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The See Do Instruction Manual

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Open and enter. Peel back the petals and learn. It is so simple to touch the truths the world presents. But even the greatest scholar will accept this lesson: there is a proper order to things.

I see many are reading the story of See Do. Thank you and I hope you find something here to help you on your journey.

Since the manuscript is currently in blog form, it may be tempting to read what appears and then scroll down to the previous entry. Unfortunately, that would mean reading it in reverse order. It would be something like teaching a beginning math pupil, but starting with calculus. I hope you’ll agree that’s not really the best way to go.

So please, for the best experience, I hope you will start at Chapter One and read the chapters in numbered order.

To make your experience more productive and helpful, here is how the story is arranged:

How I met and came to know See Do: Chapters 1 – 7:

These first chapters tell the story of how it all started and how I came to slowly understand and deal with this new spirit presence in my life.

The early See Do sessions or dialogs: Chapters 8 – 41:

This is where the real teaching began and grew. An important and favorite sub-section here is Understanding Big Tragedies: Chapter: 34 – 39. It is followed by two chapters on True Being.

The Meditation on Mundane Reality: Chapters 42 – 53:

These chapters outline the learning that See Do sent me off to discover on my own. If you think that See Do’s ideas present a reality that is too complex and interconnected, you should read these chapters on how complex our modern science considers reality to be. I think See Do Reality may be simpler.

The explanation of See Do Reality: Chapters 54 – 72:

These chapters are the advanced teachings. It took me years to sort these chapters out and they present reality as See Do taught it to me. They may seem “a bit much” and quite implausible if not taken in order and without the context and understanding from the earlier chapters. Be patient. And please try and be open to these ideas. Like I said, it took me years to digest it.

The closing message: Chapter 73:

My final thoughts on the journey.

The SeeDoSpeaks Instruction Manual: Chapter 74:

I apologize for not outlining the work sooner.

Please enjoy the teachings of my Spirit Guide, See Do. And as always, I would love to hear from you.

Thank You.



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Prepare for the burst. As you reach your state of True Being you will feel a burst of creative energy. Your glow will shine back from all around you. You may be surprised at what good and beautiful things appear before you. I'll bet you didn't know you had it in you. But look there; you do.

My Spirit Guide, See Do, explained to me the ultimate power behind our small tool. Early on, in Chapter 20, he explained that the purpose of life is “to work with a small tool to build a great castle.” The small tool is our spirit-conscious-self connection. The great castle is a co-perceived, living world of harmony and justice.

And we will get there by painting. And sculpting. Creating our world. You see, that’s what we are doing anyway and all the time. As we live, or perceive our living, along this continuous arrow of Time, we are all, each and every one of us, painting or creating the temporal reality we are experiencing.

It flows out of our being and onto the vast canvas of our integrated perceptions. And we are all and each of us – the artist.

There is only one thing. There is only one spirit fabric. All of us are connected. And an energy of great truth runs through us, just behind our individual conscious-self. Our inner self, our inner being, needs only to connect with our individual point on the spirit fabric that is our soul. Once we can dispense with all the negative self-ideas, the false limitations, the untruths, the prejudices, the painful self-guilt and admonitions, we can reach out and make the connection that is waiting within each of us.

We can see our own inner truth. We can find our ideals and passions and reach across the divide and fully embrace them within our conscious-self. We can integrate the conscious-self with the spirit-soul. We can live in the glow of our inner spiritual truth and passion. We can live in True Being.

Then we can paint.

With the glow of True Being we can see our glow move out into the world. Others will feel it and respond. The world can seem to come to you. As the self-soul integrated artist painting your world, you can feel like you are right at the edge of creation, at the edge of now, feeling it come into being off the tip of your brush.

You may want to laugh in response to the new beauty you are coming to appreciate. The world will seem new. Every stimulus will be fresh and new and speaking to you. And speaking truth. What better response than laughter?

But this is just the beginning.

Now you will want to ask for a specific gift or presence or action within your world. From your immediate now, living in True Being, there is no reason to be afraid. Ask your spirit, your soul, the whole spirit fabric, the one thing. Ask for what you most desire in truth. Ask from within True Being, from within the truth of your spirit. Call it in.

