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The See Do Instruction Manual

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Open and enter. Peel back the petals and learn. It is so simple to touch the truths the world presents. But even the greatest scholar will accept this lesson: there is a proper order to things.

I see many are reading the story of See Do. Thank you and I hope you find something here to help you on your journey.

Since the manuscript is currently in blog form, it may be tempting to read what appears and then scroll down to the previous entry. Unfortunately, that would mean reading it in reverse order. It would be something like teaching a beginning math pupil, but starting with calculus. I hope you’ll agree that’s not really the best way to go.

So please, for the best experience, I hope you will start at Chapter One and read the chapters in numbered order.

To make your experience more productive and helpful, here is how the story is arranged:

How I met and came to know See Do: Chapters 1 – 7:

These first chapters tell the story of how it all started and how I came to slowly understand and deal with this new spirit presence in my life.

The early See Do sessions or dialogs: Chapters 8 – 41:

This is where the real teaching began and grew. An important and favorite sub-section here is Understanding Big Tragedies: Chapter: 34 – 39. It is followed by two chapters on True Being.

The Meditation on Mundane Reality: Chapters 42 – 53:

These chapters outline the learning that See Do sent me off to discover on my own. If you think that See Do’s ideas present a reality that is too complex and interconnected, you should read these chapters on how complex our modern science considers reality to be. I think See Do Reality may be simpler.

The explanation of See Do Reality: Chapters 54 – 72:

These chapters are the advanced teachings. It took me years to sort these chapters out and they present reality as See Do taught it to me. They may seem “a bit much” and quite implausible if not taken in order and without the context and understanding from the earlier chapters. Be patient. And please try and be open to these ideas. Like I said, it took me years to digest it.

The closing message: Chapter 73:

My final thoughts on the journey.

The SeeDoSpeaks Instruction Manual: Chapter 74:

I apologize for not outlining the work sooner.

Please enjoy the teachings of my Spirit Guide, See Do. And as always, I would love to hear from you.

Thank You.



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Perfection does not always appear in perfect form to the eye. An aging white bud sits ready to unfold. What beauty waits folded in its soul? What beauty waits folded in yours? Your now awaits. It is time to bloom.

            After 72 chapters reliving, reviewing and integrating the teachings of my Spirit Guide, See Do, I have come full circle.

               Four-and-a-half years ago, I leaned back and began a journey. I was under enormous stress and was looking for a clearer head and a little relief. The reflexology treatment created a deeply relaxed yet energized state in me. And S’s guided visualization sent my mind and spirit right to the edge of my here and now.

               In this new, at once charged and serene state, my internal turmoil was discharged completely and I came into harmony with a resonance that flowed up through the soul-spirit fabric, reaching my conscious-self as a seemingly human and independent presence, a being, a spirit, who introduced himself as my Spirit Guide, See Do.

               My emotional walls crumbled. Tears flowed as I began the conversation with See Do and my whole spirit felt amazement and awe.

               One night not long ago, in early January of this year, after completing Chapter 72, which I thought would be the final chapter, I awoke abruptly around three a.m. in a very similar state. My face was wet and my mind was racing, grappling with a new idea, a new realization. But it didn’t feel like I had had fresh contact with See Do. There was no conversation or lesson. There was just a single idea coalescing in front of me.

               At that moment, it all became clear. Everything was now integrated into one. And integrated into me.

               The unasked questions were answered. See Do came from deep in me. His apparent presence was my conscious mind’s only way to integrate the resonances of the spirit-fabric that I had come into alignment with. Here was a glimpse of the one thing. Not so different from the glimpses we get everyday with every spirit we encounter. But here, with See Do, it was stripped bare of the artifice of a conscious-self and completely open to contact with the conscious me. And he told me what I now needed to know. He told me that I needed to write. And then he told me much, much more. Almost all of which is contained in the chapters of this blog.

               Here was an understanding of the fully integrated universe pouring through us, creating a perfect reflection of our inner beings and spirits. Spirits that are in turn all instantly realized states of the same spirit energy – there is only one thing.

               Everything See Do “said” to me was now integrated into one idea, a singular realization, that contained all the infinite complexities of our temporal reality. All of Time and Space. I could feel the light of it within me. I could see its power in this moment. I could see that it, in fact, was this moment. I could see the effect of my conscious-self diffusing and distorting the light. I could also understand the final light that draws us at the end of life.

