That would be over four thousand people in one year. Saved. How do we reconcile such knowledge?

           Cigarettes kill hundreds of thousands every year. How do we not see the suffering in front of us. Aren’t car crashes and smoking deaths a calamity to overwhelm Katrina? Even a large earthquake?

           We may say that one set is innocent victims and the other set is aware of the risks. But what about those left behind? Families separated. People lost. Children lost. Lives utterly disrupted. It is very much the same.

           See Do deftly built his case. The world we create is a living and dynamic place. Connected to all things, our place in it is more than mere spectator. Making a better world will take participation. And your most powerful tool is there inside you.

           — continued (Next: See Do’s summation answering my question about big disasters. Please help in sharing See Do’s message.)



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Heat moves the air around us. Some species depend on the air's movement for their very existance. We see the consequences of a beautiful planet's atmosphere regaining its balance.

The invisible air moves around us. Some species depend on the air's caprice for their continued existance. Carried on the wind, a grain of pollen finds its pistil. And the wonderfully complex fabric of life goes on.

           Still in the same session, my spirit guide See Do explained how the paradise we have created here is a beautiful and dynamic place. We are aware of our existence because we interact with our biological, temporal system that senses this world around us. And within us. This paradise is a deeply dynamic system that is unfolding and regenerating through great and complex processes right before our eyes every day.

            Understanding and appreciating and respecting this infinitely intertwined world is a big part of finding our way here. Seemingly random events are part of this great and complex world. Everything is connected. It all works precisely. Nothing misses a beat. Everything is this one thing unfolding itself, reflecting its inner energies, extending resonance. There are forces damping and forces amplifying. Everything reflects and exchanges energies as microcosm and macrocosm.

            But we must also remember that from within our individual biological perspectives we are small. Even collectively, the human race runs like a hoard of ants among the giant forces that wax and wane around us. As things resonate they can take on great power. Events can overwhelm our tiny temporal forms. These are not random acts. And all the movements are precise.

            We are born into it with little. We learn and grow and reach out to it. With questions and contact we try and understand. And we all will face death from an apparently unique perspective inside one, single individual human construct.

            As we live, this is happening and playing out all around us.

            And our Earth is an exquisitely beautiful thing. And even among earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes and disease it is an amazingly stable, comfortable and even, yes, a quite and utterly lovely place. Life can grow and prosper here. We can gain sustenance from the natural world with simple efforts. We can share our love. We can raise families and we can ponder the truth.

            But the system we live in is alive too and is constantly regenerating itself and rebalancing against the movements of the energies enveloping us. This is the most wonderful secret of the planet. It is alive at every level. Even deep within it generates an enormous scope of energy that we are all subject to.

            The air around us carries every kind of energy. We breathe in and get oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Simple elemental and deeply ancient chemistry with great transformative powers. Our internal life system makes use of many elements in ways worth appreciating. The oxygen cycle alone is a master stroke of turning an apparently  dangerous and corrosive substance into the very engine of life.

            But the air carries other things that make the planet work and unfold in infinite beauty. Massive quantities of water are moved over continents with no obvious effort. Over mountain ranges and oceans. Perfectly purified, fresh water comes right out of the air over our heads to nourish the land.

            Imagine if Mankind were challenged to lift his meager tools to accomplish the same task. Imagine the titanic effort it would take to duplicate the work done by a single thunder storm. Imagine the challenge. The comedy. But this system that we ignore all around us does it without apparent effort or complaint.

            And the trees and plants of every color and variety depend on the movement of air to carry their very seed. A generation can not pass without the pollen on the breeze. The process is perfect, complex and complete. What an amazing information hiway to see. A grain of pollen, quite invisible to our eyes, even when blown in masses of tens of thousand, we see just a faint mist. Each tiny grain carrying the distilled and collated information from a billion year struggle. And the air takes it to a new pistil. An act of procreation so perfectly exquisite as to demand tears.

            And birds in flight moving through this liquid of their infinite love. To move. To raise themselves into the atmosphere and be carried to the place they must find. To be with their mate. To carry out their responsibility to carry forward the perfectly dazzling and wonderful information of life from their subtle perspective. It is there on the air. They are there on the wing right now. And they will make their appointments across thousands of miles. Across thousands of generations.

            And of course insects and bugs and everything moving past us. The air is the spider’s waiter, bringing today’s special.

            See Do went through these things in great and varied detail, even reviewing and repeating areas through the night. He explained the infinitely complex fabric of our planet and our intimate relationship to every element. And he explained how it is all one creation. One interacting system. There is only one thing. One infinitely entangled point of energy expressing its message.

            — continued (Part III, big hurricanes and the responsibility of knowing, seeing.)