You will be surprised at the answer. If you have found True Being, it will come.

Here is the true power of the artist to create a thing of beauty, a thing of “more than ordinary significance.” Here is the power of True Being. Here is the ability to affect events. To see a better world unfold to your deepest desires.

Your soul, in alignment with your conscious-self, has the ability to do many things, great and small. Here is the small tool. And with it, you can begin to build the great castle.

You are the artist. You have the full palette and creative energy inside you to create great things. The world is waiting for you to bring it forward.

You have the truth within you. Paint it on the world.

–continued (Next: So what lies beyond, outside this temporal reality?)



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We are all much more closely connected than our conscious-being-ego would like us to believe. We have all felt small examples of knowing this. We’ve known someone would call and they do. We feel a person’s presence before they appear. We know when we are being viewed from behind. These are parlor tricks compared to what is really happening.

I’ve talked about how the world we perceive is one with the resonance of our inner conscious-spirit being. And I apologize for not having developed a standard nomenclature for all of these concepts. My Spirit Guide, See Do, used only the simplest of language. And he used very few formal terms.

It is my understanding that See Do’s teachings do not represent some kind of new formal belief system, but on the contrary, can accommodate almost any existing belief constructs. He was not trying to upset any apple carts. He was answering questions and clearing a path to a sense of True Being.

We are all part of one co-existing, interacting fabric of soul-spirits. Our singular point of creation-perception is not disconnected from this fabric. That is not a possibility. There is only one thing. Through each of us this one thing interacts with our soul-spirit and conscious self to paint or create the temporal reality that we perceive as our right now.

As we move through our perception, we interact with other souls projecting their own resonant views of the present. This apparently seamless intermingling can occur because the souls share the resonances that co-create this integrated view of reality.

We are all much more closely connected than our conscious-being-ego would like us to believe. We have all felt small examples of knowing this. We’ve known someone would call and they do. We feel a person’s presence before they appear. We sometimes know when we are being viewed from behind. These are parlor tricks compared to what is really happening.

Our spirits are deeply connected. Some of us are more closely and intimately “connected” than others. We share a wealth of resonance that puts us “here” in the same apparent Space and Time. The instantaneous spiritual attractions or affinities we may feel for each other are some of the more attuned spiritual resonance being picked up by our conscious being.

It is important to see how these projected-perceived realities intermingle in order to better see how our “glow” of True Being can begin to transform the world around us. The strength of a person in True Being draws the sympathetic attention of the soul-spirits they encounter. This positive energy moves through all the spirits encountered. The result is a sense of instant communication and openness.

The spirit in us will respond to the energy of a person in true internal, spirit-conscious harmony. The resonance of one in True Being moves through all who are sharing the perception of the moment. The more sensitive we become to our spirit’s energies, the more we will be able to feel these resonant energies moving around us.

As you move through a world of many beings, try to perceive more than what you see through your keyhole perceptions; try to be sensitive to the energies that your soul-spirit is seeing. And try to project your own positive energies, and your own positive vision. The world will respond.

This is where we start to actively create or “call in” the world in front of us. Clear away the obstacles. Find your inner connection to your spirit’s truths.

You may find you can unite with something much bigger than you expected.

–continued (Next: More on how you and I can see the same thing.)



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You are everything and everything is you. There simply is no inside nor outside. This photo is of an outcrop of rock that exudes great spiritual energy. There is only one energy. And it flows from within. You are your own vortex of energy. You can create a better world. Please begin.

          Non-duality. It is the way many spiritual traditions refer to the ultimate oneness of everything. In See Do reality, the idea of the ultimate oneness of everything in this existence couples with the one thing that is the ultimate truth in your spirit.

            This infinitesimal point of the one thing paints everything you perceive as the right now. This creation, this now, flows out of your spirit; in truth, is your spirit, reflecting its resonance back into your consciousness through your integrated perceptions.

            The world you perceive is a reflection of the one thing flowing out through the filter or lens of your inner resonances. Though “out” is not quite right, but may help in the conceptualization. It all happens as the one thing, in the one thing. There is no “out,” as the Space you perceive is part of the illusion of the integrated perception of temporal reality.