               I could sense the silhouetted figure of See Do moving toward that light, bidding me goodbye, or hello, as he stepped back into a state of full integration with everything that is inside of my conscious-spirit-self.

               It would now be for me to see and to do. To understand the teachings, to see the light flowing through me. To work to keep it a light of positive and loving color. To understand that the world I face is all my inner spirit-soul-self reflection. To calm my conscious-self. To love. To reach out to my spirit-soul-self , in my own way, to understand, to commune, and to work to make a better world in the here and now. After all, it is all we’ll ever have.

               And there is work to do.

               Thank you.

               I leave you with a poem I recently found that helps me see how others certainly have heard the same messages, and told similar stories. The poem is “That Lives In Us” by Rumi, translated by Daniel Ladinsky:

If you put your hands on this oar with me,

they will never harm another, and they will come to find

they hold everything you want.


If you put your hands on this oar with me, they would no longer

lift anything to your

mouth that might wound your precious land –

that sacred earth that is

your body.


If you put your soul against this oar with me,

the power that made the universe will enter your sinew

from a source not outside your limbs, but from a holy realm

that lives in us.


Exuberant is existence, time a husk.

When the moment cracks open, ecstacy leaps out and devours space;

love goes mad with the blessings, like my words give.


Why lay yourself on the torturer’s rack of the past and future?

The mind that tries to shape tomorrow beyond its capacities

will find no rest.


Be kind to yourself, dear – to our innocent follies.

Forget any sounds or touch you knew that did not help you dance.

You will come to see that all evolves us.


If you put your heart against the earth with me, in serving

every creature, our Beloved will enter you from our sacred realm

and we will be, we will be

so happy.


               (Copyright David Ladinsky, Penguin Compass 2002)


Thank you. 

               [ This chapter concludes my planned writing on my See Do experience. I hope you have enjoyed the journey. I certainly have. Of course, these teachings may open up many new spiritual doors and there is much more to talk about. If you would like to see more, please let me know. I would love to hear from you.

               Please feel free to contact me at I would love to hear your thoughts on these teachings. You can help me understand what I might be able to add with future posts. Thank you.]



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Looking at the photo, do you feel the resonance of your own being? Something from a memory? From someplace you've been? Or is it new and drawn from reflecting resonance around you right now? Or does it beckon from within? Perhaps calling you to enter this new spiritual space? Perhaps something inside you is open to beginning a journey.

My Sprit Guide, See Do, took a lot of time to explain how our internal concept of this temporal reality is built. He explained how our individual identities form out of our integrated perceptions. And how our internal conscious beings echo everything that our senses consume.

In short, we are resonance. Our conscious beings integrate a world view around a kernel of reflected truth. This truth is assembled from echoing or repeating resonance that we distill from our perceptions. This kernel anchors our self-image. We project an actualization of our self-image out into the world and it reflects back with a positive consequence – this is the start – our kernel has formed. It grows more unified and resilient by picking up resonance of events and encounters. It becomes further integrated as we continue to reflect our internal image and see ourselves as a whole and separate identity from others and from outside events and consequences.

This is your being moving through your temporal reality. You are an individual, discreet being perceiving reality from a specific perspective. Your world view puts you firmly inside you, behind the nexus of your keyhole perceptions, with everything else outside you.

But what lies at the beginning of this process of identity-forming self-integration? There is a point from which we project our world and back into which our pre-integrated perceptions funnel. It is over this point of being that we come to overlay the self. We form an identity out of the sense we make of our temporal reality and use it as the scaffolding or platform for our experience of reality. But what of the singular point we have paved over with our self-aware, eternally self-critical conscious being? What is that thing?

It is your soul.

Behind the conscious thing you think of as you, is a point, a singularity that still powers the whole show for you. The reality you perceive is brought to you, in full, through the graces of your soul’s continual efforts.

Everything you perceive is an echo of your inner alignment between your conscious being and your soul’s inner truths and passions. The world you see resonates through you constantly. At the level of the conscious you, your self-identity, you are continually receiving and integrating resonances from the world you perceive. And as a result, your self-identity grows more complete and robust. The truth is you carry some of the resonance of everything you perceive. Just think about it. It is how you came to perceive them. It is another chicken-and-egg conundrum, isn’t it?

