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Prepare for the burst. As you reach your state of True Being you will feel a burst of creative energy. Your glow will shine back from all around you. You may be surprised at what good and beautiful things appear before you. I'll bet you didn't know you had it in you. But look there; you do.

My Spirit Guide, See Do, explained to me the ultimate power behind our small tool. Early on, in Chapter 20, he explained that the purpose of life is “to work with a small tool to build a great castle.” The small tool is our spirit-conscious-self connection. The great castle is a co-perceived, living world of harmony and justice.

And we will get there by painting. And sculpting. Creating our world. You see, that’s what we are doing anyway and all the time. As we live, or perceive our living, along this continuous arrow of Time, we are all, each and every one of us, painting or creating the temporal reality we are experiencing.

It flows out of our being and onto the vast canvas of our integrated perceptions. And we are all and each of us – the artist.

There is only one thing. There is only one spirit fabric. All of us are connected. And an energy of great truth runs through us, just behind our individual conscious-self. Our inner self, our inner being, needs only to connect with our individual point on the spirit fabric that is our soul. Once we can dispense with all the negative self-ideas, the false limitations, the untruths, the prejudices, the painful self-guilt and admonitions, we can reach out and make the connection that is waiting within each of us.

We can see our own inner truth. We can find our ideals and passions and reach across the divide and fully embrace them within our conscious-self. We can integrate the conscious-self with the spirit-soul. We can live in the glow of our inner spiritual truth and passion. We can live in True Being.

Then we can paint.

With the glow of True Being we can see our glow move out into the world. Others will feel it and respond. The world can seem to come to you. As the self-soul integrated artist painting your world, you can feel like you are right at the edge of creation, at the edge of now, feeling it come into being off the tip of your brush.

You may want to laugh in response to the new beauty you are coming to appreciate. The world will seem new. Every stimulus will be fresh and new and speaking to you. And speaking truth. What better response than laughter?

But this is just the beginning.

Now you will want to ask for a specific gift or presence or action within your world. From your immediate now, living in True Being, there is no reason to be afraid. Ask your spirit, your soul, the whole spirit fabric, the one thing. Ask for what you most desire in truth. Ask from within True Being, from within the truth of your spirit. Call it in.

You will be surprised at the answer. If you have found True Being, it will come.

Here is the true power of the artist to create a thing of beauty, a thing of “more than ordinary significance.” Here is the power of True Being. Here is the ability to affect events. To see a better world unfold to your deepest desires.

Your soul, in alignment with your conscious-self, has the ability to do many things, great and small. Here is the small tool. And with it, you can begin to build the great castle.

You are the artist. You have the full palette and creative energy inside you to create great things. The world is waiting for you to bring it forward.

You have the truth within you. Paint it on the world.

–continued (Next: So what lies beyond, outside this temporal reality?)



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No one would compare the effect of looking at a photo to viewing the same scene while part of a focused crowd of thousands, would they? Funny how that is.

           You and I can sit in a room and we will completely agree on what we are seeing or perceiving. From the See Do perspective of the individually and instantaneously projected-perceived temporal reality, how is this possible? I won’t give you the answer I got, which was to start at the beginning – “Time does not exist.” I’ll cut to the chase.

            Multiple souls co-create the same apparent reality because they are sharing the same resonant energies. This reflects the closeness of their resonant connection. It is another chicken-and-egg conundrum, I’m afraid.

            Multiple people in the same apparent Space and Time perceive exactly the same reality because their spirit energies are very closely intermingled. It’s sort of why they have come to be sharing the same Space.

            It is tempting to start again. Time does not exist. Our perceptions intermingle and seamlessly integrate into one cohesive view of a now. It happens constantly. As multiple beings perceive the same moment they perfectly share the outward resonances. If one spirit attempted to project something different, it would not be part of “this” moment. It wouldn’t interrupt the fabric of the co-perceived reality. It simple would not be part of “this” moment. It wouldn’t exist “here.”

            Try and notice how when you are with numerous other people, there is a slightly greater richness to your perceptions than if you were in the same space alone. This is the cross-talk of perceptions and resonant energies of the singular soul-spirit fabric I mentioned earlier. Notice how this sense is further heightened when everyone present is focusing their attention on the same thing. Think about a sporting event, perhaps a hockey game, and how contagious the energy is.

            We are social creatures. We respond to being in the presence of other people. At the heart of this innate response is the sharing of our resonant energies and the co-viewing of the moment that is happening at the spirit-fabric level. It feels good to share.

            It also feels good to share experiences, to reminisce, to kibitz. We draw everything from our resonant energies. We project a world that reflects everything within us. It integrates smoothly with memory, knowledge and our perceived flow of Time. Co-creating the experience with another enlivens our experience, both at the temporal-conscious level and at the deeper spiritual level.

            But this world we create can also present challenges that are likewise drawn from inner resonance and from the inner resonance of those around us. Herein lies perhaps the greatest puzzle: why are we given to this exact moment? What is the lesson behind life’s great challenges? Why are we given to experience some of this world’s pain? To see innocent suffering?

            The energies around us are complex and ever-moving. The light of our individual spirit is but one small lamp shining through a vast haze of existence. If we are not in touch with our own spiritual truth, how can we expect our glow to penetrate the fog?

            There are many other energies around us. If we are out of touch with our own, we are prey to random resonance of spirit energies stronger and more focused than ours. We can feel and reflect resonance that moves through us from sources not entirely of our making. The world can appear random.

            But if we align our being and begin to spread our glow and draw co-resonant souls to the same positive light, we can then begin to shine with a light that can spread far. We can come to see a world that is in harmony with our being. Our energies can have a positive effect.         

           They must.

            It starts inside your individual spirit. Make the connection. Touch the singular fabric you are already part of. Spread a positive light.

            We exist here in this same apparent reality for a reason. To find each other. To form the connections. To spread our light.

            Start within.

            –continued  (Next: What is art? What is reality? Is there a difference?)