            Let’s take another look: The one thing appears to your consciousness as a set of perceptions projected entirely from the one thing’s energies as “translated” through the lens of your spirit/conscious being. Your perceived reality will match your inner truths in direct proportion to your conscious-spiritual alignment with your inner spirit’s higher passions and truths. As you reach True Being, you will feel and see the results of this alignment in the physical and temporal reality you perceive. As you avoid striving for True Being, you will see the randomness of a world out of alignment with your inner truths.

            The point is that everything you perceive of as outside of you is, in truth, you. There is only one thing. It all shines through you. Everything that you perceive is the reflection of that shining energy. And that energy does not fragment. It is a singular thing.

            The one thing has no limits in what it can give you to perceive. Your spirit-conscious being can create anything. Look out into the reality you perceive. There is great beauty and depth. There is a world of myriad complexity and perceived consequence. It may be harmonious and serene. It may be difficult and confusing.

            It may be hard to understand the complexity of the relationships between your reality, your spirit, your conscious being and the many other spirits you might be interacting with. You may be in a difficult place to begin your journey to True Being. Do not blame yourself for not beginning earlier. You are the energy and spirit reflecting back from everything you see. Be patient and begin.

           Move to the glow of your inner love, no matter how tiny the light. Build the flame and begin to see your spirit in alignment with your conscious self as you move to become that being who you can most completely love, admire and honor.

           It is an illusion of our temporal reality that we perceive a world outside of ourselves. There is no outside or inside. There is only one energy. It moves through us, through our spirit, through our conscious state-of-mind and into our perceptions. These perceptions create a world-view of Space and Time. We perceive a whole reality moving through a flow of Time. We remember a past that integrates with our perceptions(or is it vice-a-versa?). But it all has one source. And it all returns to one source.

           We are taught that our powers are small, that our energies are weak, our voice tiny. Look into yourself and see that this is not true. You are everything. You are the one thing. Begin to see your True Being. And begin to see the one thing in the eyes of souls around you. It is there.

           Behind this veil of tears that is our temporal reality, we are waiting for you. Come find us. There is work to do.

           –continued  (Next: We explore the resonances we are made of.)



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Once again, the actual act of creation is hdden from view. All we can see are the outward manifestations -- the final product. No microscope, no telescope can peer outside of Space and Time.

            Our perceptions and consciousness give us a world of myriad beauty. But they have their limits. As you move closer to feeling and expressing your state of True Being, you will often find yourself close to one of those limits of perception.

            After all, perception is what we have. We can not perceive beyond what our senses are equipped to perceive. And we need something to perceive in order for our consciousness to construct our reality. It becomes a chicken-and-egg conundrum. Without stimuli to one of our senses, would we even be aware that the sense existed? All we have of our senses is the brain’s interpretation of the stimulus’ signal.

            And to make matters more constraining, we only perceive consciously what our mind constructs and gives to us as the “right now.” Even though, as we learned earlier from our science, the mind’s construction of “now” is mostly about a half a second out of date.

            The point being, that “now” is as early as we can consciously perceive what is happening between the resonance of our spirit in a state of True Being and the outward expression of the one thing in the physical existence of this temporal reality. In other words, you can not perceive the act of creation. All you can perceive is the full picture – the full integration and merging of these energies.

            To our conscious mind, it appears whole and full and completely integrated with all memory and evidence. As we look closer it unfailing unfolds a 100% consistent reality down to the last laws of physics. Our minds build a wide world view for us from a glimpse through a peep-hole, even filling in gaps in our perception with its own best guesses. And doing a very good job.

            According to my Spirit Guide, See Do, the actual act of creation is beyond our mind’s powers to conceive of. First of all, and this is a pretty big non-starter, it all occurs outside of what we think of as Time. So it doesn’t “happen” quickly or slowly. It doesn’t “happen” one thing at a time or all at once. It “happens” in a state where there is no Time. Any idea of our conscious mind’s construction of temporal reality as existing along an ever-unwinding conveyor belt of Time is wholly an illusion of our perceptual construct.

            The creation of these stimuli for us to perceive is simply part of the one thing. It all “happens,” all of it, and is happening, simultaneously – all at once. All beginnings and all endings are one. For us to “see” ahead of, or even behind, our one singular moment of right now is utterly impossible. There is simply no there there. At least not from our conscious point-of-view.