And your soul waits in the background for you to integrate your deeper internal truths and passions into your self, into your world view, in fact into the world that you project, creating new and powerfully integrated resonances that will reflect your deepest truths and become part of you, resonating out into your perceived temporal reality.

Your soul waits for you to move into True Being – to see the power of your truest self. It is so far beyond the stumbling automaton we foist up and construct around our worldly perceptions alone.

Look inside yourself deeply. Free yourself from any long-carried self-limitations and guilt. Find your conscious-spiritual connection. Greet your soul-spirit and learn to work as one. Move into True Being.

This is where we begin to change the world. Please don’t turn away.

–continued (Next: We consider the sea of souls around us.)



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Our world is alive and will continue to churn. But like the planet, we must keep our balance. Be true within. Know your love within. Know your passion. Work to see. And act to create a better world. Together, our resonance can do anything.

Our world is alive and will continue to churn. But like the planet, we must keep our balance. Be true within. Know your love within. Know your passion. Work to see. And act to create a better world. Together, our resonance can do anything.

           And See Do concluded the night session, answering my question completely, and giving me a lot to think about. He summed up the evening:

           We need to see what is in front of us. And act. We need to see what can be done to stem the suffering. Starting with our passions within. We need to create a resonance to nurture and support our love within. And it starts within ourselves. We must clarify and see ourselves as true and honest to our highest self. We must understand and forgive everything within. We must accept and embrace our passions. We must create and move and love our inner being fully. We must be that being that we would so want to fully love. We must ignite that glow and carry it into the world and see it resonate across our flimsy frame of time to glow back out of and through the people and events around us.

           It is our power. It is our responsibility. To ourselves. And to humanity.

           As we shine out into each other, the resonance we create will bring our world out in expression of our passion. The beauty within will glow into form and being. And our castle will rise.

           The temporal world around us will continue to breathe and flow over the planet, but we will understand its power and we will respect and admire its fury. We can live in harmony with a place of such exquisite expression of pure energy. Its apparent hospitality will wax and wane. It is not a lap cat, but a beautiful tigress untamed. We will give it our love. And our respect.

           Because there is more to come. More hurricanes will sweep our coasts. The earth will tremble. And disease will strike. But we must keep our balance as the Earth tries to keep hers.

           Many will die in our time for reasons we will not understand. Many more will carry the torment of loss. Our inner truth must be found. We must work to find the love within. To build our light. And shine it into those around us.

           All endings and all beginnings are here with us now. We are small and will occasionally get in the way of Earth’s and Life’s greater unfoldings. And we will need to carry each other some distance.

           With our energies in resonance we can do anything. Quite literally anything. Start within. Begin your glow. Know your self and know your passion. Work to see clearly what lies in front of you. And act to bring your passion fully into view.

           We will see you and shine back. The world is full of help. We are all very nearby. In fact, we are impossibly near. You will see. Our energies are one. There is no Time. But Time is all there is. There is only one thing.

           And we have work to do.

           — continued (Next: A deeper look at the important concept of True Being)



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What creature dared spend its energies on this tiny and beautiful work of art? And on the bottom of the sea? (for scale, the background ripples are my fingerprint pressed in clay) We each grow more fingernail each day than all the substance of this creature's entire existance. Do you see the message? It is time to participate in life! See? Do!

What creature dared spend its energies on this tiny and beautiful work of art? And at the bottom of the sea? (for scale, the background is my fingerprint pressed in clay) You will grow more fingernail today than all the substance of this creature's entire existance. Do you see the message? It is time to participate in making a better world! See? Do!

          My Spirit Guide, See Do, also talked that night about life and the worlds within. How this energy of life is always in motion within us and within all the creatures of the planet. He talked about disease and health and the responsibility to be healthy. To eat and live in ways to prolong life and resist disease. To find peace and to live in a certain harmony with everything around you. And with everything within us.

           He said our energies should become full of life and love. They should be steady and clearly glowing. That nothing is better for the health of our life force within.

           He said that in the life of the planet, that disease can take hold and move. That many can die. He said we should be ready and able to resist. We should be aware of our health and be living in health.

           Everything we do can contribute to what effect these life-movements of the planet can have. Against this infinitely interconnected system we are small and we must be prepared for larger events driven by these forces.