            And the only proof I can offer of it “happening” will be the proof you provide as you get ever closer to your state of True Being and start to see the world of your creation begin to unfold in front of you.

            Start to move in a true sense of yourself and you will feel it. Find the love within you to move the world. It is in you. Quite literally.

            –continued  (Next: So what happens between the ticks of time?)



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Does your world view presesnt harmony or chaos? The moment you live in flows out of your resonance and reflects your inner spirit connection. Do you see fluid beauty or a jumble? Does it sparkle? Or is it just wet? It's your world.

           Now let’s look a little more closely at this moment we are living in. Here is the “now.” Here is the world of our perceptions, shored up by a beautiful labyrinth of memories and physical evidence. And looking out into the world, there is a complete reality, full of events and people and constant ongoing interactions. But how robust is this smooth fabric of reality that we perceive?

            According to my Spirit Guide, See Do, the idea that the existence of any single moment extends, or that the time-frame extends, in some sort of gigantic and concrete “now-ness” is an illusion. To put it simply: there is no consistent existence of any perceived moment.

            As each of us, peering through our keyholes, perceives this moment, there is no solid lock-up between our disparate and individual perceptions. Each of us is perceiving time passing in accord with our own sense of awareness and level of attention. And of course, everybody’s perception is true to their individual perception of their reality.

            As we interact, our realities merge seamlessly.

            Looking out across the world, we receive information that is in perfect resonance with the world we, and the other individuals in our world perception, are projecting or creating. Some of us will be more in tune with our resonance and some of us less in tune. Some will be reaching a close sense of harmony with a world that is in alignment with their state of True Being.

          Those who are less in tune will perceive a world that appears much less connected to their spirit than those who are in tune. The world may appear random and at odds with them and their wishes. It is because they perceive a moment that merges with the projected moments of others who are more connected to their spirit energies. Or, in a worst-case scenario, they are in a merged moment of multiple souls who have scant connection, or no connection with their resonances. Without some sense of inner harmony being projected the world will present chaos, at worst violence.

           Those who are in tune with at least some of their resonance will see a world where events seem to come to them. They feel that they can “call it in.” And they will see, if they’re observant, objects and patterns paint on the world straight out of their recent positive experiences. Positive memory of the past can be used as the palette of the present. Their “now” feels in harmony with their inner feelings. The two reflect and refract. It just feels good to live in this state, if one can achieve it.

           But I digress. The point is that the intermingling of our perceived temporal reality is all we have. It is our perception of the “now.” It all comes from one thing that will pour out a completely consistent viewpoint for you. But yours and mine are not tied to some unbendable fabric of Time. We can both watch the same clock tick, but there is utterly no way to tie our two perceived moments down as one. Our full perception is uniquely our own.

           We live in our own “now.” Each present and current moment of existence is all we can interact with. And there is not one big “now” that we all inhabit. Remember, Time does not exist, but Time is all we perceive. The future is not set. But neither is the past. And your work is in the present.

           It may take some time to absorb these thoughts. It may be impossible for some. I know. It has taken me years to come to terms with much of what See Do has told me. And some, I must admit, I still can’t fully grasp.

           Do your best. Seek your state of True Being. Bring your positive resonant energy into temporal reality. We will all appreciate your efforts.

           –continued  (Next: Are we stuck in this reality?)



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Here's the heart of it, according to See Do: We perceive an infinitely complex view that is painted in-full right at the instant of our perceiving it. And that includes all memory and its apparently seamless integration. After years of pondering this idea, I have found that it doesn't get any easier to swallow.

           If you’re keeping up, you’ve now had a good taste of the substance of our temporal reality as well as the nature of our “keyhole perception.” Now on to the fun.

          Here begins my account of See Do’s description of the reality behind our temporal reality. Importantly, I am not promoting or proselytizing any belief system. And equally importantly, I have no intention of criticizing or refuting any belief system. These chapters are simply my account of what my Spirit Guide, See Do, told me.

           You may recall that in Chapter 32, See Do said that the future is not set, but then, to my surprise, he went a bit further with “and neither is the past.”  And we’ve seen how all conscious perception is, in fact, memory.

           According to See Do, all that we can actively perceive is the right now. In other words, all we can actively interact with is the immediate present. The future and the past are unavailable to us. We can remember the past and see hard evidence of it. We can even see and hear recordings of it. But the immediate present and the past are all one thing. There is only one thing. We perceive an infinitely complex view that is painted in-full right at the instant of our perceiving it. And that includes all memory and its apparently seamless integration.

           I hope you didn’t miss that. Those last two sentences are key. Try them again:

           We perceive an infinitely complex view that is painted in-full right at the instant of our perceiving it. And that includes all memory and its apparently seamless integration.

           One of the results of this is that all perception is 100% consistent. It all works perfectly as it all reflects and resonates it all. It all blooms from one source, so reflects itself perfectly.

           In the Buddhist tradition, you may be familiar with Indra’s Web. This is a similar idea or analog. It is all as an infinite hall of mirrors, or web of cut gems, reflecting itself to complete a 100% consistent image and timeline. Your consciousness, your spirit, your soul does this constantly and with minimal effort.

           You create your reality and project it out into your apparent perceived space (you’re projecting the idea of the space too). It appears to arrive instantly and whole, complete with its universe of evidence, timeline and memories. Don’t look around trying to prove or disprove this assertion, as all you can perceive in your temporal reality is the 100% consistent projected stimuli. And all you can remember is a universe that is in 100% agreement with all of it.

           In some ways, I found and still find this to be the single most difficult of See Do’s lessons. And we went over it many times.

           There is simply no evidence to be found within any perceived temporal reality experience or record that will contradict itself. It all comes from, and is, the one thing. And as such reflects or resonates itself with complete fidelity. If you understand the origin, you will understand that it is impossible for it to do otherwise.

           Remember that Time does not exist, but Time is all we perceive (chapter 56), so the “time” it takes to put all of this together is irrelevant. What you and I perceive as Time, that continuous, consistent unwinding of the now, is an illusion of our temporal-reality-based perceptual mechanisms. What is “really” happening might as well take an eon between ticks of the clock. Maybe it does. We’d never detect it anyway.

           And that would just be for you. There are a myriad of other souls, or temporal viewpoints, around you doing the same thing. These projection/perceptual realities can mingle and overlap, carrying resonance between each other’s point of view. So the complexity that had you puckering a few paragraphs ago is mightily compounded. But See Do just chuckles. He says it’s not really as crazy as it sounds. Uh-huh.

           The important point being that if you can see clearly enough into your own spirit to completely forgive yourself, to truly love yourself, and to become that being who you can completely love and honor; then, if you can see into your soul’s deep inner passion and truest desire and align it with the truth and love inside you, to move into your state of True Being, you can begin to experience a reality that you can actively create. More than the parlor tricks of calling in a song on the car radio, you can affect events.

           Look out into your world and try and see that much of what you perceive are resonances or echoes of what lies deep inside you. You may need a minute. And you may see that there is work to do.

           I know I do.

           –continued  ( Next: We explore the existence of a single moment)    



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In True Being you will see the world in all its incredible and beautiful complexity. And you will freely act to bring your true passions out into the world. This is the beginning. The simplest instruction. See. Do. This is how you will unlock all of the secrets you thought were kept from you.

In True Being you will see the world in all its incredible and complex beauty. And you will freely act to bring your true passions out into the world. This is the beginning. The simplest instruction. See. Do. This is how you will unlock all of the secrets you thought were kept from you.

           As my Spirit Guide, See Do, continued he explained that the other pat of ‘True” in True Being is the responsibility to yourself and to the world. To yourself you will be being True. You will be feeling Love that you can only feel for your highest sense of being. You will know yourself as the person who you can most admire. You will see yourself as a complete and whole being. Everything in you will be understood and accepted. All pasts will be acknowledged, praised or forgiven. And you will see yourself as being fully forgiving of everything that has happened outside of you.

            You will be completely capable of extending this forgiving spirit out from just forgiving those past transgressions and bringing it fully into the present.

           Here you will be able to entangle True Being with your real-temporal-time view of the world to be a complete and forgiving spirit here in the present. You will be able to see out into the world and make a real-time connection with yourself as you instantly resonate through everything and everyone around you. You will live in the understanding that you are in everything and that everything shines into you. And out of you. You will feel the True affinity for the whole of the universe as you present it to you now. And now. And now.