           These events and their consequences are all part of living inside this dynamic system of this temporal reality. There are complex forces, large and small, unfolding and refolding. Forces that drive events, with great consequences.

           We create our world and it moves around us and through us. We narrowly focus our energies on the tumbling mists in front of us. We try and make out shapes and assemble a life for ourselves. But the greater world is also of our making. It moves on energies that we put in motion. And it moves with force and conviction, with power that interacts and sways everything in our reach. It all comes to us and through us.

           The mistake we make it to sit and watch. We can move our energies to create a new resonance of humanity to save each other from suffering.

           Here is the new message: Life is not just for our entertainment. It is for our participation. And it is the ordinary as much as the masses that we are responsible to.

           And it must start with our own individual ordinary life.

           We must take what we have and act according to what we see. Inside ourselves and outside. We operate from inside an illusory construct that paints our temporal reality on a mono-dimensional canvas of Time. Our senses are narrow and mostly limited to measuring environmental contrast, with the exception of color and temperature. But the purpose of life is clear: Using a small tool, we must build a great castle.

           You can reach out with a simple idea of what you want and it can come to you. But only if you are freely loving the being within you. If you are honoring your highest ideals and moving to honor your inner passions.  We can build with each other, but only with each other, a greater reality to our wishes. A greater reality to a greater good. We now have to create and build a resonance to rock the planet. A combined humanity can stop any suffering.

           On our own we can help a few. And mostly after the fact. And we must see farther. We must look as one into the maelstrom of energies and create a resonance to bouy us all. It will take time, but every new hope is a new joy. And when your inner source is true and loving, this new joy instantly fans out into the consciousness between us.

           But let us look at what is happening in the aftermath of a disaster like hurricane Katrina. The number of lives lost was more than eighteen hundred. With over seven hundred missing. People dislocated. Families separated. People lost. Lives utterly disrupted. But look inside and take note of what moves the emotional outpouring. Why do we see the number as significant? Why is suffering invisible until is reaches some imaginary critical mass? These events happen all around us.

           All around us the numbers of humanity intersect. What can we make of them? How can we not feel confused and helpless? Where can our energies go?

           After Katrina, fuel prices rose toward 4 dollars a gallon. People began driving less. If people drive just ten percent less, that could mean that ten percent fewer people may be killed in auto accidents. That would be over four thousand people in one year. Saved. How do we reconcile such knowledge?

           Cigarettes kill hundreds of thousands every year. How do we not see the suffering in front of us. Aren’t car crashes and smoking deaths a calamity to overwhelm Katrina? Even a large earthquake?

           We may say that one set is innocent victims and the other set is aware of the risks. But what about those left behind? Families separated. People lost. Children lost. Lives utterly disrupted. It is very much the same.

           See Do deftly built his case. The world we create is a living and dynamic place. Connected to all things, our place in it is more than mere spectator. Making a better world will take participation. And your most powerful tool is there inside you.

           — continued (Next: See Do’s summation answering my question about big disasters. Please help in sharing See Do’s message.)



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This is ordinary khaki-colored beach sand under a microscope. The crystal gems are silica, the most common mineral in the Earth's crust. Can you imagine the origins of each grain? The forces that broke them down? That moved them to your feet? Try and see your place in a living universe. And see it all connected. There is only one thing. And it is all connected to you. Take a breath, it's just beginning.

This is ordinary beach sand under a microscope. The crystal gems are silica, the most common mineral in the Earth's crust. Can you imagine the origins of each grain? The forces that broke them down? That moved them to your feet? Try and see your place in this living sphere. And try to see it all connected. There is only one thing. And it is all connected to you. Take a breath, it's just beginning.

           All through that single night, See Do’s lesson continued. Now he wanted me to better see the planet we ride on.

           The Earth is a moving and dynamic system. It is incredibly vibrant and powerful. It only works to support life so well because it has a wealth of natural processes that cleanse and balance and re-nourish it.

           We must respect these processes and know that there are countless untold benefits that cascade from their actions.

           The Earth moves beneath our feet. The continents collide and subduct. Mountains are thrust up. Basins sink under their own accumulated weight. Water is pushed through solid rock. Minerals coalesce in veins. We find coal and gold and ores. We walk beaches of bleached silica. The planet is kind and helpful beyond any measure of our apparent deserving. Not only is everything here that any industrious and clever being might ever need, it’s all been neatly arranged. There are places where diamonds actually shoot out of holes in the ground to be found by anyone wandering by.