           This effect can be astonishing. You can almost feel naked. And you can feel you are walking around with x-ray vision. You can reach a state of compassion that can be both overwhelming and disarming. You can see into people and have a sense of one-ness. You can feel a sense of understanding and appreciation of the complexity of another’s life. And of having compassion for another’s myriad decisions that have gotten them to where they are in this same instant.

           The sense of Truth in this True Being is also in the sense of knowing your True self. Of knowing and acknowledging and accepting those things inside you that you must bring out. Those passions and affinities that are locked inside that you can now open up. These are the energies that will now flow through you. These are the antennae to the soul of the universe that you can raise and receive through. You will present your passions to the universe and the universe will write its wisdom through you. This is your ultimate tool in True Being. This is the pathway, or pathways, that you can most easily open up.

           You will be the conduit to the amazing. Through your passion you will receive and transmit out into the world around you the resonance of the living soul of the world.

           You are connected. There is only one. Through True Being you can complete the circuit and receive the energy to glow as you may have never imagined. And the path is clearly marked.

           You must see yourself completely. You must feel the Love within yourself for that highest being that you are within. You must bring that being out to be the actual you in the here and now.

           Making that happen may be easy. It may be hard. You will have to uncover any hidden or buried places in your soul that have been put aside and carried around as smoldering dead weight. You will find them and forgive. You will see every event in your life as merely a truth. Not a punishment or reward, those ideas will have been set aside. You will be free now. You will know yourself. And you will now Love yourself fully. And you will openly express that Love in your glowing out into the world.

           You will be hard to miss.

           And you will see the world before you and you will take it in as the beautiful and incredible place that it is. You will see what is before you and you will act to bring your passions inside of you out into this world. This is the beginning. This is the simplest instruction. See. Do. This is how you will find the world to be what it is. This is how you will unlock all the secrets that you thought were kept from you.

           It will take time. Yes, here in this temporal reality, you will have to be a little patient. You will need to try and reach True Being moment by moment. It may come to you in a flash, it may come in layers that build more powerfully. But if you take care to keep yourself True, it will come. Then you will find an amazing world ready to open to you. All the questions you had will start to appear before you as answers. You won’t even have to ask. The expression of everything that will be flowing through you will play out through you and will answer every question you pose.

           This is True Being. True Knowing. True Loving. True Seeing. True Doing. It is all the same thing and impossible without all the others. Take one step down the path. And know that you are not alone.

           — continued (Next: See Do sends me on an exploration of the deep complexity of the reality around us.)



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See how the patterns on this bird's feathers reflect the patterns he creates in her passing wake? And vis-a-versa? And how his energy projects out before his approach? You will be the same. In True Being you will be one with the world. And you will be running on a new energy.

See how the patterns on this bird's feathers reflect the patterns he creates in his passing wake? And vis-a-versa? And see how his energy projects out before his approach? You will be the same. In True Being you will be one with the world. And you will be running on a new energy.

           On Monday, I was able to contact my Spirit Guide, See Do, and he took me back to a concept that emerged in one of our earlier sessions.

            In talking about it I became aware that one of the ways I was communing with See Do was during the actual act of recording this chronicle. The subject we were re-visiting was the concept of “True Being.” While writing, the words “True Being” had spontaneously emerged onto the page, with no forethought whatever. I can remember the first time I typed the words, realizing instantly that they needed to be capitalized.

            But now See Do was taking me back to the concept of True Being in order to clarify the idea. He explained that this was a very important concept and that it needed more exploration.

            True Being is not True Self, True Soul or True Spirit. The word “Being” is not the same as in human being. It is not the noun, but the verb. It is more like True Existing, True Being-ness or True Be-ing.

            The “True” speaks to the responsibility we carry in being here and now. It is more than just honesty, though that certainly is part of it. It is “Your Highest Existence in the Present.” This is your most powerful state here in this temporal reality. It is in this state that you are feeling completely free and whole. It is in this state that you are most vibrant and glowing. In True Being, you are open and sending out your truest sense of what you truly want. In True Being, you are perfectly in tune with your inner Love and are letting it flow out into the universe around you. You are also free to feel and accept the resonance as the world instantly responds to you. As you walk in True Being you can feel the wake of your passing presence. You can see the world before you almost softening and listening as you approach.

           In True Being you are seeing things most clearly. And you are most open and accepting of what you see. This is where seeing what is before you takes on an active role in the movement of the world. As you see, you take in and comprehend. You blend in everything you sense in this construct before you.

           That wasn’t a mistake. It is right, so let’s take a closer look. In True Being you can see most clearly. And seeing is not just visually seeing. It is the word See Do uses as the composite of the real-temporal-time information that we accept into our biological consciousness to then be overlaid onto the temporal reality construct that our consciousness continually builds. So as you look out, what you “see”, to focus on the visual for a moment, isn’t entirely what your eyes sense.

           Or rather, it’s more than what your eyes sense. Your eyes take in a relatively narrow scope of the world at any moment. Your conscious mind uses this information to build a complete and cohesive three-dimensional space around you. For example, there are holes in your visual field and your mind automatically fills them. And you are mostly unaware. The blind spot in each eye is an easily demonstrated example.

           So in True Being, when you are seeing most clearly, you are really stepping one foot out ahead of where you were before. In other words, you are closer to the real data your mind is dealing with. The sense of this is that you can feel like you are seeing things anew. Like you are seeing them for the first time.

           We all experienced this at times in our lives. Often after a big event, a big change or something dramatic or traumatic that caused us to grasp a new perspective on our lives. We walk out in the same street we’ve walked out into a hundred times and suddenly everything looks new. It comes to us as a sense of new stimulus. We see it fresh. And we feel completely alive. In True Being this is the normal state. You see clearly, everything, as never before.

           And you hear everything and smell everything and taste everything and feel everything.

           For many people, when we feel this sense in life, we quickly tone it down and revert to the “auto-pilot” approach of before. On auto-pilot we let our mind filter out most of what comes in and just “see” the things it tells us we need to see. Our mind can do an amazingly good job of this. And it’s no wonder. The less you need to be given at the conscious level the less raw processing your mind has to do. At the other end of the scale, in a “blind” state you can walk down a city street an experience almost nothing. You can go entirely inside yourself and walk blocks without “seeing” anything.

           Your conscious mind is good at this because it is the easiest path. In True Being, your conscious mind is working at a much different level. However, if you are in fact True Being, you don’t think of it as work. Your entire inner self will be running on a new energy and the effort of sensing and seeing will be much more a joy than a labor. Though it may take practice and patience to get to True Being as more than a fleeting state.

           — continued (Next chapter: True Being, Part 2. We get to the heart of it all.)



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The world you experience is your canvas and you are the artist. Can you see where it all begins? Can you see inside and free your True Being? Does the world move you? Or do you move the world? There is only one answer. There is only one thing.

The world you experience is your canvas and you are the artist. Can you see where it all begins? Can you see inside and free your True Being? Does the world move you? Or do you move the world? There is only one answer. There is only one thing.

           Near the end of an early Sunday morning session with my spirit guide, See Do, he took the time to explain a powerful tool to me. He attempted to lay out the basics of taking real power over events. I say attempted because this was no doubt the first of many such explanations and I’m not sure that I entirely get it just yet. But I will relate the message here.

            See Do explained that we can take positive control of events before us. He explained that this is how we move our temporal reality. We are all moving the world around us all the time, but generally are not aware of it. Our conventional view of the world and our place in it does not generally permit this kind of power. When we think we see it happen, we laugh it off or account it to coincidence or happenstance.

            We should start with the fact that neither coincidence nor happenstance exist.

            If we go back to the beginning and rebuild from “There is no Time” (Chapter 3: The First Lessons) you will reach a point where you come to understand that all events are moved from this singular point that is the underlying reality. What we sense as Time and build up through our senses as Time and Space is in fact an infinitely interwoven web of contrast states of this singular point or particle (though both words are not really right).

            As we move between the infinite points of view this illusion gives us, we reflect back the new viewpoint. As we apparently exist as this individual that we are, separate from this temporal reality around us, we are given to sense the temporal reality as a Space and Time construct through which we are moving forward along the ticking arrow of Time.