           Ores find their way together. Uranium yellowcake appears deep in the Earth as chalky fossils of ancient tree limbs, having replaced the decayed plant long ago.

           Water tumbles over the surface and carries away dirt and whatever else is lying loose. This sediment is dropped off again when the water slows. This changes the faces of mountains and moves huge masses of land to new places. This shifting weight can tilt huge pieces of real estate. And suddenly. Mountains rise. Basins sink.

           And deep below us is a far greater energy. We and our continents float on an inner planet of blazing liquid rock that oozes under pressures and at temperatures we can scarcely imagine. Vast, slow moving plumes of heat energy, not unlike the columns of warm air driving the hurricane, roil and swirl beneath us. We’re all actually riding atop slow-motion storm clouds of molten rock.

           This energy moves pieces of earth and rock as large as continents. Driven on these plumes, these plates collide and crash. They side swipe and crumble. One dives under another, to disappear into the molten muck miles below.

           Occasionally, this liquid, this magma, does reach the surface in volcanic fury. Mountains have been turned to dust before the eye. Islands have exploded and sank into eternity. And new islands have been born.

           Deeper still, twirls a ball off crystalline iron that anchors our place in the heavens. This spinning egg is a dynamo of energy. It is the mother of the magnetic fields that envelop us, reaching out into space many tens of thousands of miles. This shield of invisible electromagnetic current protects all life on Earth from a bombardment of high energy rays and ionizing particles streaming through the cosmos. Without it, Earth would be continually baked by the biting radiation of the stars.

           So there is a price to pay for being on a living planet in motion. She organizes, refreshes and creates a landscape of magnificent beauty. But the ground will move. There will be earthquakes. We are at a point where we know the earthquake zones and can accurately map the fault lines that have quivered in the past. And the good news is that these are, geologically, very quite times. The Earth has within it the obvious power to shake us all to our knees. But she doesn’t often do that. She is good to her charges. Things are in good balance.

           And despite the headlines, an earthquake is a hard thing to be killed by. Standing alone, even a large thrust may knock you off your feet, but unless the ground splits beneath your feet and you fall to your death, it is very unlikely that you might suffer serious injury. What kills people in earthquakes are falling buildings. The works of man crumble against this power and topple onto the trusting souls within. Globally, people resist the need to build structures that can withstand the shocks they know are coming.

           It’s expensive. Who will pay? People and their families pay the price of a planet in motion.

           Four years ago, on October 7th, 2005, over 30,000 people were killed in Pakistan and Kashmir in a single quake measuring 7.9 on the Richter Scale. Most were crushed under collapsing human structures. Many of these buildings made of mud and rock. Against the force driving out of the ground they crumbled, killing scores without warning. Others were trapped inside, bleeding, dying of heat, shock, dehydration and untold injuries.

           California knows. Many people of the world know. Someday a large earthquake will strike. Maybe today. Maybe not for a hundred years. Maybe both.

           More hurricanes will sweep the east coast and gulf states. But every day more people move into these areas. It is easy to see that it would be very difficult for emergency services to keep pace with the potential need. Everyone knows, but still they come. We love the warm. We love the water. And the hurricanes will come too.

           All these foldings and unfoldings create an infinite mix. A perfect soup from which life arose and continues to nourish itself. Sometimes, from our living point of view the movements of the planet can seem unjust and indifferent. And sometimes it is very hard to take a wider view. But, See Do asked, please try and see.

— continued (Next: Part V: Looking at life within us and seeing a big message. Then later this week See Do sums it up in Part VI. You won’t want to miss it!)



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Take a globe and highlight the areas regularly hit by natural disaster. The patterns are easy to "see." It's only the "do"-ing that seems to leave so much of mankind paralyzed and left in harm's way.

Take a globe and highlight the areas regularly hit by natural disaster. The patterns are easy to "see." It's only the "do"-ing that seems to leave so much of mankind paralyzed and caught out.

            That same night as I listened, my spirit guide See Do went on. He talked about the air, the water, the winds, the geology, and life, within us and outside us.

            And he talked about the infinite grains of dust moving over rock, sculpting with timeless patience. The dust is carried on the air and rock is carved away.

            We can sit on the steps and feel the breeze. We raise our face into it to smell its offering. The richness of the world. It feels good to be outside in it.

            But the air carries something more. In fact this something is its very life engine. It is heat. The dynamics of thermal energy on the air drive everything the air around us does. Everything it does for the world, for us and to us.

            This paradise planet blooms with heat from the sun. It is carried through our atmosphere endlessly in a complex dance well beyond the powers of the mightiest computers to simulate. It unfolds and refolds its subtle computations with ease. And without error out to the very last decimal place.

            So there is a price to pay for living in such intimate contact with such a dynamic and powerful system. Heat must be rebalanced. As the ocean warms in summer, the heat rises up into the air carrying great energy and great quantities of water. These movements naturally organize from randomly tumbling clouds spilling out their white cargo high in the sky into cooler air, into waves of mass in motion that, once attaining a certain scale, will be drawn toward a center, falling in step with a the natural rotation that further draws the upwelling of energy from the warm ocean surface below.

            A hurricane is born. The world must seek balance and the heat is taken up on the air and carried to cooler, emptier latitudes. Along the way as the energy grows and tightens its spin, the wind will move at greater and greater speed.

            The energy carried here is colossal. Well beyond man’s atomic bombs and rockets. And utterly invisible. A stunning fact of our world. We can feel the breeze; we can see the moisture, the mist, the rain. We can see the dust and flying debris. But the air will never show its face. Even drained of energy, condensed into liquid. Oxygen, nitrogen, helium, argon, hydrogen and the rest. They all become liquid metal as clear as the purest water.

            But here in our world they swirl in motion all around. And that motion is driven by heat.

            And inside the hurricane that swirling, turning, driving energy actually has the power to pull the ocean up from its moorings. The surface is sucked up. Pulled up by the low pressure suction of the core drawing more and more energy off the surface and driven on winds spilling out, reaching well over a hundred miles per hour. A new thing is given life: the tidal hurricane swell. During hurricane Katrina, along the coast of Louisiana, this swell exceeded twenty-three feet. It rolled ashore with predictably devastating consequences.

            If you take a globe of the Earth into your hands, and with a marker, highlight the areas of shoreline that will regularly be hit by a devastating hurricane or typhoon, you will mark over a few very small stretches. Your marker trail will also express a fair warning. These places should take care. They should be ready. They should prepare. Or they should be empty.

            They same will be true of earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, and the rest. The patterns of life are written on this planet for everyone to read. The “when” is all we lack. The “where” becomes more precisely prescribed with each passing calamity.

            The instruction is See Do. And I do think I’m getting it.

            — continued (Part IV: The Earth’s energy within)



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Heat moves the air around us. Some species depend on the air's movement for their very existance. We see the consequences of a beautiful planet's atmosphere regaining its balance.

The invisible air moves around us. Some species depend on the air's caprice for their continued existance. Carried on the wind, a grain of pollen finds its pistil. And the wonderfully complex fabric of life goes on.

           Still in the same session, my spirit guide See Do explained how the paradise we have created here is a beautiful and dynamic place. We are aware of our existence because we interact with our biological, temporal system that senses this world around us. And within us. This paradise is a deeply dynamic system that is unfolding and regenerating through great and complex processes right before our eyes every day.

            Understanding and appreciating and respecting this infinitely intertwined world is a big part of finding our way here. Seemingly random events are part of this great and complex world. Everything is connected. It all works precisely. Nothing misses a beat. Everything is this one thing unfolding itself, reflecting its inner energies, extending resonance. There are forces damping and forces amplifying. Everything reflects and exchanges energies as microcosm and macrocosm.

            But we must also remember that from within our individual biological perspectives we are small. Even collectively, the human race runs like a hoard of ants among the giant forces that wax and wane around us. As things resonate they can take on great power. Events can overwhelm our tiny temporal forms. These are not random acts. And all the movements are precise.

            We are born into it with little. We learn and grow and reach out to it. With questions and contact we try and understand. And we all will face death from an apparently unique perspective inside one, single individual human construct.

            As we live, this is happening and playing out all around us.

            And our Earth is an exquisitely beautiful thing. And even among earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes and disease it is an amazingly stable, comfortable and even, yes, a quite and utterly lovely place. Life can grow and prosper here. We can gain sustenance from the natural world with simple efforts. We can share our love. We can raise families and we can ponder the truth.