            We build this construct out of our six biological senses and paint the result into our consciousness. However, the actual way it comes to be a consistent construct is quite a bit more complex. As you spin this web of temporal reality, you carry out information and bring information back. This residual flow is what I have talked about as “resonance”(Chapter 27: The Resonant Power Around Us).  It is through our sensitivity to this energy that we can push our resonance into the world.

            Just as your glowing Love moves and flows into everything around you, drawing out cooperative resonance to move the world with you, so too you can build on these resonances to bring forth movements beyond the passive cooperation the world reflects from your inner being.

            The way it was explained was that it is very much like the resonance of a new idea, a piece of art, or a new and beautiful piece of music. On hearing it or seeing it for the first time there is an instantaneous general agreement on its beauty. That is the resonant pulse between us shinning through.

            Some things are so right or so perfect that they have this power from their very inception.

            Why is that? Because they have been formed out of this very powerful world resonance that whoever created them was open to at the perfect moment. That was the magic formula: inspiration and the will to act on it. We all have these moments, small and large.

            Once, in a television interview, the singer Bob Dylan was explaining that he was once again getting back into song writing. The interviewer asked him if he thought he’d be able to write like he used to. Dylan answered “Can I write like that again? Darkness at the break of noon shadows even the silver spoon, the handmade blade, the child’s balloon, eclipses both the sun and moon… To understand you know too soon… that he not busy being born is busy dying… Can I write like that? Who can write like that? I don’t know who can write like that.” It was like he was saying he did not know how these words came through him. Also interesting that he misquoted his own piece slightly, mixing two stanzas. But we’ll forgive him.

            When asked how he came up with his Theory of Relativity, Albert Einstein responded “I felt like God was leading me around by the nose.” It was like he was saying that this great inspiration had come from a higher place and that he could not fully take credit.

            There are very powerful resonances moving between us at the level of our highest selves. At the level of our True Being. Tapping into this flow of energy is very powerful. With its cooperation and sympathetic movement you can move the world around you.

            How do we get there? It is exactly as it has been said. You must see and do. You must see into yourself and create your True Being. This is the self that is forgiven and forgiving and honorable and lovely (Chapter 10: Forgive Yourself Completely). This is the self that forgives all past transgressions and knows its true passions. This is the self that is one with the knowledge of what you want. This is the self that feels an overriding pure love for itself and shines this love out into the world. This is the self that accepts the entire world as its beautiful creation and lives in acceptance and contemplation of the beauty of its power.

            Moving within this True Self you can reach a higher sensitivity to the resonances around you. You can carry out and amplify those vibrations or messages or energies that are one with your higher True Being. And you can shut off and unplug the energies that are not. You can be open to the greater inspirations carried on these winds.

            Some of these resonances will seem to carry more weight as they align with our True Being. With practice we can feel and focus these resonances. You see, you are the artist. When you open your eyes and see, you see a world before you that, in fact, is your canvas. And as you can see, and should fearlessly appreciate, you have been very busy. Your talents are immense. In fact, they are immeasurable. And now you can free yourself to paint with a focused vision.

            Feeling the energies, you will know how to move the world. In truth it will simply move with you. It will come like an idea or an inspiration. You will have an idea of what to do and with your will it will be done. In perfect alignment with your higher self, in perfect step with your True Being, you will be able to call the tune. The world will appear to dance for you.

            When the resonance of your highest self is carrying forth this power from within, the resonance of your wishes becomes instantly obvious – and it happens.

            That is how it came to me. The way to move the world is there within us. Our higher self is there within us right now. There are energies flowing all around us and through us. Infinite energies in infinite connections. These are the reigns of the universe. Your higher self is holding them. You just haven’t told it where to go.

            Making that contact with that self within, if even for a moment, will unleash great power to you. You will feel it. The inspiration of this new world is there for all of us. You now need to work in the present to see. And to feel these higher energies around us.

            See Do explained that it is like the chicken and the egg. It comes to you and you amplify it through your inner glow and shine it back out. The events that take place? They came from where? Did I move the world? Or did the world move me?

            I ask and he takes me back to the beginning. Time does not exist. Everything is connected. There is only one.

           — continued  (Next, I ask “Is the Future Set?”)