            But the system we live in is alive too and is constantly regenerating itself and rebalancing against the movements of the energies enveloping us. This is the most wonderful secret of the planet. It is alive at every level. Even deep within it generates an enormous scope of energy that we are all subject to.

            The air around us carries every kind of energy. We breathe in and get oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Simple elemental and deeply ancient chemistry with great transformative powers. Our internal life system makes use of many elements in ways worth appreciating. The oxygen cycle alone is a master stroke of turning an apparently  dangerous and corrosive substance into the very engine of life.

            But the air carries other things that make the planet work and unfold in infinite beauty. Massive quantities of water are moved over continents with no obvious effort. Over mountain ranges and oceans. Perfectly purified, fresh water comes right out of the air over our heads to nourish the land.

            Imagine if Mankind were challenged to lift his meager tools to accomplish the same task. Imagine the titanic effort it would take to duplicate the work done by a single thunder storm. Imagine the challenge. The comedy. But this system that we ignore all around us does it without apparent effort or complaint.

            And the trees and plants of every color and variety depend on the movement of air to carry their very seed. A generation can not pass without the pollen on the breeze. The process is perfect, complex and complete. What an amazing information hiway to see. A grain of pollen, quite invisible to our eyes, even when blown in masses of tens of thousand, we see just a faint mist. Each tiny grain carrying the distilled and collated information from a billion year struggle. And the air takes it to a new pistil. An act of procreation so perfectly exquisite as to demand tears.

            And birds in flight moving through this liquid of their infinite love. To move. To raise themselves into the atmosphere and be carried to the place they must find. To be with their mate. To carry out their responsibility to carry forward the perfectly dazzling and wonderful information of life from their subtle perspective. It is there on the air. They are there on the wing right now. And they will make their appointments across thousands of miles. Across thousands of generations.

            And of course insects and bugs and everything moving past us. The air is the spider’s waiter, bringing today’s special.

            See Do went through these things in great and varied detail, even reviewing and repeating areas through the night. He explained the infinitely complex fabric of our planet and our intimate relationship to every element. And he explained how it is all one creation. One interacting system. There is only one thing. One infinitely entangled point of energy expressing its message.

            — continued (Part III, big hurricanes and the responsibility of knowing, seeing.)



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A satellite image of an enormous hurricane about to make landfall. I asked "why do these tragedies happen?" And See Do began to take me into "the big stuff."  Image Credit: unknown, to come.
A satellite image of an enormous hurricane about to make landfall. I asked “why do these tragedies happen?” And See Do began to take me into “the big stuff.” Image Credit: unknown, to come.

           On Saturday, I went over to the restaurant where Susan bartends. She was busy keeping up with the late afternoon traffic. In between, we grabbed snatches of conversation. At one point, she asked “So what’s new in the world?”

            I answered, “Did you see? There was a big earthquake in Pakistan. Just happened this morning.” Susan said “Oh, wow, no. Everybody okay?” and I shook my head no and said “They’re saying there could be thousands dead.” Susan said “Oh my God, that’s horrible.”

            After tending to more customers, Susan came back and suggested that there was a question I should ask See Do. “Why do these things happen? Why these tragedies? Like Katrina. Why does that happen?”

            That night I went to bed close to midnight and while still finding sleep I began to ask the questions of why there are disasters like hurricane Katrina? Why are there these disasters that can take so many lives?

            And the answer came. See Do let me know that we were heading into very serious territory. This is the big stuff. If I felt ready, he would explain it. And it was going to be a long night. Here is the essence of what came through.

            As human beings we are moved greatly by these apparently random events that can erase thousands of innocent lives in a single stroke. We are shocked to sadness and drawn to help. And we should do what we can, but we need to understand our place and the place of these events in our world’s greater moving. We need to look deeply into what it is to be a human being living in the temporal reality on this world of ours.

            We also need to be aware of our weakness for awe at great numbers. Great numbers are all around us if we look. Events are constantly unfolding with the same difficult consequences all around. And very nearby. And we must remember that it is true that “the sacred is in the ordinary.”

            We felt great sadness for the thousands uprooted and left homeless by a huge hurricane or typhoon. Yet, in a large city like we were in, walking home we may pass five “ordinary” homeless people sleeping on the sidewalk. And feel little.

            He reminded me how not long ago, in August, I was heading out to buy something and rounding the corner of Ontario and Rush I came across a homeless man apparently asleep on the sidewalk. It was mid-afternoon and hot, in the mid-90’s. He was very dirty and disheveled. He was lying face down with his arms at his sides. Unfortunately, sights like this are not uncommon in many large metropolitan areas.

            I walked by him and went on my way.

            After completing my errand, I headed back through this same intersection. Now there was a police ambulance and a patrol car at the corner. Several police were standing around talking. And a man was photographing the area of sidewalk where the man had been.

            And it occurred to me that the man was very likely dead. And that he very likely had been dead when walked past earlier.

            Of course I tried to put this terrible idea out of my head quickly and went on with my day.

            But here was a tragic death. Squarely in front of me. In the midst of prosper, on a busy corner of a great city, a human being’s life had ended. And I walked by. We experience sadness and call on others to help when we hear stories of great numbers, but cannot see the life around us. For some reason we can not grasp the sadness and pain in the ordinary lives around us. And we are very selective in how we choose the disasters that we will give our emotions to. A thousand here cause outrage, while a thousand there are ignored, maybe even laughed off.

           One death, alone in the world, is not enough to move us to act. But isn’t every death one death?

           We bemoan that the poor were left behind in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina to suffer. But a single homeless man in Chicago is forgotten. And we give ourselves permission to forget him, because he is, what? Poor? This is a pointless circle of illogic.

           Much of this world is about life and death. It is about our ability to learn from what we see. And then to do the things that will lift humanity. This is not a small responsibility.

           See Do was building an argument. And seeing it would begin to shape a greater view of my place in the world. An important lesson was unfolding. Remember, there is only one. And now I was learning that one is not a small number.

           — continued (Disasters vs. the Ordinary, Pt II)



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So what do the feathers of an Angel's wings look like up close? I'm afraid I have to admit that I wouldn't know
So what eactly do the feathers of an Angel’s wings look like up close? I’m afraid I have to admit that I wouldn’t know.

           That Tuesday evening, I took Susan to have her reflexology session and to meet S. Remember, it was in one of S’s reflexology sessions that I first met See Do. I dropped Susan off and came back about an hour later.

            When Susan came out of the house, she was beaming. She looked like she was wearing the purity of a child. As we reached the street, she was laughing and saying how incredible it was. When she laughed it was the most pure expression of joy I’d heard in a long time. And at the same time it carried a sense that if she didn’t laugh she would have to cry instead. As we walked to the car we stopped as she gave me a big half tearful, half laughing hug. In the car she could barely speak, but instead just looked out into the world with this sense of amazed wonder and kept saying “Oh my God!” and laughing.

            She said she’d probably be laughing for some time.

            She explained that in the session she did in fact go off to “zoom-off-land” as we have come to call it. In her out-of-body state she was met not by a spirit guide like See Do, but with a large group of Angels. They were all around her. All women Angels and of all different sizes. She was even holding a small one in her arms like you would hold a puppy. She said they all had enormous wings.

            They were comforting here and talking to her. She said at one point one said, “We’re here.” And she said “Yeah, okay.” And the Angel said, “No, you don’t understand. We’re here now.” And she said “Yeah, I see, okay.” And the Angel said “No you don’t understand. It’s a big deal. We’re actually here now. We’re with you, all around. We’re here with you. To help you. We’re always here.”

            And as she explained it, Susan started crying. She said how “It was so beautiful.” I thought maybe if she wants to make contact, she could try hugging one, like she was hugging the little one.

            She said, for the first time she could see all the connections in much of her art. She is always drawn to sculpt full-size female figures, and to paint flowers. I said that some of the flower imagery she had created looked a lot like white wing forms.

            We had a relaxing dinner of comfort food and red wine and while talking I asked Susan what it is that she wants, and she answered “Freedom.”

Later I walked Susan home. I asked her to try and make contact with her Angels from her sleep. In the morning I called to see how her sleep went and to my surprise she told me that she thought she may have had some contact in the night with See Do. She said she remembered asking him some questions and that he had answered by saying “It’s in the chronicle.” (We refer to this blog’s chronicle of events as “The See Do Chronicle.”)

            I found this all to be pretty amazing. An amazing evening.

            — continued (Next: See Do gets into “the big stuff”)


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